Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Movies and Me

The lovely Scarlet Blue tagged me a few weeks ago to do a movie meme. Basically, you list three movies that inspired you to act out some of the things from the movie. I had a really tough time thinking about this. I mean, I can't recall the last time I went to see a movie, much less copy something from that movie. And I don't think pretending to be a ninja or a superhero after watching an action movie as a little kid counts. The same goes for being a break dancer after watching Beat Street (1984). Apparently, you can't make a living doing battles on the streets. But that didn't stop me and my friends from break dancing on the sidewalks, trying to imitate all those dance moves.

Now, I have to say that movies did have some impact on my life. For instance, I've written about how The Sound of Music has affected my childhood. It was my mother's favorite movie. She trained 2 of my brothers and me to sing songs from the movie and perform dance numbers to entertain the crowds. They were among our most popular acts from our repertoire. We were a big hit at church pageants and local talent shows. Most of my nieces and nephews went through the same training. It was like a rite of passage of sorts. But I have to say, as good as they were--and there were a whole lotta them to properly do So Long, Farewell--none of them had our showmanship!

And then, of course, Jaws (1975) put the fear of sharks in me. I was scared to be in the deep sea. That movie made me even afraid of the deep end of the pool! I was afraid a shark might somehow find its way into the pool and eat me when I had my back turned. And the 007 film Thunderball (1965) made my fears even worse! It had an evil villain who killed his enemies by feeding them to the sharks in his pool! And by the way, Sean Connery was almost attacked by one of those sharks in the pool during the filming of Thunderball!

To this day, I refuse to linger too long in the deep ocean, and I never go out to the deep end by myself in the dark, nekkid. Because that's when the shark gets ya!

Some movies have been very enlightening and educational experiences. When Pope John Paul II passed away, my coworkers were astonished at how I knew that the bells of St Mark and the Catholic churches would ring to signify the passing of the Pope; that the cardinals would elect a new Pope after two weeks; and that the new Pope would be announced by white smoke rising up from the Sistine Chapel.

Not a lot of Catholics know about this, and I'm not Catholic, though I did attend Catholic school when I started grade school. I surprised my coworkers by telling them that I learned all of this fascinating information from watching Eurotrip (2004)!

That movie was funny! It took all the silly stereotypes Americans have about Europe and turned them into a hilarious movie! They made fun of everybody! It also had some fantastic surprise cameos from great actors. Eurotrip made me want to explore Europe by rail, by bus, and by hitch hiking.

It took me a while, but I finally recalled three movies that fit this meme. Here we go: The top 3 movies that inspired me to act out.

Number 3: 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

Okay, so granted, I wasn't supposed to see this movie--because I was seriously underage, even though the movie had been out for years. I was just starting puberty when I saw this film. And it made me feel even more confused about what sex was supposed to be. I remember the food from the fridge scene. That one stayed with me for a while. And when I tried it out years later, it didn't exactly turn out the way I thought it would.

Not all foods in the fridge should be used in recreation. Guess what? Jalapeño peppers not only burn your mouth, but also the sensitive parts of your body that mouth touches. Ouch.

Just be sure to have cold milk nearby to soak up the burn area after rising it with cold soapy water. Better yet, have baking soda nearby so you can mix it with water and make a paste to soothe the burns.

Stick with the strawberries and whipped cream if you still want to use food in your recreation. But I warn you, frosting, syrup, heck, even ice cream and jello end up leaving a sticky mess. So unless you're planning on cleaning out the fridge, avoid incorporating food in recreation. Besides, I've learned that food makes me hungry, not horny.

Number 2: Titanic (1997)

I've done it. You've done it. And everyone else who's seen this movie has probably done it or thought about doing it. You know what I'm talking about. That's right.

And yes, it's a douche bag move, but it's still fun to do. It doesn't matter if you're on cruise ship, a ferry, or a fishing boat. Stand on the bow, raise your hands, and shout it out:

I'm the King of the World!

