Monday, August 4, 2008

Civic Day Hooray!

Happy Civic Day, Canadians! Today is the first Monday of August, when Canadians take a day off to celebrate the Honda Civic--I think. And why not celebrate such a fantastic car?

You've got enough room to pick up your friends.

It has great engineering. So long as you keep up with the maintenance, you don't have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of no where.

It's also very fuel efficient. And that's important these days, considering how difficult it is to find good, reasonable gas.

With gas mileage over 30 mpg, you can enjoy a leisurely drive to all your favorite provinces, whether you're visiting the charming people of Quebec,

Or cruising through the lovely Saskatchewan countryside.

And it handles really well. You can drive through the exciting Ontario traffic, knowing that you're in a car with an incredible safety record.

Or with all the great features, you can sing along to Guess Who as you drive across the friendly roads of Manitoba on your way to the Corn and Apple Festival or the Festival du Voyageur.

Is it any wonder the Canadians love this car? So here's to the Honda Civic, the premiere choice of Canadians and drag racers and thieves.

Happy Civic Day!


  1. Aw, this heartfelt post makes me nostalgic for my old Civic. What I loved about that car was it would start even in -40ºC. It wasn't happy starting in that weather, but it still started.

  2. And the charming people of Quebec will all be at work when we go to visit them as they don't have a holiday today.

  3. Snooze, now that's a car! When I visited some friends in Chicago one winter, they were very adamant that I start my car for a few minutes everyday...or the battery would die. I never knew the hazards of living with snow!

    MJ, well, someone has to keep the shops and restaurants and rides running when we visit. Those restrooms at Six Flags amusement park don't clean themselves.

  4. If only all Civic drivers looked like those two in that last pic (or you). There's usually two Civics parked down my street during the day (free parking, close to the city centre) whose owners are short, puny office worker types.

  5. Ha...good photos! Happy Honda Civic Day! ;)

  6. IDV, I'd imagine it would be very distracting to other drivers to see Civic owners driving around would create some hard driving conditions and might lead to a lot of accidental spills on the road :0

    Tara, Happy Honda Civic Day to you, too...I'm thinking about going to the store later, to pick up some popsicles and fuel. Right now, traffic is terrible and it's just too hot to wear a leather harness ;)

  7. well hello there Vin and Paul.

    Who wouldn't want to ride with them.

  8. CP, just make sure you buckle up; it could be a rough ride ;)