Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold Comfort

Something's got a hold on me. Unfortunately, I think I've come down with a cold. It started two nights ago with the sniffles. Last night, I started with a dry cough. Today, after work, I stopped by the store to buy some Halls, DayQuil, and Zicam. I wish my nose would make up it's mind and stop going back and forth between runny and stuffed up. The good news is, I'm still able to drink, and my appetite is well. Perhaps I should include water and juice in my fluid intake...

I have an engagement tomorrow...don't know if I'll make it, but I hope this Zicam stuff works...otherwise, I just paid 9 dollars for some citrus flavored candy...

Don't forget to enter the latest installment of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition!

Currently held by previous winner, Tatas!
Don't forget to read all about the rules here, with special thanks to MJ and IDV. Now go win the Shorts that have been intimate with so many international strangers the world over!


  1. I'm sure Nurses IVD and CyberPete will be along shortly to comfort you.

  2. MJ: Or I will if that pic gets put up again.

  3. MJ: I'll check to see if my insurance will cover them...

    Tatas: Thank you for the concern.

    Now, I'm off to get lunch...

  4. Tatas wants to take your temperature.

  5. Don't worry about your insurance, I'd minister to you out of the goodness of by heart!

  6. * shakes cold, black heart *

    COme on! There must be some goodness in here somewhere?

    * gives it another shake *

  7. MJ: Oh, but I don't think I've a fever...but some soup would be nice...

    IDV: Oh, such in the South, I've come to appreciate the kindness of strangers...

    Perhaps it's time to visit the Wizard (of Oz not Potter) to get a new heart.

  8. IDV: slut.

    Get well soon, Eroswings!

  9. Get well soon Bingowings

    Love that song, and the video is awesome.

    It's brilliant when the 3 men in the colourful costumes jump up and down. that's my favorite bit.

  10. Tim: Thank you for the well wishes...I was going to suggest to IDV perhaps he could get a heart of gold from the Wiz, but then I realized, only whores have hearts of gold...IDV isn't a whore...he volunteers his services, Christian charity and all ;)

    CP: Thank you...those 3 dudes are my favorite part of the vid, especially their dance by the stairs...I think this is where those Blue Men got their inspiration--as did Tilda Swinton when she picked out her Oscar dress...

  11. Maybe they and Tilda were on the same drugs?

  12. CP, you have to be on drugs or suffer from mental illness to become a Blue Man or pick an Oscar dress like Tilda--or Bjork ;)

  13. I love the Blue Man Group.. I havent' seen them live, but would love to.

    As far as Björk is concerned I'm not a fan, not remotely. However I sort of liked the Swan dress she wore. It was hideous, completely inappropiate and she looked awful in it.

    However the fact that she paired it up with an egg purse - if that's not taking it all the way I don't know what is. For that single reason, I kind of like it.

  14. Is that another expression of jealousy from Tim, I see?

    Goodness. I only have to show the slightest interest in someone else and he loses it.


    As for my charitable work, Eros: I don't like to brag about it...

  15. CP: Bjork was lucky hunting season was over...I hear there's a rumor that one of the Blue Man members is a woman! I bet I can tell which one it is if I see 'em...It's the one without the blue balls!

    IDV: You don't have to brag at all; your work speaks for itself! With so many kneeling before you, I'm certain it's only a matter of time before you're recognized as a saint...

  16. Teeheehee

    They are not very politically correct then. Shouldn't it be the Blue Person Group then? Or just Blue Group?

  17. Nah, Blue Man Group is fine...and it makes it more fun trying to guess which one of the group can't write their name in the snow...

    Besides, some politically correct names just don't sound right. One of the pool tables places that I hang out sometimes is named Slick Willies...I'm not sure if I'd keep going back if they changed their name to Lubricated Penises. That's a whole different image of playing with balls and sticks ;)