Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breaking News!

We take a short intermission in our series to bring you breaking news! It's baaaaaack! Once again, they make an appearance!
Head on over to the talented CyberPete's for the absolutely fabulous return of The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition!

Here's your chance to become part of the exclusive society of the select few who've worn the Shorts that have traveled the world over! I had fun with them, and you will, too! Go on, you know you want them!


  1. I think you would look nicer without the shorts, Mr Swings..

  2. I've saved that picture and I can pop into my documents anytime I want to perv over you Eros and the thought of the shorts being caught by a breeze that would lift them slightly to tease. lol

    How you doing babes?

  3. Agree with Tatas! Love that pic of you... nothing but a hat, boots and those freaking shorts obscuring our vision!

    You're a hottie, Eros!

  4. well you didnt actually wear the shorts as such did you !

  5. Scarlet B, Thanks! But it was a Shorts competition, so the Shorts needed to be in the picture. ;)

    Tatas, I'm doing great, thank you! That breeze did start blowing, and had that picture been a few seconds later when the wind picked up... ;)

    Ponita, Thanks. But ya know, the whole point of the picture was to show off the Shorts in the best way possible ;)

    Beast, I wore it as protection from the sand and sun!

  6. um I didnt see any clothes but I was ok with what I saw.*wink*

  7. CYFN, The beach was distracting, wasn't it?

  8. so Denmark should be safe to visit again soon? Oh lord, I wonder what country will be contaminated next...

  9. Snooze, Denmark'll be safe as soon as a winner is declared next week and the Shorts are shipped out.

    So far, some pretty funny entries!

  10. Anymore nekkid pics???

    Hope you're okay.

  11. I never wear undies meself!

  12. Scarlet B, I'm okay, just busy! I'm sure MJ can provide us with nekkid pics on Fridays!

    MJ, Well, speak of the devil!

    Mutley, How liberating!