Saturday, March 21, 2009

U doing that thing U do

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but recent events made me put this post aside. It's actually the first of two I was working on. This is the letter meme that I've done before. And I'm doing it again because it's fun for me! The letter I'm focusing on today is U, as assigned by Tara--because U rock, Tara!

There are certainly many great things that begin with the letter U, like the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth! But that's an easy and obvious one; I mean sure, I could also list down the United Kingdom or Umbrella, but I'd like to discuss other great things that begin with the letter U.

It's possible you might suspect I'd use Unicorn or Utah or even Uranus. But really, what exactly is a unicorn good for anyways? I mean, it's a horse with a horn. Okay, let's forget the obvious hazard of getting stabbed with that horn. Just what exactly is a unicorn's power? Does it grant wishes? heal the sick? fly? Nope. No one really knows. It's just a horse with a horn! As for Utah, I mean, it's got beautiful landscape but I'm not sure what else is there to do. Then again, they do have all those cults and polygamists, so I guess there are some things to keep one occupied. I'm not exactly sure what to do with Uranus. As a Greek god, he was a terrible father to his kids and one of them castrated him; and as a planet, Uranus is quite prominent and hasn't been fully explored.

Luckily, there are a lot of U words that I like, so, here are my top ten:

1. The United Federation of Planets!

Star Trek! Here is a series that explored and developed the idea that humanity overcomes its shortcomings and takes to the heavens to explore the stars with the best of intentions, guided by humanity's best ideals. How interesting is it that the whole basis of the Star Trek universe revolves around the United Federation of Planets, the governing body of a vast variety of different species dedicated to peace and mutual defense and exploration.

There have been many Star Trek spin offs; but my favorite is Deep Space Nine. While other Star Trek spin offs glorifies and pontificates on the ideals of the Federation, DS9 explores the dark side. It expounds on the recurring themes that actions have consequences, and that our past affect our present and our future. I luv how the show examines the failures and mistakes of the Federation. It looks at the human condition, the arrogance and the darkness that drive the people who are affected by and have an impact on the Federation. Ideals may be black and white, but the actions taken in their pursuit are very gray. What was right yesterday is wrong today, given new revelations of the truth and enough time to see it from another light. It's a more realistic portrayal of human beings in the future, provided we survive our self destructive nature.

And how cool is it that the people behind DS9 are now fully developing these themes of humanity's struggles and human nature in Battlestar Galactica!

2. Urbane

I've always liked this word. It means suave, elegant. It's like sophistication and style all in one. It's something I try to be (and fail at a lot! :) I've always thought that James Bond was a great example of someone urbane. He dressed in that classic look and remained sharp and witty whether he was under pressure taking out the enemy or taking on the ladies--even the ones who wanted to kill him. Roger Moore is the funniest, and probably the one I like best. Although, I do enjoy the edginess that Daniel Craig has brought to the role.

My other favorite urbane character is Constable Benton Fraser (played by Paul Gross) from the series Due South. He's a Royal Canadian Mountie working in Chicago, solving crime cases with his half wolf dog at his side. That show was funny and entertaining. The play on Canadian and American characters and culture is hilarious! In contrast to his tough, wise cracking partners, Fraser was always polite, knowledgeable, and such a goody two shoes! And that made a for a charming, charismatic character who looked good wearing that Mountie hat and red uniform. That show made being Canadian cool! And I'm not talking about the weather.

3. Urban

I like urban living. There's something about being in a big city. And I'm not talking about the crime and grime. I mean, sure, every place has their good sides and bad sides. But there are some things you can only find in the city that you can't find anywhere else. For one thing, I like the anonymity of living in a big place. There's a certain freedom that comes from being able to blend in an ocean of people. You can do what you want without worrying about other people all up in your business. And cities have great architecture and designs. You can find some really amazing structures and fascinating buildings. Most cities have fantastic museums and zoos and parks and great festivals and festivities you won't find anywhere else. I also like the cosmopolitan feel of big cities with their diverse populations. Where else can you get to experience different ethnic lifestyles and unique foods or a blending of various, different cultures? There's always something to do in the big city!

