Saturday, February 9, 2008

Disney Princesas--Happy Endings

What makes Disney movies so popular is that they always have a happy ending. But sometimes, the kind of happy ending Disney startlets offer are best suited to massage parlors. Disney has pimped out more hoes then a South Korean whorehouse. What is it about Disney that turns it's teen queens into total skanks? Is it something in the water?

Britney Spears, Mouseketeer, pop fabricated princess, singing You Drive Me Crazy

to actually becoming crazy...assaulting the world with her beaver--more like naked mole rat.

Christina Aguilera, talented singer, sings about What a Girl Wants

and it seems that this girl wants to get down to business...ready to be rubbed the right way.

Lindsay Lohan, from starring in popular children's movies

to mooning children at a popular award show, a drunk driving crackhead...

Then there's Vanessa Hudgens, High School Musical star who's nude internet pics show how she's trying to bring back the bush, ending the deforestation trend started by over the hill whores bald beaver Britney Spears and firecrotch Lindsay Lohan....

So many Disney whores, so little time. But not all Disney starlets end up making amateur porn or become tabloid trash. Some actually do make it to happy endings. And some are just plain entertaining, like Christina Milian, who went from singing the theme song to Kim Possible

to showing us how to

"Dip it low
Pick it up slow
Roll it all around poke it out, let your back roll
Pop, pop, pop that thang
I'ma show you how to make your man say "ooh"

And "ooh" indeed, Christina, "ooh" indeed...


  1. Ho my gods! What an unfortunate set of princesses.

    It just proves that Disney really is evil.

  2. Can't beat a down to earth, buxom woman that doesn't have money to waste.
    Fancy being like that when you have kids. Princess? ever seen a bald princess?

  3. IDV: Any organization whose icon is a rodent that has spread the bubonic plague and killed millions is truly evil.

    Tatas: She's the kind of princess you hope gets locked away in a tower...or fed to a monster...