Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 17 of the Vancouver Olympics: Closing Ceremony and a Phenomenal Finish!

28 Feb 2010, Sun.
*Updated 1 Mar 2010, 5:00 am.

Let's just get right down to it! How about that hockey game!?! Absolutely Amazing! It was the most exciting and fantastic hockey game I've ever seen! What a thrilling and unbelievable way to close out the games!

It was an action packed match! The US and Canada fought hard! And it was Canada who scored first, 0-1! Then they made it 0-2! But the US fought back and scored 1-2! The Canadian crowd were cheering because the gold was within their grasp! And in the last few seconds of the last period of the game, the US managed to score one more goal to take the game into overtime! 2-2! The crowd is stunned! And when the overtime started, it was anyone's game with both teams fighting hard to control that hockey puck! But Canada managed to score one more goal, winning the game and the gold medal!

It's a fantastic and phenomenal win for the host nation, the home of hockey! This was the gold medal that meant to the most! And they fought long and hard to take it!

The Vancouver Olympics may not have started well for Canada, but Canada built up momentum and they finished gloriously! Congratulations to Canada! And congratulations to the US for a spectacular performance! That was the best game I've ever seen!

And over in the men's 50km cross country ski race, Norway's Petter Northug wins gold right in a photo finish! He sprinted right ahead at the finish line to take the lead! Germany's Axel Teichmann takes silver. And Sweden's Johan Olsson wins the bronze.

I'll be back later to update after the Closing Ceremonies!

*Okay I'm back.

A wonderful Closing Ceremony!

That was a great skit making fun of the post that didn't rise during the Opening Ceremony. I liked how they went ahead and raised it and lit it up in front of a cheering crowd!

And I luved watching the athletes mingle together when they came back into the stadium for the Closing Ceremony.

They broke out the big stars for this one: Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Michael Buble, and Nickelback rocked! They brought out Catherine O'Hara and Michael J Fox.

Oh my gawd! It's Capt Kirk!
Princeline Negotiator!
William Shatner was funny! I only wish he sang a spoken word song!

I'm a Rocketman!

I usually don't mind one opera singer, but three is one too many! What was up with the Russian presentation for the Sochi Olympics?

Good gawd! Is Godzilla attacking the city!?! Because the Russians brought out Mothra!

And what's up with the ballet dancers? Dude! Where are your pants!

It's the winter Olympics! Way too cold to be running around in your undies! You might get frostbite on the tender extremities!

I luv the balloons, the dancers, and the all icons that make up the Canadian identity! The Mounties, the hockey players, the moose,

and their love of the beaver!

Fantastic performance Canada! The Maple Leaf Forever, indeed!

The Vancouver Olympics did not get off to a very good start. The weather was uncooperative, with not enough snow for some of the events. Then hours before the Opening Ceremony, there was the tragic death of the young Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. It's a terrible loss of a young life, and it would forever put a sad shadow over the Vancouver Olympics. I feel for his family and his friends. Then there was the technical malfunction of the fourth post failing to rise with the Olympic cauldron for lighting. But it seemed appropriate somehow--that fallen post was a reminder of the young fallen athlete from Georgia.

But even with all these challenges and hardships, the games went on, because they needed to go on. The Olympics are more than just games and sports. They represent humanity's best hopes and our wishes, our courage to go on when life becomes harsh and painful. And there was drama and joy and heartache every single day! We watched incredible athletes perform amazing feats! We rejoiced in their achievements. We shared their pain when they lost a game or worse, lost a loved one. And we cheered for those amazing athletes who went on to perform their best under the most tragic and challenging times. We admire their courage and we applaud their strength. They remind us that it's not whether we win or lose but that we finish the race. It's a lot like life. It doesn't matter that we fall; what's important is that we get back up and keep on going.

Thank you Canada for being a wonderful host! The Vancouver Olympics were outstanding!

It has been my great joy to be able to watch and share my views on the Vancouver Olympics. And I'd like to thank all of you readers for your comments and support. I've had a lot of fun watching the games; and I hope I've shared some of that fun with you.

It's kind of sad that the Vancouver Olympics actually over. Of course, now I can get enough sleep and resume having a social life. But I look forward to Sochi, Russia 2014!!! And the London Summer Olympics 2012!!! Here we come!!!


  1. Fantastic game indeed!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful Olympic wrap-ups. It has been a pleasure to read them.

  2. I echo XL! Excellent colour commentary, Eros!

    And yes, the USA won the most ever medals of any country at any winter games!

    Canada won the most golds by a nation in any Olympics! And our first ever golds as a host nation, despite this being our third time having the Games on Canadian soil. Yay!

