Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Greek to Me

I'm learning some useful Greek phrases to make my vacation to Greece enjoyable. Here's what I've learned so far.

Hello: Yia sas

Good Bye: Yia sas
(I know! It's like aloha, hello and goodbye)

Thank you: Efharisto

You're Welcome: Parakalo

Excuse me: Me sinorhis/Parakalo

Please: Parakalo
(How versatile is that parakalo?)

How are you: Ti kanis

I am fine: Ime kala

Yes: Ne

No: Ohi

Cheers: Is iyian

And of course, the tourist standards,

Where is the toilet: 1. Pou ine i toualetes 2. Toualleta

I love you: Saghapo

I think these few phrases are a good start. But I need help translating the most important phrase of all:

What's Greek for Boom Boom Boom let's go back to my room?

I've all ready started practicing my awesome 80s dance moves. All I need now are some white tight pants to complete my ensemble.

*Don't forget, if you'd like a postcard from Greece, email me your address at eroswings at


  1. I bet you'd look hawt in tight white pants!

    Just watch out for jealous Greek men.... I hear they can be pretty hot headed.

    A friend of mine spent 4 months on Santorini and absolutely loved it... are you going there?

  2. Who needs the toilet when you can wear Tena Man...

  3. Mr Swings!!!
    How do you say "it's all GREEK to me?"

    Given their notoriety for national scandals it will probably take some doing to get into any real trouble.

    Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame is from my hometown so I would be remiss if I didn't remind you to drink plenty of Windex.

    IMAX is releasing a timely recreation of Greek Life in convenient? Make sure that you stand in an ampitheatre and deliver a searing Philosophical diatribe on the deplorable nature of mankind...that would be awesome!

    Cast a few local beach beauties to try out for the love scenes in your "movie" ACROPOLIS NOW!
    Make sure that you post them on YouTube..and don't worry too much about the editing..we'll prolly get the gist of it.

    It's going to be awesome! How do you say awesome in GREEK..oh here it is..Parakalo.

    Εάν είπα ότι είχατε ένα όμορφο σώμα, θα το κρατούσατε ενάντια σε με?
    (If I said that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?)

  4. You will have such a great time :-)
    I am dreaming of saganaki prawns , greek salad and mixed slovaki and drooling at my desk .
    If you end up on leftkas go to Vassiliki , sit in the Zeus Bar , order a long Island Iced tea and enjoy the vibe of sitting in the exact spot Sapho Queen of the Lesbians landed with a wet splat after she hurled herself from the cliffs above for unrequited Lurvvvve.

  5. Did Beast say he's ordering the Geek Salad?

  6. You could also learn a few interesting phrases from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". The brothers in the movie teach their sister's love interest to say stuff in Greek but they're things like "I have three testicles".

  7. Off-topic but remember when I mentioned that a fellow Infomaniac bitch was putting together an etiquette post about queefing?

    Well the comments and suggestions are coming in here as we speak.

  8. I have heard that song before. I really like it.

    He is fit too. Now you do it

  9. Ponita, Thanks for the tip. Santorini is actually my last stop ...plenty of time to see other sights nearby or take day trips.

    I just hope I won't feel hot in white tight pants--the sweat might reveal some private matters that might invite jealousy ;)

    Scarlet B, I not sure if I can fit a Tena Man if I find my white tights pants--I'm going commando as to avoid any visible underwear lines. I don't want to make a fashion faux pas.

    Donn, I'm not sure how much Windex I can take on the plane, but I'm sure they stock 'em up in Greece.

    I'll do my best to find some Greek nymphs and immerse myself deeply and repeatedly into their culture, exploring every nuance and savor the local flavor! I'm printing out that last part on cards to pass out to any Greek goddesses I find.

    Beast, I'm so looking forward to Greek cuisine! Thanks for the food ideas.

    That sounds like an awesome spot, the Zeus Bar! I'll be sure to buy a drink for any hot lesbian and comfort her as we ponder why Sappho didn't check her rappelling lines or pack her parachute.

  10. MJ, Yes, they seem to go great when eating a Slovakian...

    Tara, Well, I'll definitely get attention if I start telling Greeks that I have 3 testicles; I'm not sure it's the right kind of attention, though. But maybe if I'm lucky, they'll feed me some lamb! Opa!

    MJ, Thanks for the heads up! It'll be like breath of fresh air to learn about the proper way to handle this matter.

    CP, It is a fun song! I've all ready got down the fantastic 80s dance moves... but I'm still looking for the white tight pants that go with them ;)

  11. Maybe John Travolta has a spare pair he can't fit into anymore?

  12. CP, I just hope I can wash the grease stains out of them.

  13. 20 Seconds "Boom I fucked your boyfriend" starts with a little sample from "Boom boom boom".

    Good luck with your phrases! don't waste time writing a postcard to me, but please do have a glass or two of wine for me.

  14. Snooze, I had a whole bottle (or two) every night to dear friends like you ;)

    Is iyian! Cheers!