Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kalo Taxidi

I'm going on vacation. I'm heading off to Greece. I'll be gone for about two weeks in May, starting on the 6th. This trip was in the planning since last year around Xmas time. A friend of mine wanted to go to Greece for the summer. But given the unexpected personal losses and life changes that happened earlier this year, my friend wasn't sure if I still wanted to go. So I brought it up two months ago when we were talking, and I assured my friend that I still wanted to go. Life is too short, and I want to enjoy it with great friends while I'm still here.

So I'm going to Greece. Truth be told, I wanted to take a cruise, because I wouldn't have to pack and unpack so much. Also, I have fun on cruises. Still, I'm looking forward to living among the locals for a short while; I'd like to hang out with other tourists, and maybe get off the beaten path and enjoy the secret spots only locals know. I plan on visiting the sites frequented by my namesake, perhaps spread some luv while I'm there ;)

If you have any tips and advice on Greece, please feel free to let me know. If you want a postcard, let me know and email me your address at eroswings AT . I'll take lots of pictures and tell you all about it when I return. I'll miss y'all!

In the meantime, I'm going to schedule some posts while I'm gone--just a few to keep you entertained til I get back. I'll let you know when I'm back in town.


  1. Hello, Eroswings, strictly off topic, but I want to thank you truly, deeply, madly albeit belatedly, for your invaluable guidance on linking, emboldening and italicising. I am the most indolent of bloggers and couldn't be arsed, but you held my hand and now I know. I will advise you on the Greek islands under separate cover. Don't go to Paxos.

  2. Ah... I see you've found the perfect tour guide in Mrs P!
    I haven't been to Greece and I will look forward to reading your posts about it.

  3. The greek Islands are wonderful , and you can just island hop using the ferries that buzz about between all the islands . I go most years Windsurfing to Lefkas .
    The food is great and you will have a marvellous time

  4. Have a great time! I was there briefly (I worked on a ship and we left from there) and the only part I remember is that the area I was in didn't have the street signs in English so I was hopelessly lost as I couldn't figure out the greek alphabet. Enjoy the wonderful sights and relax!!!

  5. Have a fabulous time, Eros! One day I want to travel around Europe and the UK. Have never been overseas.

    No real advice, other than have fun but keep your eyes open too! Take lots of pics - we want a guided tour when you get back. *hugs*

  6. How awesome!! I've never been to Greece but I've heard it is beautiful! Take lots of photos and have an amazing time!

  7. Mrs P, Welcome and Thank You for the feedback and the advice. I'm glad you were able to understand my directions; I was worried they might've been too long. I'll be sure to heed your warning about Paxos.

    Scarlet B, It's my first time in Greece. I'll definitely write about the trip and describe the experience, complete with lots of pictures. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll discover the ruins of some lost city or sunken treasure.

    Beast, Excellent advice! Windsurfing sounds fun. I was thinking that we had time to visit other islands using the ferries. The first thing I'm going to do when we land is eat a gyro! And find out from the Greeks how it's actually pronounced!

    Snooze, I'm hoping that enough people speak English in case I do get lost, which usually turns out to be a fun adventure. That's so cool you used to work on a ship. I'll be sure to pay attention to where I'm going so I can find my way back. And I'll try to learn some useful phrases for this trip.

    Ponita, Thanks for the smart tips. I'll sure to take lots of fotos and enjoy the experience while being aware of my surroundings. This'll be my first time actually staying in Europe. Layovers don't really count. I'm looking forward to it. [hugs]

    Tara, Thanks. I'm excited about my first time in Greece, too. I definitely plan on taking pictures. It's one of the places I always daydreamed about seeing, esp with all the ancient history and mythologies associated with the place. Plus, it's the home of the Olympics! I'll definitely try to do as much as I can (in addition to relaxing :)

  8. I think 'gyro' is pronounced 'hero'... at least that is what someone told me. There are a number of Greek restaurants here.

    I'm sure you will have a blast!

  9. Ponita, Soon as I land in Athens, I'll be sure get clarification after I finish eating that gyro--hero? jeero? gearo? jairo?

  10. Will Aphophis and Camulus and the gang be there?

  11. MJ, Nope! Totally different set of friends aka deities from a different point in my life!

  12. I'd love a postcard! I'll email you my new address tomorrow.

    Greece is lovely. I've been to Rhodes and Crete both wonderful islands but somewhat touristy. I've never been to the mainland.

    I hope you'll like it there. Such nice people.

  13. CP, I'll be sure to send you one! I'm definitely looking forward to some Greek hospitality.