Every time I'm on a boat, I think about doing this scene! I have done it a few times. But let me tell you, the minute someone starts singing that Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, I'm finding a life vest and getting in a lifeboat! I sure as hell ain't gonna stick around to sing while the boat's sinking!

I'm gonna be in the lifeboat, dammit! I refuse to end up treading ice cold water to survive. There are sharks in the water!

And finally, the movie that had the greatest impact on me.

Number 1: The Endless Summer (1966)

I'm a beach boy at heart. This is the best surfing movie ever! It's part documentary, part home movies, but all together, a masterpiece. You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy this film. It's a classic that anyone can watch.

This is the journey of two teen surfers from California, who embark on a quest for the perfect wave and to follow summer all over the world. From California, to Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, Australia, and Africa, there are beautiful waves to ride and great local people to meet.

It's much more than just a surfing movie. It's a glimpse into a past time when things seemed simpler, somewhat more innocent, and the world was a big, amazing place. People dressed up when they got on airplanes. Hitch hiking was a safe way to travel. And when two 18 year old friends take the chance to go surfing around the world, they have a great time finding spectacular scenery, surfing stunning waves, and meeting wonderful people. It's the story about youth and freedom and friendship, about finding happiness and adventure with good friends and good times.

I luv this movie, because it inspired me to dream big and enjoy the moment, to take chances and enjoy life. When I was a teen, my friends and I would often skip classes and head out to some really far off places to catch some great waves.

"With enough time and enough money, you could spend the rest of your life following the summer around the world"~Bruce Brown, The Endless Summer

In some ways, I think my life is all about following summer, searching for the perfect wave, enjoying the journey and the people I meet along the way.

And there you have it. The top three movies that inspired me to act out scenes from them. It took me a long time to figure this one out, but I'm glad I finally finished it. You don't have to do this meme if you don't want to, but if you do decide to post your own experiences, let me know! I'd be very interested in reading them!


  1. I used to Make wedding dresses out of my sheets and pretend to be the girl marrying Eddie Murphy in the end of Coming to America.

    Personally I could never do that I'm the king of the world stunt. I'm way too selfconscious to do that. I wish I could though.

  2. Dear Eros,

    Terrific mememe.

    I Did the "King of the World" thing recently...

    A friend arrived to go out for dinner in her new VW Coupe. It's a little like a space ship when the roof disappears into the boot space.

    As we left the restaurant, I opted to sit in the back seat and as we drove off stood up in the back assuming the position and crying out the famous line. The people on the streets all laughed cheered and clapped our departure, (possibly glad to see the back end of us)either that or genuinely amused and entertained.

    I still use "Doh, Ray, Me" to introduce my nieces and nephews to the joys of singing and musical entertainment.
    Two if my nephews have started their own band in Perth WA, They are both in their late teens now, so I guess something must have worked. They came runner up 2yrs ago in the Battle of the bands competition and last year they one it! There Band is called

    "NoThruRoad" Have included a link to their profile site

  3. *imagines Eros jello wrestling*

  4. Excellent job on the meme! I'm still struggling with the assignment from Miss Scarlet.

    The Endless Summer, what a terrific notion to just follow Summer. You really would be king of the world!

    Oh Hai Pete, Princess, MJ!

  5. My friend and I did the Titanic scene when we went on a cruise in 2004. Only we didn't shout "I'm the king of the world", we just stood there with our arms spread out like we were Kate Winslet. We didn't look as glamorous, either, it was windy and our hair was blowing in our faces. Lol.

    And watching that first scene from Jaws still makes me uncomfortable. Her there all alone while the guy is passed out on the beach...nobody around to hear her....(Shiver).

  6. I think you should come surfing in Bude. Cornwall. No sharks.
    Many thanks for taking part!

  7. CP, Ha! I'm usually with a friend or more when I do that King of the World stunt--some of us fight over who gets to do it. But really, most times I've done it, it's been in the presence of strangers that I would probably never ever see again. That's the best time to do it, because they don't know you!

