Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snake Sense

How do you know you're in Texas?

When the sign at the rest stop says this:

What a welcoming and relaxing sign after driving for hours. If I didn't need to pee before, well I definitely needed to go after reading that sign!

It's bad enough they're on planes,

but now I have to look out for them in the urinals?

Really, the only snake I want to worry about is my own.


  1. You would probably laugh at our Adders and Grass snakes!!

  2. I'm sure there's plenty that would liketo see your snake Eros. ;o)


    Well, Eros, (ahem) I wouldn't run away if I saw your snake, honey!

    But, yeah... I know what you mean. No one really wants to have to watch for rattlesnakes when taking a wee.

    @Scarlet: Are the adders poisonous? If so, then size doesn't matter...

  4. Yeeeah, no that's not a sign I want welcoming me to a different state. I remember seeing smaller signs in Arizona when we went to the Grand Canyon, telling us to stay on the trail as snakes inhabit the area. We stayed on the path, but I saw a snake slither across our path. I was thrilled, though, I had never seen a snake outside of a zoo before.

  5. I wouldn't go looking for snakes at the urinals .....it will only lead to trouble .
    I find a girlish scream will frighten off most predators

  6. I need a T-shirt with that sign on it !

  7. No wonder the astronaut wore Depends when she was stalking that other woman. [was she from Texas? I seem to remember it that way] I'm with you - I'd be hesitant to use a rest stop after seeing that sign.

  8. Scarlet B, Only if they were funny.

    Tatas, The snake is very shy, but it can be charmed to come out and play.

    Ponita, So true. The only sound I want to hear in a restroom is the trickle of water going down the drain! No rattling or hissing!

    Tara, I'd've been freaked out if I saw that snake. And it's unbelievable how fast some of them can move! If I see a snake, I keep my distance!

    Beast, I considered just pulling off the side of the highway next time to care of business and avoid snakes who inhabit the restrooms.

    The state of some rest stops would make anyone scream like a girl.

    Heff, Welcome! A t shirt would be great, esp. with matching snake skin boots!

    Snooze, That spaced out nut worked just 20 minutes from where I was working in Houston! And she's been reassigned to a naval base just 20 minutes from my apt!

    I was both amazed and creeped out that she used her astronaut training to take stalking and attempted kidnapping/torture to the next level! I wonder if she was drinking Tang and listening to "I drove all night" by Celine Dion during her cross country drive!