And there's another kind of Urban that I like: Karl Urban. The native New Zealand actor is perhaps best known for his role as Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He's been the lead in Doom and was in the Chronicles of Riddick and many other films. But I remember him first from the greatest tv series ever made: Xena, Warrior Princess. He played Cupid, Caesar, and some dude who got it on with the Amazons. Come to think of it, his roles on Xena usually involved getting it on with the sexy female characters (lucky bastard!). But I particularly enjoyed his performance in the film The Price of Milk, starring with another Xena Amazon alum, Danielle Cormack. I like independent films, because they're usually very different from the same old plots movie studios churn out. And of course, Karl Urban plays an iconic role in the upcoming Star Trek movie as Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

4. Ululate

I admit, that the first time I heard this sound was on Xena; it was her war cry and I was hooked! I didn't realize til later that women in Asia and Africa also made this trilling sound. But its use as Xena's war cry got me hooked! I luv this sound! There just something so primal and exciting about that sound; it makes one appreciate and fantasize about that wonders of a skillful tongue.

Ah la la la la la la la la la la la la la!!!

5. Undulate

It means to have a wavy motion or look. And I love the sight of hips swaying or shaking in a wave like motion! There's something very attractive and hypnotic about undulating hips on a woman! It's why we are captivated by Polynesian dancers when they shake those grass skirts adorned hips. It's body language; older than the spoken word. The message is loud and clear: I'm sexy! Though truth be told, I'd rather read that message in braille! And no one shakes it like Shakira. I luv watching her gyrate those hips! She's ecstasy in motion.

6. Ultraviolet

I mean the sci fi film, not the light with the short wavelength. Of course, there was that vampire cop series with the same name; that was interesting, too. But I'm talking about the film. Okay, so the plot was kind of meh, and it's all right. But really, it was the special effects that hooked me. I mean, come on now, clothes that change color according to mood or the instant you want them to change? Now you never have to worry about stains or you can disappear just by changing your outfit color! How about those cool pocket dimensions that allow you to hide weapons or other large objects that you didn't want to carry around? Makes buying groceries a whole lot easier and eco friendly, because you're not stuck with heavy plastic bags weighing you down. And how about those fight scenes? They were awesome! And of course, Milla Jovovich in the lead made the movie worth watching. She kicks ass in her films!

7. U boat

Jules Vern wrote some great books, and I liked reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I would luv to go Underwater in a submarine! I've friends and relatives who've served on them; and they say that it was awfully cramped inside a submarine. Still, I think it'd be kind of cool to live in one. I know that there are mini subs with windows that are used for exploration and research, but I just think that the big nuclear powered subs carrying torpedoes are more intense! I mean, I wouldn't like to be stuck in one or fight off any krakens, but it would be cool to ride in one and maybe use that periscope.

8. Utopia

The perfect place. I like the idea of a great place to live, where people get along and there's no crime or hunger or poverty. I'm not sure if such a place exists, but it is a great idea, a wonderful dream worth building. Although, I do admit that sometimes, Utopia to me means eating junk food on the sofa and watching a movie marathon; or maybe a great day at the beach, with no crowds and a nice breeze blowing and fantastic waves rolling.

9. UB40

I luv this band! UB40 is one of the best bands to come out of the UK! Talk about awesome music and funtastic reggae songs. We used to cruise around town while blasting their tunes. I remember cutting school so we'd go to parties that played their songs. I luv listening to Cherry Oh Baby and Can't Help Falling in Love with you. But my fave is Red Red Wine! It's even better when you sing and dance to it while drunk, preferably on red wine!

