Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's gettin' hot in herre

"Its gettin hot in here (so hot) So take off all your clothes I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes of"~Nelly, Hot in Herre

Good gawd has it been hot around here lately! One of the worst things about a hurricane, besides the destruction and chaos it brings, is the scorching heatwave that follows! All that moisture in the ground gets heated up and cranks up the humidity. During the day, it feels like I'm trapped in a steamy sauna--but without the come ons.

I feel like I should be carrying a towel and head for the showers every time I step outside. Even the nights are hot and stuffy. The breezes don't really cool you down. They just make you feel wet and sticky and filthy, but not in the good way.

When I step outside, I can feel the hot air suck the cool a/c right out the door and off my body. I start to burn up. My body drowns in the oppressive heat; I can feel the sweat forming on my face and my chest. Sweat drops roll off the top of my head, slide down my neck, and trickle down my back. And when I'm standing outside, I can feel the sweat drops roll down the back of my thigh, glide down the back of my knee, past the calf and ending at the back of my foot.

The only other time I've ever felt this kind of insane heat was back when I was living on the East Coast. The Georgia coast was just as brutally balmy in the summers, except the high humidity there just sucked the energy out of my body. There's a reason why iced tea is super sweet in Georgia; you need the sugar rush to make it through the rest of the day! Still, the unrelenting heat here is just as maddening. This isn't global warming; it's global roasting!

Thank goodness for a/c; but I can't stay indoors all the time. And when I come back inside, it takes a while for me to cool back down. I'm taking a cold shower in the morning and another one right before I sleep. Sometimes, I take an extra shower after lunch if I'm home. I'm also drinking lots of cool fluids and eating cold ice cream. But as the heatwave continues full steam, I'm finding myself wearing less and less at home.

I'm down to my undergear. Pretty soon, I'll be down to nothing, rubbing down with ice cubes to cool off. I just hope I don't slip on any puddles from the ice cubes when they melt.


  1. Suddenly I'm feeling a bit hot myself as I imagine you icing yourself down.

  2. Well someone told me that it's National Underwear Day, so feel free to strip.

  3. Snooze, I've got a whole tray of ice cubes if you'd like some to cool down as well; I've got another tray reserved for frozen margaritas :)

    Tara, well, how about that? I've been observing this holiday for a week now! :)

  4. Eros put you feet in a bowl of cold water when your just sitting around , that cools the whole body down . ome swear by putting there underwear in the freezer for a bit (but that just sounds stoopid).
    Hope it freshens up a bit soon

  5. Beast, I'll taking your advice and soak my feet in some cold water...freezing underwear sounds dangerous; I don't want blue balls.

  6. Clearly, the heat has fried my brains...meant to say "I'll be taking your advice..."

    *Starts soaking feet in cold water while sitting on the sofa wearing undergear*

  7. This post is useless without pics of you sweating and eating ice cream naked.

    And what the hell good is Beast if he isn't ladeling the ice cream into your mouth with a silver spoon?

    *dumps tray of ice cubes down Beast's underpants*

  8. MJ, I can't be bothered with pics when I'm sweating! And it's certainly not something I think about when I'm busy eating ice cream...

    But if it's skin you want, then stay tuned for my next post!

  9. How odd! It would appear that one of the comments and my reply have disappeared!

  10. Weird; they just appeared again; either the heat is making me see things or the gremlins are having a field day!