Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Fish

I've been spending my unexpected stay in the big city at a friend's place. She had a family event to attend for a few days, and asked me to watch her fish for her. She returned today and exclaimed that her fish were fat! Apparently, I've been overfeeding them. I've been informed that the fish only need a pinch of fish food once a day, not three times a day like I've been doing. I've never had to take care of any fish before, but seriously, how does one overfeed fish? Surely, they can't be that stupid to keep on eating when they're full.

There's a reason why I don't have pets. I suppose it's just as well that I don't have any pet fish. Then again, I don't have any real experience with fish, other than catching them and then eating them. I luv the taste of good fish. There's just something great about feasting on a moist, tender fish.


  1. People keep on eating when they are full.... why would fish be any different???

    You gonna tell us what the unexpected stay is all about? Huh? Are ya?

    Nice to see you back in bloggerland, Eros!

  2. My fish kept eating when they were full, as did I.

    Remember fish don't remember more than a few seconds so they don't even remember having eaten.

    I miss my Bali sharks

  3. Obviously you didn't read the Dr.Seuss book "A Fish out of Water" or you would have realized that "When you feed a fish, never feed him a lot. So much and no more! Never more than a spot, or something may happen! You never know what!"

  4. i'm lucky the houseplants are still alive, sugar! i can't feature me having pets again. xoxoxo

    (with y'all on the fish for eating! we had talapia and crawfish the other day!)

  5. Erm...? You seem to be slightly excited by your fish feast??
    Come on - spill all.

  6. There's just something great about feasting on a moist, tender fish.Oh I say!
    Is that a euphemism ???

  7. Sounds like her fish will have to work off all those fish food carbs by swimming extra laps around the tank. Hey, over feeding is, I think, much better than not feeding them at all! The fish probably loved their vacation with you. A fed fish is a happy fish.

  8. Have you ever caught crabs?

  9. Ponita, So true about the people stuffing themselves; taking care of the fish was a favor I didn't mind doing, but it wasn't the reason I was detained :)

    CP, Well, at least you knew how to feed them properly; I never realized how forgetful fish were!

    A friend of mine showed off his koi pond recently; he was proud of how big and colorful his fish were getting; another friend and I were thinking how delicious they looked instead ;)

    Snooze, Clearly, I have much reading to catch up on! Does the Dr have a show I could record and watch sometime?

    Savannah, I'm the grim reaper of houseplants. I like pets, but I don't have the time needed to care for them.

    It was catfish for us last night...

  10. Scarlet B, Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; and if you teach him how to eat it right, he'll want to catch more for the rest of his life ;)

    Beast, Yes, it's euphemism for how we should appreciate a good thing when it's right in front of us.

    Tara, Hear! Hear! I'm sure a few days of overeating won't kill those fish; and besides, I think swimming is a great exercise, so the fish will be all right--or at least die happy and not hungry.

    MJ, I know how to avoid getting into trouble when in the presence of crabs.

  11. Oh.......I thought it was something rude !
    I am most dissapointed !
    Miss MJ I have been 'crabbing' on Bournemouth pier

  12. Beast, Rude? No. Raunchy? Possibly.

  13. Miss MJ I have been 'crabbing' on Bournemouth pier


  14. MJ, I hope Beast is careful when fishing for crabs! They're the deadliest catch!

  15. I have gone all hot. Yes, practice makes perfect!
    I recieved you second postcard this week! You really are a sweetheart, Mr Swings.. and erm... extremely talented from the sounds of it.

  16. Scarlet B, I'm glad you got it :) You're right; practice makes perfect!

    A refreshing glass of ouzo is a nice way to stay cool.

    *Pours a glass for Scarlet*