Red, red wine
Stay close to me
Don`t let me be alone
It`s tearin` apart
My blue, blue heart

10. Universe

It's such a fantastic and amazing thing this universe we're in. The mind cannot fathom its vastness and its many unique and spectacular parts. I like watching Nova or Discovery or any of those science programs that explores and discusses the make up and origin of the universe. And new discoveries continually change and revolutionize our understanding of the universe and our place in it. It's amazing that matter only makes up a small part of the universe; we are a small part of that universe. We are made of stardust! The very earth we call home and the precious metals we mine were born when stars exploded and spread new life in the vacuum of space. We can't be the only ones here. The universe is too great to think that we are the only living beings to exist.

And what better way to celebrate and ponder the beauty and wonders of the universe than the Miss Universe pageant! Beautiful women from the world over come together to represent the many unique and sexy things that make up our world. Okay, so I watch the pageant because those are some very fine looking women. But I confess that the real fun for me is watching them slip and fall! I mean, it sends a message that underneath all those Vaseline coated teeth and push up bras, these woman are just like regular people. And of course it's hilarious to see them trip, fall, and bounce back up and pretend nothing happened, all while smiling and trying to put their hair back in place. Now that's admirable (and funny!) Good laughs.

And that's my list of top 10 things that start with the letter U, and it's all for U! Now usually, the meme asks that a letter be assigned so people can do their own lists. But I'm not assigning any letters and I'm NOT tagging anyone; but if want to make up a list anyway just for fun, you can the letter V as in Virile!

You don't have to do a list if you don't want to. But in case you do go ahead and make up one, let me know so I can come over and read it! I'll see U later!

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U doing that thing U do
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  1. Oh I love doing the letter meme too! But I like saving up the letters!!
    UB40!! They were quite good I suppose... I'll take this as a request for Jukebox Monday then???

  2. U did a faUloUs job with the letter U, Eros!

    I once danced a slo-mo polka to UB40's Red Red Wine. It was funky and fun! A friend of my sister's was determined to get up on the dance floor and that is what the DJ played next, so we danced to it anyway! Of course, we were the only dorks up there... ;-)

  3. That show made being Canadian cool!

    We were always cool.

    It's just that you weren't paying attention before.

    *ululates and exits*

  4. Scarlet B, I just thought UB40 was cool with their fantastic takes on songs. They've put out some timeless classics! Besides Bob Marley, they were the musicians that got me hooked on reggae.

    Ponita, Thanks. The dancing to a polka Red Red Wine sounds fun! I think that it's great you guys got up there and had a blast.

    MJ, Up until then, the only Canadians I was aware of were news anchors, game show hosts, and Bryan Adams.

    My, my what a talented tongue! To paraphrase Xena, you're a woman with many skills!

  5. I'm having a glass of red right now. Time to break out the UB40!

    I had no idea that Urban was Cupid. Very cool! Thanks for that bit of trivia. And like you, I like undulate and ululate

  6. Snooze, I can undulate, but I can't ululate.

    For me, part of the joy of watching Xena--besides the hilarious plots, funny jokes and a$$ kicking--was seeing the actors play different roles. Some of them were very good at it!

  7. U missed Urine and Umbilical cord and Uterus and ... and ... UN... as in the opposite of everything. Like UN happy...

  8. Mutley, Unfortunately, those words didn't make the it to the final ten, having failed the swimsuit and evening gown portion of the event. Understandably, it would've been very Unfair and Unkind to keep them around.

  9. Miss MJ
    We were always cool

    I have two words for you


    Nuff said
    We will leave you to your National Shame

  10. Thank you, Eros! U rock too!

    I LOVE that photo of Karl Urban.

  11. Beast, It is a shame isn't it? I just wonder when we can start repatriation proceedings to return her!

    Tara, That is a fun looking foto of Karl Urban or as I like to call him, Caesar from Xena!

    MJ, Don't forget to ululate while flinging your uterus like Xena throws her chakram!

  12. Who knew U could be so interesting?

  13. Andrea, Welcome!

    U would be surprised at how Utterly Underrated this Ultimate letter is! It's Unbelievable!

  14. I'm not sure I believe that you can undulate. Youtube the proof please and post.

  15. Snooze, Unfortunately, my undulating is best experienced live in person.