Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Opening Ceremony--a Triumph and a Tribute

How about that Opening Ceremony last night? It was a wonderful welcome and a spectacular show!

The Vancouver Olympics officially began last night. The Olympic torch relay took 106 days and almost 28,000 miles, the longest relay in Olympic history as it crisscrossed a magnificent nation, carried on by many of its people, from all walks of life. It was carried by runners, by sled dogs, by automobile, by wheelchair, and by canoe!

So many different people took part in carrying the torch as it made its journey to all the peoples and lands of Canada. Even the Governator was there to protect the torch from alien Predators and killer robots from the future!

Come with me if you want to live!

The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies cost 300 to 400 million dollars. The Vancouver Olympics had just a tenth of that money to create a fantastic Opening Ceremonies. The Beijing Olympics creatively utilized China's enormous population to put on a tremendous performance. The Vancouver Olympics used Canada's diverse people to showcase the welcoming spirit and the majestic beauty of a great nation.

I luv that for the first time in history, the native people are recognized as official partners in the Olympics! The Four Host First Nations (Lil’wat, Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh) welcomed the world to Vancouver! And what a grand welcome it was!

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the The Village People!

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!

I kid! I kid! Although, I have to admit, when the Four Host First Nations started inviting the other First Nations to join them, I was surprised when the Inuit made their entrance. They came out banging their drums and strutting, throwing up hand signs and hollering like hardcore thugs throwing an awesome block party! They came to party!!!

And every great party needs great music!

It's Gladys Knight and the Pips!

He's leaving (leaving) on that midnight train to Georgia!

I kid! I kid! It's the lovely Michaelle Jean, the Governor General of Canada. The head of state, Liz, couldn't make the trip--something about snow shutting down the UK and she didn't want to miss the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Thus as the Crown representative, Michaelle Jean officially opened the Vancouver Olympic Games.

I luved the cultural show that displayed the history and cultures of Canada's diverse people.

Apparently, people from the Canadian prairies can fly! And wherever they land, wheat grows!

Why, these people are the solution to end world hunger!

Some of the special effects were amazing. I luved the whales as they swam across the stadium!

I enjoyed the poetry slam, when that one dude started talking about what it meant to be Canadian. That was awesome! Although, I can't help but feel like he sort of insulted us by saying that Canada is the real successful experiment in democracy. Um, that's what Americans usually say about America. But he's Canadian, and I don't think he was being rude. Because I think being polite is in the Canadian genetic make up, eh?

And there were a lot of great Canadian artists performing. Sarah McLachlan's wonderful performance almost made those damned interpretive dancers tolerable.

And could someone tell me why KD Lang doesn't have any shoes? Because it looked like she sang barefoot on the stage. Isn't she afraid of getting frostbite or athlete's foot?

I did notice that Celine Dion didn't perform. Those crafty Canadians--they didn't want to risk letting her back in the country. Bastards.

There was a little glitch when it came to lighting the torch in the stadium. One of the four posts did not rise. But the ceremony went on and flames were lit to great cheers and applause.

But that small glitch in the lighting ceremony is insignificant, in light of the sad and tragic news that occurred hours before the ceremony began. 21 year old Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia died in a terrible accident at the practice run at the luge track. So sad. I feel for his family, his friends, and his people.

Every Olympics I've watched, I enjoyed the Parade of Nations, because I luv watching different people from around the world and learning something about them. I particularly like watching the nations with 1 or very few delegates, because I think it's so brave of them to send those few athletes to go up against other nations who have bigger teams and more training support. And last night, the bravest delegation was the team from Georgia. They made the difficult decision to march on in the parade to honor the memory of their teammate who passed away too soon, too young.

And the moment of silence at last night's Opening Ceremony was a testament that the world remembers this young athlete, and we mourn his loss and keep his family and his friends in our thoughts.

I luv the Olympics, because of what it represents. It is a place where people from all over the world can come together and play, to compete against the best, to strive to do their best. It's a place where talent, skill, and courage are celebrated and encouraged. It's where we hope to show the best of humanity, to explore the human potential.


