Friday, December 14, 2007

Nice, Rough

Last week, I was tagged by IDV to take part in an activity that reveals 8 random facts/habits about me, myself, and I. I'm also suppose to tag 8 other people and leave a comment on their blogs to let them know about this game. But, being the rebel that I am, I'm not going to tag anyone; better yet, I'm going to let you, readers, take it upon yourself to go ahead and decide whether or not you want to take part. If you do, then please let me know in the comments, and I'll surely visit your blog to see what you've put up. Fair enough? So, here we go:

1. The friends I've made before I started reading blogs for the first time last year, do not know that I have a blog. (And I like it like that!) ;) It's like living a double life...I wonder if this is what cross dressers/transvestites feel like? Like 007 or Martha Jones...maybe Batman...

2. I was 6 when my cousin, 9, taught me how to smoke cigarettes. I didn't even cough; I had a pack a day habit for 2 weeks before I quit for two main reasons. One, it was getting harder to steal cigarette packs from the construction crew rebuilding our church. Two, everything started tasting like ash, including ice cream :(

3. I was 7 when I had my first taste of alcohol--Budweiser. At first, I thought someone had peed in the can that I was drinking--let's just say it was one of the practical jokes the fellas on the block and I used to play on each other. However, in all my years of drinking, I've yet to experience a hang over! I've passed out, I've woken up in strange places, and I've even forgotten some things--like where are my clothes and why am I so sore and how did these marks end up on my back? Never had a hang over, though...

4. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream...I know, boring right? But I can't help's what I like.

5. I enjoy the firing range. I luv shooting at targets! Though, I've never shot anyone or any living thing in my life. The only weapon I've used to shoot people up close usually leaves them wet, and it doesn't really hurt--unless it gets into their eyes ;)

6. Though I only took art all four years of high school for fun, local critics and art directors actually thought I had talent. I won two different statewide art competitions my junior year in high school. My senior year, one of my works was selected as the cover of the state gov't sponsored environmental awareness calendar. My grand prize: two cases of Chicken of Sea tuna--dolphin safe, of course.

7. The first novel I ever read was "Call of the Wild", by Jack London; I was 10, and I enjoyed reading that book from end to end in one day!

8. When I was 13, I got my first job working for the gov't as an orderly in the Emergency Room. I was sent to get some supplies, and those supply fellas thought it would be hilarious to play a trick on me. They told me the supplies were in the freezer--which I knew was where we kept morgue overflow. I had a choice, either chicken out in front of these 20 or 30 somethings, or show them bastards a thing or two. Being a fool, I chose stupidly and walked into the freezer. They locked the door behind me and I felt the cold immediately. The lights in the freezer stayed on, and I could see three body bags on my right; the left shelves were empty. After what felt like forever, but was probably less than a minute, I heard the door unlock. I walked out, and nonchalantly said, "I didn't see any supplies; maybe they are in the next freezer?"

It took everything I had to keep from bursting out laughing as I saw the eyes bug out of those five dudes and their mouths hung open in disbelief. Finally, I said, "Is there someone else who can help me find my supplies?" Well that got a grunt, and one of them finally got my cart stocked with what I needed. By lunch time, I had become a legend in the entire hospital, and the ER crew laughed and said that I would fit right in with them. Those supply fellas never messed with me again, but they always managed to get out of my way when I strolled down the hall. That was an awesome summer job!

So there you have it; 8 random facts about me. Some things are nice, some things are rough, but we keep on rolling...

"Sure, I've slapped Tina. There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her."~Ike Turner, RIP (Nov 5, 1931-Dec 12, 2007)


  1. That's a great reason to stop smoking. We can't have the one basic food group taste of ash. Which brand is your favorite?

    Now what would have happened if Tina had said, come on Ike is that all you have? Hit me again you girl

    Or is it a drug reference?

  2. I might've known that CyberPoo would be first - I think he was hoping to get caught in the firing line of your weapon!

    Cigarettes & alcohol at such an early age? Goodness!

  3. Ooooo you minx you

    surely you were hoping to get it first no?

  4. CP: I've never met a brand of vanilla ice cream that I didn't like...

    Now as for Ike, I was reading his obituary, feeling sad for him til I read his quote. That got me laughing out loud. I'm curious as to what Ike defines as beating someone. My favorite part of the "What's love got to do with it" movie was when Tina fought back in the limo. That was awesome!

    IDV: It's all fun and games til someone gets it in the eye.

    My cousin was a very bad influence, and I luv her for it! She still is a wild one...I'll try just about anything once ;)

    CP: Now, now, it's the Holidays so feel free get into the spirit and share ;)

  5. I'm all for sharing

    Getting it in the eye can be very uncomfortable, just watch the movie The Sweetest Thing.

    That was my favorite part of the movie too YNF

  6. CP: We'll just be careful then and avoid shooting each other in the eye ;)

  7. We want you to dress up like a woman for a day so you can compare it with your experience.

    Oh, and take pics.

  8. MJ: As soon as I find a dress that doesn't make me look fat and heels that don't kill my feet, I'll do it.

    In fact, my tentative post titles are "I am woman. Period.", or maybe "The Feminine Mystique: tucking my stick"...

  9. "Hiding My Candy" is another option.

  10. Or "My Secret Garden--there's a tree in the middle"; perhaps "The Story of Oh, I hope that duct tape comes off easily"; lastly, "The Mangina Monologues." ;)

  11. The Mangina Monologues sounds like a winner to me

    a pulitzer perhaps?

    10 years run on Broadway?

  12. CP: Let me get in touch with RuPaul, Tom Cruise, and Grace Jones to see when we can take the show on the road!