Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Hot 100

It's 100 degrees Fahrenheit today; and I suppose it's fitting for my 100th post.

I've complained before about how insanely hot it's been here lately. And guess what? It's still hot! Every time I step outside, the oppressive humidity assaults my senses and my body breaks out into a desperate effort to cool down.

By the time I come back inside, I'm covered in sweat.

To cool myself down and keep from passing out, I've instituted a plan to beat the heat.

The first thing that I do is strip down to my undergear, to let out some steam.

Then I drink a glass of cold, refreshing water or some other cold beverage.

And sometimes, I reach for a frozen treat, like a chilly bowl of sweet ice cream. Except sometimes, it can get a bit messy. (Excuse me while I clean this up....)

And if I'm still burning up, I take everything off. Then I reach for an ice cube and rub it down in all those hot places.

When I find myself with some down time, I take Beast's advice and soak my feet in some cold water . I appreciate helpful tips! Thanks for the tip, Beast!

Finally, I take cold showers to help cool down. At least twice a day; sometimes, more. But I'm sure you don't want to see that.

So what do you do to beat the heat?


  1. You know, it's not exactly warm today but now I need a cold shower.


  2. What do I do to beat the heat.....
    Live in the UK :-)
    Its bloody wet , windy and chilly here at the moment . I bet Miss MJ hasn't commented yet becuase she is licking the screen.
    The filthy Floozy

  3. She's not the only one licking the screen Beasty

  4. Well, hello to you, too CP! Cold showers can be exhilarating!

    Beast, lucky you, out of the heat. A visit to the UK would be nice. I wonder how the Queen beats the heat.

    CP, it's because I mentioned ice cream, huh? Everyone likes to lick ice cream...

  5. What do I do to beat the heat?

    I'm doing it right now!


    Shut up, Beast.

  6. Wow, Eroswings...apparently you've learned something from MJ's filthy blog.

    Just kiddin!

    But this is one for the ladies (well, or otherwise, as dictated by gender neutrality) to comment on.

    MJ, try to control yourself!

  7. Ho



    Tim who?

    I know there are words, but with pictures like these, who needs words?

    * joins MJ in fainting frenzy *

  8. Ha! IDV is all yours now Eroswings! I've finally gotten rid of the old witch!

  9. And I normally avoid ice cream but I would make an exception in this case. It's dripping down the treasure trail - time to show us where the trail ends.

  10. CP, of course everyone likes ice cream...unless they're lactose intolerant...

    MJ, has the heat caused you to pass out? Try drinking some fluids and staying out of the sun for a bit.

    WW, what I've learned from MJ's blog is to count myself lucky! It could always be worse! :)

    IDV, let me call emergency services to help revive you. I don't have any smelling salts, I'm afraid. Here's a cold wash cloth in the meantime.

    Tim, I don't think I can ever replace you in IDV's eye...they say you never get over your first luv...or in this case, first cyberstalkee. Besides, it appears he's been overcome by the heat.

    Snooze, I'll do better than show where the treasure trail ends! I'll tell you: It ends up at the treasure, of course! ;)

  11. What I do to beat the heat is....um...Hmm..It seemed to have slipped my mind.

    Nice legs!

  12. Tara, thanks. I try to take of 'em, because they take me everywhere :)

  13. De do do do, de da da da
    Is all I want to say to you

  14. MJ, the Police can't arrest me for being nude in my own home...