Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Blitz

The past few days have been a little crazy. Of course, any holiday having to do with Jesus is usually busy, packed with activities, services, and food, and other obligations. Anyway, as I'm off today and then working this weekend through Xmas Eve, I thought I'd make a quick post on what's going been going on lately.

I decided to extend my current contract, so I'll be in Galveston til the end of February, 2008. Part of the reason is that I like where I work, and it's close to one of my best childhood friends. I've also made some really good friends, and there ares so many places to see and people to do in such a short time. Also, I'm excited to be here come Mardi Gras, where I understand that it's part of a spiritual experience--or is it an experience when full of spirits--to celebrate another Jesus related holiday by exposing one's, uh, nature to the public. I'm looking forward to witnessing the testimony of women moved by the spirits to share their chesticles for colorful rosary like beads.

Last Saturday, I made my monthly drive home to check up on my place and pick up the mail. It's usually a four hour drive one way, but heavy thunderstorms added another two and half hours to my drive. I had left at 5 in the morning, but when I got home, it was near noon. I checked the mailbox, only to find a slip from the post office, saying they're holding my mail as my box was too full. So, I gas up and drive to the post office, only to find that they closed at noon, so I can't pick up my mail. On the one hand, I can honestly tell the billing people that I have not received any bills this month. On the other hand, I can't get to my Xmas goodies, personal letters, and stimulating artwork and articles of evocative and exciting magazines. I suppose I can try again next weekend, but we'll see.

I did manage to renew my tags and get my car inspected. The new stickers are very mundane, but they'll do. I also managed to finish Xmas shopping and shipping off various packages to varying locations. I only have a few local people to shop for, but I'm not too worried about them. My home answering machine overloaded with messages, so I've got to get a new one. I managed to call most of my friends back and left messages of my own. Seems they were either out shopping, working, or vacationing. Usually, I manage to go to a Chinese lunch with some of them when I come back to town, but this trip was last minute, so no plans to get together.

On the return trip, I stopped off in Houston, to visit a friend. I was tired, but the mention of free food got me to change into something presentable and off we headed to a party. Wonderful party, but seeing as I was driving, I did not drink anything alcoholic. After dropping off my friend, I headed out to an after party with some of the people I met. As I was invited to stay for breakfast, I imbued myself with some of the hostess's offerings and had a good time.

Work has been very busy since I extended. Though, it's been great, I do admit that I'm starting to get restless, ready to take on another adventure...somewhere else, but I'm only here for a short while, so I'll enjoy it while I can. There are days when I feel great, happy to be where I am, but then, there are other days when I start to day dream about something new and exciting, I start to crave a change. Some of my friends have bought homes and settled down; me, I can't picture doing that right now. I'm just not ready to be tied down; not that being tied down is bad thing, so long as it's between consenting adults and you've a safe word ;) Life is good, and I can't really complain. Seems right now, I've got everything that makes me happy...well, almost ;)


  1. I worry about home much mail there is in my old mailbox

    I suppose Tazzy and Piggys Crimbo card is in there but I can't wait to see.

    You reminded me I have to get my mail forwarded to my new address. Thanks!

  2. CP: Glad to be of service. Hope you get all your eagerly anticipated Xmas male, um, mail!

  3. Bloody Jesus. It's his fault the holidays are so busy.

    Ah, well. He got his comeuppance, I guess.

    I hope there's something worth waiting for in that bulging mail box of yours (was gonna say 'male box' but you'd already beaten me to it)!

  4. IDV: I can't wait to go down on it and work my way to the good stuff ;)

  5. Yes father christmas better have a big package for me

    was that too creepy?

  6. Wow! Seeing to your own malebox. I'm more than impressed.

    I'll be around later. That's if I've got over the nausea from CyberPoo's comment...

  7. IDV, Jesus helps those who help themselves ;)

    CP, as both you and IDV have made Santa's naughty list, you better believe he's got something big and hard and dirty to stuff in your stockings!

  8. Ho, Ho, Ho! And a Merry Xmas to you, too, MJ ;)