  1. Excellent review!

    My favorite parts: the RCMP color guard, the whales, closeup of Anne Murray looking confused.

  2. Thankfully absent from the ceremonies, Celine Dion is back in hospital for her FIFTH fertility treatment as she tries to conceive again.

    Oh Hai, XL!

  3. it was a lovely and poignant opening ceremony. I felt the small glitch in the lighting ceremony was the georgian olympian saying goodbye.

  4. i saw almost the entire event, but, sadly, fell asleep before the lighting of the torch! i'll try and catch one of the rebroadcast today. thanks for the review, sugar! xoxoxox

    @kabuki zero...what a lovely way of putting it, darlin! xoxo

  5. XL, Thanks. The Mounties did look sharp! And Anne Murray looked great! I luved how they used all sorts of different Canadians to carry the Olympic flag and torch. There was something for everyone!

    MJ, Perhaps Celine Dion could adopt someone and give them a better life--like KD Lang, who can't afford shoes!

    Kabuki, Youkoso! You know, I thought it was sort of appropriate, how the torch lighting went on with one fallen post. It was very symbolic of how the rest of the athletes will carry on the games in honor of the fallen one.

    Savannah, It was a great Opening Ceremony! And you're right, they'll be doing repeats. But NBC pissed me off a few times, because they kept cutting away from athletes from other countries to focus on non athletes celebrities. I'm not watching the Olympics for celebs! I'm watching for the athletes from around the world! And I hate that they cut some of the programs during the rebroadcast!

  6. Dear Eros,
    Thanks for your great review.
    I saw more of the ceremony here on your post than I did trying to watch the damn thing on a set top digital box. Pathetic reception if you dont live in the big smoke.
    I got so sick of the sound and pictures constantly freezing or dropping out that in the end I could tollerate it no longer and turned the damn thing off.
    Never had a problem with analogue tansmission. And yes i think a greater power was at play when the torch pole failed to deploy.

    thankyou again

  7. Great summary, Eros!

    Did you know that although Canada is the sixth largest producer of wheat, we are the largest exporter in the world. We share with everyone!

    kd lang lost her shoes years ago. I haven't seen her wear shoes on stage for a long time. Not sure why... maybe she feels more grounded? Oh, and by the way, no chance of frostbite - the opening ceremonies were in BC Place, which is an indoor stadium. I've watched football games in there. Very necessary in a place that gets 9 months of rain a year...

    Oh Hai, XL, MJ, Savannah!

  8. Princess, Thank you. I had to switch to digital, because of federal law! Bastards! Also, because my old tv broke. Back when I bought my old tv, it came with an antenna. Some of these newer ones, you have to buy an antenna if you don't want to be hooked up to cable! What a rip off!

    I enjoy doing reviews of the Olympics, particularly the events and athletes that I find fascinating.

    Ponita, Well how about that? Fascinating farm facts! I knew it! All those flying prairie Canadians with wheat magic feet are the secret to your wheat growing prowess!

    Yeah, I hope KD Lang has slippers when she has to walk off the stage. There's a lot of dirt and a risk of injury if she hoofs it to outside the stadium! How cool is it that you were there in the same stadium they're having the games? That's fantastic!

    And Congratulations to Canada for winning silver in the women's mogul, one of the few nations to win medals on this day of the games!

    Luv the new avatar! So creative!

  9. I missed the opening ceremonies. Thanks for the recap.

  10. Snooze, It was a wonderful Opening Ceremonies. The snowboarder jumping through the rings was awesome! But I luved when the representatives from the Four Host First Nations each welcomed us and each of the 4 totem pole raised its arms in greeting. And those whales in the stadium were best thing ever! Ever!

  11. I loved the part where the guy had a fiddle duet with his shadow against the moon. Very cool.

  12. Tara, That was pretty cool! Then they all started stompin! It was Riverdance, Canadian style!