Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics Wow

How about them Opening Ceremonies? The Chinese did a fantastic job and put on a great show. I was particularly impressed with how they incorporated the children in the ceremonies. It must've been their day off from the shoe and garment factories. I luved all those flashing, colorful lights and gigantic screens. It's no wonder China needed all that fuel! And the dance numbers were awesome. I luved the tai chi martial arts performance. But I was wondering, where were the Shaolin monks, the crouching tigers and hidden dragons? Where were the girls with the tiny bound feet? Still, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron was out of this world! At first, I though it was kind of cheesy when they lifted the dude up. However, when he started running along the ceiling and then lit up the cauldron in that dazzling display, I was impressed.

I luv the parade of nations; it's one of my favorite things at these Olympics. I enjoy learning about the different countries and seeing their costumes. I admire those athletes who come to do their best in the spirit of the games. I especially admire those solo athletes, the only one to represent their country, carrying their own flag. I also enjoy the hotties from the different countries. But did anyone notice how Great Britain and Micronesia somehow had Hobbits in their delegation? There were some tiny athletes in those teams. And I swear, the Irish team had some leprechauns!

Overall, I enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies. I look forward to enjoying these games for the next two week. But I also can't help but wonder, what will Vancouver do in two years for the Winter Olympics? And will it involve moose and beavers on ice? And will their Olympic cauldron be a huge bong?


  1. I watched some of the opening ceremonies last night too, and I agree with the dance numbers especially the Tai Chi. I also liked it when the people in the funky suits lined up to form the dove!

    And I sat and watched most of the parade of nations. It reminds me how little I know about geography. :)

  2. Tara, it was a great show...I think all Opening Ceremonies are awesome! As for the geography lesson, I'm right there with you. When they brought out Liechtenstein, I was was thinking of Heath Ledger from A Knights Tale...and we did the "We will We will Rock You" cheer.

  3. The only bit I saw today was a Chinese weightlifting woman.

    She hoisted her barbells up high, real macho like, and then dropped them...BOOM!

    But then she did this little childlike prancey run off the stage.


  4. I watched some of it. It was on while I was still at work and they had shortened it for the re-run later that night.

    All I could think when all these people were doing their thing completely in step with all the others was "we know where you live and if you make one wrong step we'll hang your family" though.

    Is it only two weeks? I remember last time it felt like 5. But those greek guys were hot!

  5. Just you wait until our opening ceremony in four years time. It'll be … nowhere near as good.

  6. MJ, she probably had her feet bound making it difficult to run like an adult.

    CP, Of course those Greek guys were hot--it was very hot and humid that night in Beijing. The games are 17 more like 2 1/2 weeks. I luv the thrill of watching how the games unfold! I especially root for the underdogs, You never know who's going to win!

    Tim, as long as it's not the Millennium Bridge engineers doing the designs, the London Games ceremonies will be fantastic. I'm envisioning a Dr Who/007 theme and the Queen making an appearance in the Alice in Wonderland number, yelling 'Off with their heads!'

  7. Then root for the Danes. We sure are underdogs in most disciplines.

    True, it probably was a very hot day. I hope things cool down a bit soon so we'll stand a chance.

    I'm not too fussed about the games myself. It was never a big deal in my family and sports are not a big interest of mine. Watching pretty people is however a big interest.

  8. Speaking of pretty people, you have a very nice arm.

    I'm glad you don't have TB

  9. CP, I luv watching the Games. I'm sure the Danes will do well. Denmark wins medals at every Olympic Games, unlike the majority of the world's many countries. As much as I enjoy watching a winner, it's just as fascinating to watch the losers...the breakdowns, and the people that fall flat on their faces. It's not that I make fun of them, but I watch to see if they're going to pick themselves up and finish the race or run and hide and never show their faces again...the excitement of the human drama!

    Thanks for the compliment on the arm. I quite like it myself :)

  10. The Danes are in the Olympics?

  11. I missed the opening ceremonies but I've been falling asleep in front of the tv every night or getting up at 2am to watch it live. I'm an Olympics addict.

  12. MJ, yes, they Danes are in the Olympics; they're the ones wearing the horned helmets. They're top competitors in the handball and rowing competition. If anyone is an expert at handling balls and repeated stroking, it's the Danes!

    Snooze, I'm recording some of the games I can't see when I'm at work or asleep. I wonder just what the Chinese'll do at the Closing ceremonies to match the explosive Opening ceremonies!

  13. That's why watching the balancing bar thing in the gymnastics is so exciting. It looks like intense pain when they mess up that.

    Or the weird two swinging bars where they are rotating and jumping from bar to bar.


    I will be pretty disappointed if we don't win the rowing though. We have a new chick in Tennis. Look out for her, she's a winner and I'm sure you'll like her albeit she's a little young.

  14. CP, the gymnastics are exciting! And it does look painful when they miss the bar or trip and fall on their faces! But it makes it so much more intense and sensation when they keep on going! I'll be keeping an eye on the Danish tennis players. Though, I'm rooting for the underdog Novak Djokovic.