Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost home

So, I got back on the 20th, about midnight Wednesday. It's the long holiday weekend here, and I'm sticking around for a few days visiting some friends before I take the long drive home. So, I'm on vacation wind down mode for a few more days.

I'll be around soon to visit y'all; I'm borrowing a friend's computer to do this post. I just wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes. It's good to be almost home. I've got lots of pictures to share and stories to tell. Have a great weekend everyone!


P.S. I finally found out that the Greeks pronounced gyro as in "yee-roh"...very delicious and tasty!


  1. Not the same as a giro then?
    Good to have you back!! And I look forward to the pics!

  2. Ah, lovely to see that you are back, Eros! So glad you've had a great time.

    You've got a lot of catching up to do, my friend.

    Thanks for the postcard too!

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to the tales.

  4. Did you watch the Eurovision while over there?

    Wonderful to have you back with us.

  5. Scarlet B, Glad to be back. I can't wait to get all the way home in a few days to download and share those pics!

    Ponita, Glad you got the postcard--I sure do have a lot of catching up to do! :)

    Snooze, Thanks. I'm looking forward to sharing them as well :)

    MJ, Cheers!

    CP, I sure did! How about 'I'm in love with a fairytale!'

  6. I hated that song but the show was great fun

  7. CP, Ha! That was my favorite song, followed by the Iceland girl. I did not like that Turkey song, and I was surprised at how many countries voted for it!

  8. how lovely, sugar! a mini holiday after the vacation before going home! i like the way y'all think, darlin! xoxoxo

  9. Hurry Up!
    none of this lollygagging about , we need tales and pics .

    Ps Welcome back we have missed you :-)

  10. Savannah, This mini holiday is unintentional, but very much welcomed! I'm taking full advantage of it!

    Beast, Thanks! I'm all ready sorting out pics and stories to post soon. I just have a few more days to get home and finally catch up on everyone:)

  11. Ooh I'm looking forward to the stories, especially if they involve indiscresions with stout, moustachioed local girls.

  12. I found the Turkish song quite catchy.

    Unintentionally I started humming along and before I knew it I was Dum Tek'ing with the ho. Could be a hit I'd say.

    Yohanna was kicking arse!

  13. I was a little confused the other day when you said you were going to start the long drive home. I thought, "Wait, isn't he in Greece?" That would be a very long and complicated drive home with the ocean and all.

    Great to see you posting again! I hope you had a wonderful time!

  14. Tickers, I'll use fake names to protect the identity of the parties involved ;)

    CP, Those Turkeys sounded awful! It's like they spent most of their time copying Skaira moves rather than practicing their vocals!

    That Icelandic chick was awesome! I was surprised she didn't do any freaky stuff like Bjork!

    Tara, Ha! Ha! That would be a long drive from Greece! Nah, I actually ran into some unexpected events--which I'm debating posting about--after I had come back, delaying my return home. I hoping to get back home tonight!

    As lovely as it's been being on vacation, there's no place like home :)