Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Tips

It's Spring Break! It's that time of year when people flock to the beaches to recreate and celebrate the ancient fertility festivals. Okay, so really, it's just a week long break in the Spring semester that happen in most US schools. Now, when I was in high school, we didn't have Spring Break. Sure we had a week or two off sometimes, but that's usually because of a hurricane knocking out power and destroying buildings. The first Spring Break I attended was the spring after high school. I was working instead of going to college, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the festivities.

When some people think of Spring Break, they imagine partying, drunk naked people, and anonymous hook ups. It's all that and a whole lot more! But along with the fun comes risk and danger. So, over the years, I've learned a few things that can help make your Spring Break experience a fun and safe one. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Go with friends and use the buddy system; there's safety in numbers when you look out for each other. It's also nice to have someone make sure you get home safely or at least turn your head so you don't puke all over yourself.

2. Keep the address of the hotel/place you're staying at with you. Remember, you can always write down the hotel name on your arm, so when you're plastered, just find a cab, point out the address to the driver, and stay conscious long enough to make it your bed.

3. Keep cab money in the left pocket and spending money in the right pocket. That way, when you're done getting drunk or run out of alcohol money, you still have enough to take the cab home. Try not to throw up in the cab; if you do, tip generously.

4. Drink water! Remember to keep hydrated. You will be in the sun and you will be sweating whether it be on the beach or dancing in the clubs or shaking it a wet T shirt contest. Dehydration leaves you weak, sick, and hurting. You want to be sore and tired from partying, not from being thirsty!

5. Know your limit. Whether it be drinking alcohol or groping strangers or some bondage, you want to enjoy the festivities, not spend it in jail or a hospital. There's nothing attractive about throwing up in public. No means No--unless you're in S&M mode, which means you better remember your safe word!

6. Do Not Sign anything while under the influence. Embarrassing, possibly illegal and immoral, pics of you might end up on video or the internet. And anything that ends up on the internet lasts forever!

7. Keep personal information private; the only people who need to know your location and contact info are your family/friends back home and the people you are traveling with. Lock up your valuables in the hotel safe; don't leave them lying in the room or risk getting pick pocketed. Don't give out your last name or at least use a fake one when hooking up with people. They call them spring flings for a reason. Remember, you're on vacation, not a job interview. So go ahead and flirt; go ahead and dance on the bar or swing on that stripper pole and take it off--just make sure there are no cameras around!

8. Wear protection--be it sunscreen or condoms. Sunburns hurt and make you wrinkle faster; no one wants to hang with you if you look like you have leprosy with the burnt, peeling skin. Use protection! You don't want to come home with a social disease. Please note that there are worse things than STDs out there; they're called children. And for the rest of your life, they'll be costing you serious money and time that could've been better spent partying and vacationing.

I hope you find these tips useful; I've used them on vacations as well. If you can add any more helpful tips to make Spring Break or vacations fun and safe, then please feel free to add them in the comments.


  1. When some people think of Spring Break, they imagine partying, drunk naked people.

    Damn! Now why hasn't this festivity travelled across the pond???

  2. I've never done the Spring Break bash or even wild, drunk vacation stuff - probably because I'm such a drunk 24/7 and use vacations to do cultural things - but your tips are excellent for any night out. I like the idea of putting cab fare somewhere separate.

  3. Scarlet B,

    *Makes plans to become a missionary to bring Spring Break to Europe*

    Snooze, Some of those tips were learned the hard way ;)

    I enjoyed Spring Break after high school, a few years before I went to college. It was just fun and something new. Also, those were the days when I was a lush. Good times.

  4. So go ahead and flirt; go ahead and dance on the bar or swing on that stripper pole and take it off

    Gee thanks Eros!

    I think I will!!!

  5. Sage advice Mr E , altho I think I am alittle past spring break :-(

  6. OOOooooo! A man of experience... I *like* that!

  7. I don't remember ever going anywhere tropical or beachy on Spring break, but I do remember enjoying break even if I stayed home. Now that I work at a college, it's nice when the students aren't around so I can actually get more work done. I'm getting so old. Lol.

  8. MJ, I'll be over here filling up the pitcher with cold water for the wet T, I mean, in case anyone needs some cooling down.

    Beast, You're never too old for a spring getaway and a good time with friends (or making new ones).

    Ponita, I'm just glad I lived to tell about it! Some of those tips I got from friends; others were learned from experience; and experience can be a harsh teacher!

    Tara, My first Spring Break happened when we drove just a few hours down to Florida. Since then, it's been mostly beach settings; although I have been invited to ski trips for Spring Break, I just prefer the beach.

    I think the best part of Spring Break is just having a week off! More time to get things done or do nothing at all :)

  9. ***Greases pole while Miss MJ isn't looking ***

  10. Beast, If she's had enough to drink, I doubt she'll be able to tell the difference.

  11. How Rude!
    These colonials are very brusque
    Curt even !

  12. MJ, Are you ordering a drink? Will that be a Suffering Bastard or an Old Dirty Bastard?

    Beast, They're also a feisty, hardy bunch!