Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ring in the New

As the year draws to a close, I want to wish everyone a fantastic New Year 2008!!! May the lessons we learned in 2007 make us wiser for the new year. May the good times continue. May we take a little time to stop, look around, and appreciate all the great things that we have; plan for all our hopes and dreams; and remember how far we've come and how far we've got left to go in this journey called life. Seize the moment! Seize the Day! Live! Dance! and Laugh!

Don't forget your designated drivers, your protection, and your good sense! We've had enough wannabe celebrity cat sightings in the tabloids this year! Funny, you would think that this being the Year of the Boar, there would be more sausage sightings ;)

I'll be thinking best wishes to you all as I'm working New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so Happy New Year to All! Have a Great 2008!!!


  1. God, I wish I could dance like Snoopy.

  2. Tim, that Snoopy is one awesome dog!!! I actually had a dog named Snoopy!!!

    Happy 2008, Tim!!!

  3. Happy new year Bingowings

    and have a great day at work.

    May you get the top 5 miss america in the new year

  4. Thank you, CP! Have fun on your New Year's Celebrations!

    *scribbles possible new year resolution as career change towards beauty pageant host*

  5. Seizes IVD and CyberSlut and dances around Bingowings hoping for a sausage sighting.

  6. Oops, forgot Tim.

    IVD seizes Tim who joins in.

  7. MJ, I see the next big tv special, "It's the great big sausage, Charlie Brown!"

  8. MJ: You just want cock, BITCH.

    Not getting enough? Think you need to go get yourself a fuck off sized vibrator.

    Greetings Eros, have a fantastic new year.

    *Raises a glass of mulled wine*


  9. *raises glasses back*
    Cheers to the New Year, Tatas!

  10. That's not all CyberSlut raises to cock.

  11. CP: Cheers to chicken! Mmmmm...fried, baked, or BBQ'd ;)

    MJ: Is he holding up his plate as well for more? Perhaps hungry for a delicious piece of leg or juicy breast?

  12. IDV might very well try to seize me, but I most certainly will not join in!

    And happy new year Eroswings!

  13. Tim, Happy New Year!

    Now, while some may enjoy a party turning into a sausage festival, I don't--unless it's an actual sausage festival, serving delicious meat/poultry products accompanied by alcohol...served by voluptuous barmaids wearing Bavarian dirndls.

  14. I don't really do breast

    Love those bavarian outfits though. The one Sandra Bullock wears in Miss Congeniality is hilarious!


    *Umm Connie's cock*

    *snap out of it*

    Anyway! (Piggy's fav word)

    C/Pete: Miss Congeniality is bloody hilarious! I can watch it again and still laugh.

  16. I know Tatas

    it's one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time and Benjamin Bratt is easy on the eyes

  17. HNY, Eros, my dear!

    Did someone say "cock"?

  18. CP: Breasts are tasty, but I prefer legs myself. I've been to the River walk in San Antonio where Ms Congeniality was filmed!

    Tatas: That was a funny film! I had an out of town friend that I took to where they filmed the movie! She had a blast!

    MJ: Don't forget pork, the other white meat...full of protein...

    CP:I remember Benjamin Bratt from the film, Blood In Blood Out...thank god Julia Roberts didn't eat him with her large teeth.

    Maidink: Thank you! Chicken seems to be the special of the day ;)

  19. Maidy: COCK! COCK! COCK! COCK!

  20. It'll be about 10 more years til the year of the cock...until then, enjoy what's left of the year of the pig!

  21. The year of the rat, 2008.

    February 7, 2008 - January 25, 2009 (Earth)


  22. Tatas, it'll be Frobi's year all right! So long to Piggy's year!