Friday, May 29, 2009


A lot of times, unexpected things happen in life. No matter how meticulous we make our plans, life has a way of grabbing those plans out of our hands, smacking us on the head with them, before ripping them up and throwing the pieces like confetti over our heads. But that's life, live and enjoy every moment, because you never know what's going to happen.

And as excited as I was to return home, I was alarmed to learn that someone I admire in the blogosphere has become very ill. I met WithinWithout, aka Chris, through the incredibly funny, witty, and smart and fabulous MJ during one of her visit a new blogger exercises. What I admire about him is his dedication and love for his kids. He reminds me that there are good fathers still out there, doing their best to raise their kids. And I love how he has forged a great relationship with his kids, letting each one become their own person, giving them guidance and support and the skills and values necessary to become great individuals.

I lost my father at a very young age; sometimes, I don't even remember what he looks like. So, I've always wondered what it would've been like to have a father growing up. Seeing dads out there doing a great job with their kids gets to me, makes me wistful and sad for what I lost, but also gives me hope and makes me smile, knowing that those kids are so lucky to have a father who loves them so much. Earlier this year, I lost my mother. It was quite strange not sending a Mother's Day card or gift to her this year. I was on vacation when I suddenly realized that it was Mother's Day, and then I wasn't quite sure how I felt when I remembered that I didn't have a mother anymore. It seems almost unreal that I have no parents in my life. So, I'm basically an orphan now, I'm on my own.

I'm hoping that WW makes a great recovery. Donn has set up a site to update us on WW's condition. I am hoping for the best. Whatever happens in the future, I want WW to know that I will be keeping him and his luved ones in my thoughts, and that if there is anything that I can do to help, I will gladly do so. Get well, soon, WW, because your family and friends really miss you.

Okay, so I was supposed to be home last week after returning from a vacation in Greece. But shortly after I arrived back in Texas, some unexpected things happened. A few friends, a good time, and some police were involved, all making for a memorable night--ending with me unable to drive home for a week or so. I'm still here in the big city, and most likely won't make it back home for a few more days...and that's all I can say...for now.

But, I can tell you that from my experience in Greece, the Greek people are really friendly people! They may drive like maniacs out of the Mad Max movies-traffic laws be damned-but they are such gracious, friendly people! The food was fantastic, and I was amazed by the many beautiful sights and beautiful people--not to mention my surprise at the number of nude statues and nekkid people! Only in Europe! And boy was I glad to have visited there!


  1. What have you been up to? I hope you're not injured in any way?
    Hmmmm... sounds like you have plenty of tales to tell!
    Best wishes to WW.

  2. Chris and Donn are two of my fave Canucks.

    It's great that Donn has created a blog for us to keep up-to-date on Chris's progress.

    Chris is very much missed in the blogosphere!

  3. well, sugar, given that y'all are online, i'm guessing ain't nobody in the joint! xoxoxo

  4. You are not in jail right?

    I'm in Ribe, Denmark. Tiny town, but it's Denmarks oldest. On Monday I'll be heading back home.

  5. Scarlet B, No injuries :) And I'm sorting through my fotos to illustrate the experience.

    MJ, They are fun...come to think of it, all Canadians I've come across are fun. Although, I did come across some in Greece with the Canadian flag sewn on their backpacks. When I asked if it was so they could quickly ID their backpacks, they replied, it was so no one could mistake them for anything other than if the bacon and maple syrup scent wasn't enough to ID them as Canadians ;)

    Get well soon, WW!

    Savannah, Thankfully, the cops were very nice :) I'm too pretty to go to prison!

    CP, Nope; no jail time--thankfully :) I don't want to fight off the predators everyday. At least when it happens at work, I'm getting paid.

    Oh, sounds like you've taken a fun trip! I hope you have a great time finding new (and old) interesting things. I luv visiting new places.

  6. It's not too exciting. I ended up in a tiny town, the oldest in Denmark. It's practically nothing but fields, a church and two souvenir shops.

    The weather is fantastic though. If I'm not careful I might go home with a bit of a tan.

  7. CP, A suntan is one way to show off a trip! It lets others know that you have a life. Enjoy the weather. It makes all the difference. Hope you find something fun (or funny) while you're exploring :)

  8. No jail time? All I could think of when I read this was the saying, " a good friend bails you out of jail. a best friend is sitting beside you in the slammer saying "wow that was fun". Can't wait to read the story either way!

    so glad you had a fantastic trip.

  9. Snooze, All I can say is that it was an unexpected way to end a vacation--or in my case, extend a vacation; more fun memories to laugh about :)