Thursday, December 24, 2020

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

It has been a tough and hard year. So many heartbreaking losses. So much sadness, and anger, and fear.

In the midst of a terrifying pandemic killing thousands and crippling society, we are horrified to awaken again to the awful reality that black people are still being killed, still being persecuted, and still vilified by the lawful institutions we set up to serve and protect us and our way of life. How much longer can we turn a blind eye? Why is it so hard to realize that it's not skin color nor how we speak that matters?

It's not the music we listen to nor the clothes we wear that tell others our worth. It's how we act, our truth, and our character that define who we are: People...human beings...with the universal need to be respected, to be treated with dignity, to be allowed to live peacefully, worthy of love and honor.

We've had to face unfathomable challenges. We've had to change the way we live, how we behave, and how we speak. Six feet apart--social distancing--masks, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

Who knew toilet tissue would be the most in demand item of the year? Stores running out and having to limit how much we can buy when they did come in stock, for a short time before they sold out again before noon. This is the year that toilet paper became more valuable than gold.

Well, at least it made it easier to pick a gift for those people who are so hard to shop for--the ones who always say, "I'll be happy with whatever you get me."

Well this Christmas, you're getting a pack of toilet paper. It's the best selling and most in demand item of the year. You're welcome!

But as hard and rough this year has been--and it has been so very hard, so very difficult--there are signs of hope, proof that we can be better people, that there are still so many good people left in this world.

I see it in the millions who marched out against injustice and oppression, to bring awareness to the tragedies and shame and struggles still raging on in our society. I see it in the masses who came out for change, who want leaders who look out for all of us, and put our best interests and health first, who understand that human lives matter, that black lives matter...

And I see it in those of us left behind, after having our world and hearts torn asunder by so much sudden loss, the irreplaceable and devastating passing of those we love. We're still here. We carry on. We live one day at a time. And, No, that pain will never go will always be there, showing up unexpectedly and making you cry, hurting all over again.

Yes, it'll always be there...but you'll learn to live with it. And you'll one day understand; that pain, that sorrow, that hurtful reminder is proof that you loved someone, and that they loved you. They mattered, and so do you. And one day, some day, you, too, will pass on and be with them soon.

But until then, you're still here. You still have to live your life, because they want you to be happy, to keep on going on your journey, your adventure, your life. Some days will be harder than others, but that's okay. You're only human. You're allowed to feel however you feel. And you should always remember that life is what you make of it. So make yours whatever you want it to be, whatever makes you happy.

However you are spending your Holiday Season, I hope that you are safe and well. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Here's to wishing you and us all a better, brighter, and blissful New Year. Take care, be safe, and best wishes to you and yours. May you have all the toilet paper you need and more!