Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Shoes

I've bought swimming shorts, t shirts, and luggage. I've bought travel wipes, kleenex, and sunscreen. I've restocked my personal hygiene bag and packed some pain relievers and first aid. But the one thing I had trouble tracking down was new shoes. Not just any new shoes, but beach sandals.

I spent a few days going from store to store, trying to find the right pair of beach sandals. But most of the beach wear consisted of slippers. I call them slippers because that's what they are, you slip them on your feet.

They are not thongs--those are underwear! And yes, you can wear those on the beach, just not on your feet. And they are not flip flops--that's a sexual activity, although that can be done at the beach, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for...

I had a hard time finding the beach sandals. I either didn't like the styles that the stores had or they just didn't have what I was looking for. Today, I finally found the perfect pair. It was exactly what I was looking for--rugged, comfortable, and perfect for beach and casual use. And it was pretty inexpensive, too, as they were on sale.

It's the last item I've packed. I'm ready for vacation now. And I can't wait!

Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait

I'll be missing y'all, and I wish y'all good health and much happiness while I'm gone. Take Care and Be Safe!


  1. They are FLIP-FLOPS!!!
    Anyhow, condoms?

  2. P.S Have a bloody good time!

  3. Scarlet B, I'm pretty sure they're slippers, although if they take turns on top of each other, then they'd be doing flip flops. Prophylactics are a part of my personal hygiene gear. No Trojans though, seeing as how the Greeks broke through their barriers.

    I'll be sure to raise a glass of wine to y'all when I make it to Greece.

  4. You picked the right ones as a lot of the beaches are stony so you need something with the heel strap that wont come off easily in the water.Bring something for upset stomachs as the change of ambient bacteria on a different continent may give you a couple of days of Aphrodites revenge , so you need a bit of bowel glue :-)

  5. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing all the pics when you get back :-))

  6. I'll have an ouzo on you.

    Well not literally ON you but...

    Oh hell, why not?

    When you return I'll have an ouzo ON you!

  7. Great shoes! Be sure to take photos of them, with your toes all happy and sand surrounding them. Have a great trip!!!!

  8. Beast x2, I have the pink stuff for upset stomach all ready packed. But just in case, I'll try to have lots of adult recreation to please Aphrodite.

    I'll be sure to share my experiences when I return.

    MJ, Body shots!

    Snooze, I sure will! Thanks

  9. We'll be thinking of you.

    Bon Voyage!

  10. *lines up behind MJ for a shot of ouzo...*

    Eros, those are sport sandals. I have two pairs (slightly different styles and different colours) and wear them all summer long when I am not at work.

    Take some Imodium with you as well as the pink stuff.... you may very well need it if you get a good case of the trots. (Which hopefully won't happen, but drink only bottled water.)

    Have a blast, hon!

  11. The first pair are definately thongs!

    The second pair, well you said it. Sandals!

    Have a fabulous time in Greece!

  12. i hope y'all are havin a really fantastic vacation, sugar! xoxo

  13. I bet you're REALLY, REALLY missing us right about now.

  14. He is, I got a postcard yesterday.

    Well he didn't actually say that but it was between the lines of course... Or maybe he's too busy having a fantastic time.

  15. I got my postcard this morning!! Sounds like he's having fun!
    Thank you Mr Swings!!

  16. MJ, Thanks for the well wishes! It was a good trip!

    Ponita, Ouzos all around! The food was fantastic! My only problem was that I could only eat so much before I passed out--might've been the ouzo ;)

    CP, I did have a fabulous time, thank you! And I did see thongs on the beach--the swimsuit kind!

    Savannah, Thank you! It was a really great time!

    MJ, I sure did! And now I'm back--sort of.

    CP, It was a blast! Glad you got the postcard. And I'm happy to be almost back!

    Scarlet B, You're welcome! It was a very fun experience, and I'd definitely go back! Glad you got the postcard :)

    MJ, Yes, I'm sorta back. I'm spending the holiday weekend at a friend's place--haven't quite made it all the way home just yet...Things should return to normal by next week.

  17. Be sure not to wear socks with sandles or you'll be arrested by the Fashion Police. Such attire is illegal in most parts of europe, with the exception of Scandinavia and Yorkshire.

  18. Tickers, Ha! You're right about most Europeans being fashionable. The friendly Greeks were very well dressed! And the sandals they wore were very hip.

    Thank Goodness I learned from MJ to avoid the horrors of mixing socks and sandals.