Thursday, September 20, 2018


I was ambushed Monday when I left my home. They drew blood. I survived that assault and got my revenge. The most annoying thing about heavy rains isn't flooding. In these parts, it's the hordes of mosquitoes that attack people as soon as the heavy rains stop.

Heavy rains leave pools of water that mosquitoes need to lay their fertilized eggs. Female mosquitoes need blood in order to produce their eggs. And my blood is tasty and exquisite, so mosquitoes target me. I could be in a crowd, and I'd be the one most bitten. A lot of times, I'm the only one bitten, by lots of them bloodsuckers! So mosquito repellent is my friend. DEET is my fragrance of choice when the damn mosquitoes are swarming.

On Monday, I had plans to go shopping for supplies. I was closing my door when in the space one minute, eight, yes, 8, mosquitoes bit me from head to toe! I ran to my car, jumped in to escape the swarm. But three mosquitoes followed me into my car and bit me on the neck! My hands were marked with large splotches of my own blood, squirting from the mosquitoes I smashed hard with my hands.

At the store, I bought some mosquito killer spray. I needed to arm myself for war! These aren't regular mosquitoes. These are giant Texas mosquitoes--Huge bodies, causing them to fly slow. But they are tougher than regular mosquitoes.

You smack a Texas mosquito, and chances are, it'll shake it off and continue sucking your blood! And these miserable pests carry debilitating diseases, like West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Zika, and Malaria. All of which have been detected in the local mosquito population.

Now, when I leave my apartment, I crack the door open slightly and start spraying with mosquito killer bug spray. It's very effective. I coat the top of my door and the walls outside, to kill the mosquitoes still there and to prevent any more from taking hold and gathering to form a mob who'll ravage me when I leave or return home.

It's been three days, and my bottle of bug killer spray is half empty! And the invading colony of mosquitoes that perched above my door have mostly been exterminated, thanks to that bug spray. I hate mosquitoes.

I've been enjoying killing these vicious mosquitoes. I need to buy another can of bug spray. It's been wonderful to see the swarm of mosquitoes die and fall to the ground as soon as the bug spray touches them. Instant mosquito death!

And I'm liking the new wood scent DEET mosquito repellent that I'm trying on to keep the pesky insects away. So far, it works great! Not a single mosquito bite! And this new wood scent mosquito repellent smells a whole lot better than the original, regular mosquito repellent spray. I despise mosquitoes. There's a critter I wouldn't mind seeing go extinct!