Saturday, April 23, 2011

If you build it, they will come

With temps in the 80s and climbing every week, summer is all ready here. And living by the coast has its perks, because going to the beach is one way to beat the heat. And one of the most fun things to do at the beach is to build sandcastles. And in this part of the world, we take it up to a whole other level! Last weekend, I got to enjoy the Port Aransas SandFest, the world's biggest sandcastle building competition.

Check it!

(Click on pics for a bigger view)

But it's not just sandcastles you get to see at the festival. You see some really amazing stuff!

I wish I had taken a camera with me on Saturday, when the builders started building and finished their works that day. But I still haven't gotten a replacement camera. So, Monday, I picked up some disposable cameras and went to capture what remained of the creations.

Some of the spectacular creations had been destroyed by wind and water. But quite a few still managed to survive. Check it!

And this is one way to enjoy the beach!

Wasting away again in Margaritaville

And my favorite sand sculpture:

It's the Peanuts gang!

Oh my! Linus is blown away by a gigantic Charlie Brown erection...

of sand!

And there's Snoopy in the back, getting a tan!

The Easter Bunny stopped by to drop off candy and eggs.

And speaking of eggs...

It's Lady Gaga!

Baby I was born this way!

Waiter! My egg is undercooked!

The beach is a great place to find hotties laying around.

Just remember to be safe when playing with new friends

or you might get crabs

Check out the rest of the fantastic sand creations:

Y'all come back now!

As you can see, there used to be two mermaids. But the second one got taken out by erosion...or eaten by a sand shark...or probably fell apart after some drunk idiot tried to hump it.