    And it helps that I really have lost most of my self consciousness and am very hard to embarrass--I can laugh at myself. And I'm pretty much carefree when out and about having fun :) I've learned to never let anyone else keep you from having fun and enjoying life. It's your life--Live it!

    Princess, That's funny standing up in a moving car like that! Definitely applause worthy! Sometimes, it's liberating to do something uninhibited and silly :) Makes everyone smile.

    That's so cool about your nephews winning and having their own band! That's excellent you helped introduce them to music. Fantastic job!

    MJ, I think I'd've more fun with jello shots!

  8. XL, I know! This was a tough one!

    It would really be awesome to follow summer around the world--definitely feel like a king doing it! Talk about an awesome adventure!

    Tara, It's fun doing doing that, just standing there and holding your arms out. And you probably weren't the only ones who did it!

    That was creepy and horrible that girl got eaten by Jaws while her drunk bf was passed out. That's the reason why I don't drink and swim! That's just asking for a shark attack!

    Scarlet B, I'd luv to visit Cornwall someday! I'd like to visit those beautiful beaches, try the wonderful surf and eat some pasties, and see Tintagel Castle (Merlin!) and St Ives and Penzance and St Michael's Mount!

  9. Endless Summer... what a great idea! Not so sure about the surfing part, though. Have never done it and I don't do well bobbing up and down in the ocean waves. Get a little green around the gills...

    Food - yes, I've seen what you do with ice cream, Eros. ;-)

  10. Ponita, Wouldn't it be just wonderful, though? To just travel all over the world, following summer in all those exotic, fantastic places?

    You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy the beach. There are many ways to enjoy the surf. Sometimes, I like to just float in the water.

    And I think ice cream would go very well on a the beach ;)

  11. What great choices.

    I feel the same way about Jaws.

    And I still love the Sound of Music.

  12. Roses, To thanks. To this day, I still think Jaws is the scariest film I've ever seen!

    The sound of music is a classic!

  13. 9 1/2 weeks is one of my favourite movies , altho I didnt get the food/fridge scene , I just kept thinking , whose going to clean that up....harumph

  14. Beast, I totally agree with you! The movies always make things seem sexier than they really are in life. Rolling around the sand may look romantic on the beach, but the reality is, all that sand is rough and it'll scratch your skin and get into all sorts of places on your body!

  15. I love the book 9 1/2 weeks too. It's a bit darker than the movie [especially as it's a true story]. I do love that you do the Titanic thing. Although I hated that scene in the movie I would love to see people doing that on a boat.

  16. Snooze, I didn't even realize there was a book. I think I was too young to understand 9 1/2 weeks--definitely not for kids!

    You'd be surprised at how many idiots like me do that scene on boats--it happens a lot!

  17. As usual a fabulous effort full of insight and honesty. I love your writing Mr Swings.
    I'd love to tackle a meme like this because I lurve movies..but I am still slumming out on Facebook and can't seem to come in, maybe it's too late :)

    I feel like Jason Bourne..who was I and what did I do?

  18. Donn, Thanks. I like your writing style, too--because you make me laugh and think.

    Blogging is just like riding a bike--you never forget! You just hop on and it'll all come back to you.

  19. I can't seem to block out the part where everyone is staring at you.

    Maybe if I was drunk? Feather boa around neck, tiara on head and cocktail in hand. That could be disasterous though. Like something out of a Zucker brothers movie starring Leslie Nielsen as the knight in shining armour.

  20. Did I forget the 6 inch stilettos? Silly me

  21. CP, It's always more fun when you're with friends and y'all decide to act it out. I don't worry about the people staring, because I'm having fun...and most of them are laughing along at our antics--because they're probably thinking about doing the same thing! And it's pretty harmless, if a little silly.

    It's all about having fun and enjoying yourself--even in 6 inch stilettos!