    But the athletes and the volunteers made the whole thing happen. The citizens of my fabulous country were so excited and moved by the whole thing - it's been an amazing experience for everyone.

  3. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT HOCKEY! but i watched that game, sugar! it was indeed, exciting!

    i have to echo xl (Oh Hai, xl!), y'alls daily wrap-ups, summaries, color commentary were FANTASTIC! thank you for the time, effort and skill! xoxoxoxox

  4. I watched the first 3 periods before I had to go to sleep. Even though I know nothing about hockey itwas exciting. Good job everyone.

  5. XL, It was a thrilling game! And thank you for the compliment! It was my pleasure to share what was going on at the Olympics. It was fun for me and I hope it was fun for everyone who stopped by here, too!

    Ponita, Thanks. It has been a very eventful and moving Olympics--full of drama and excitement. There were good things, there were bad things, happy and sad things, but overall, the games went on and I applaud the athletes and the volunteers for all their hard work. It's like life--it doesn't matter that you got knocked down. What matters is that you get back up!

    Savannah, Thanks! It was a very exciting game! And in the end, I can't think of a better ending! Such a wonderful win for a wonderful host nation! This was their miracle on ice!

    CP, I don't follow hockey as closely as the other sports I'm interested in. But I do like to keep up with it during the Olympics! It's so exciting to see all these top athletes who play in the official league in the US go home to their own countries and represent them at the Olympics! Your teammates in the regular season become your rivals in the Olympics! So exciting and different!

    It was a great way to close out the Vancouver Olympics!

  6. I dont know whats been going on over there in Canada , but since its got Miss MJ flashing her beaver , it can't be all bad


    Is it over yet?


    Giant Beaver!


    Thank you for the BEST commentary on the Internet!

    I'd be reading other accounts while I was at work and thinking, "Eros's accounts are MUCH more interesting AND entertaining."


  8. I couldn't stay up any longer and had to go to bed and didn't see the very end of the match.
    Why is MJ wheeeeeee-ing?

  9. I also laughed when they fell. Most of the time it just looked funny. Like the snowboarders.

    It was great though and I've yet to watch the closing ceremony. I'm so tired though, from way too little sleep over the past weeks

  10. Or maybe MJ is doing another round of curling, hoping the Swedish hags choke on their gold medals

  11. Beast, It's all over now.


    But it was good while it lasted!

    MJ, Thanks! I've enjoyed the Vancouver Olympics. That was an amazing game! I bet the whole country is still partying!

    Scarlet B, It was the best hockey game I've ever seen!

    Imagine if the UK won the FIFA Cup in soccer, the Rugby World Cup, and the Cricket World Cup all at the same time. That's what winning the Olympics gold medal in hockey feels like in Canada! Birthplace and home of hockey!

  12. CP, It is funny when you see them fall sometimes! I esp. laugh out loud when it's some showoff or loud mouth who falls on their ass!

    I know how you feel. Today was the first day that I got more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep!

    XL, Ha! That movie made me think I should never go out to the woods alone! Or without a weapon either! But that banjo duel scene was awesome!

    CP, Or maybe she might have found herself some of those stylish Norwegian curling pants!

  13. I am truly humbled by your dedication. You are a true relayed your personal experience of the Olys. Amazing. You give me an appreciation for the love of the Olys on a personal level. You see it with such delight and respect and it makes sense. I can truly appreciate and understand what the appeal of it is.

    As you well know I was conflicted is very emotional to see another human being lay it all on the line to win. The accumulation of stoic dedication. It's hard not to get all choked up when they are thanking their parents and friends and coaches.

    and then there is the inexcusable waste of money on the damn thing. A fellow in our city wrote a letter to the editor that I need to quote.

    "In a world awash in $700 trillion of nearly worthless derivatives, and with our liberties steadily vanishing through the manipulations of imperialist nation-builders and Keynsian liberals, the Olympics present a truly statist spectacle.

    The easily stampeded civil society applauds manically as redundant jocks stress their bodies through a series of arbitrary, mindless physical excesses. Eerily, the participants in this bread and circus are then described as heroes of the state and endlessly celebrated for their "character"
    F. Trueman

    A bit extreme and prolly written by a guy who smashes storefront windows at a "peaceful" demonstration...however..
    the core of this is as true as the magic of watching an individual human being triumphant. Our human nature demands gods, heroes and celebrities to worship. We can't live without them.

    Now even though this is a glorified international pissing match in activities that don't matter one iota or benefit the average viewer ina ny way shape or form, ...atleast they are doing it without guns.

    I value your insights and they will have an effect on how I balance my perspective on the Olys. I hate the satraps that run the IOC too..they live like kings on the graft and favours that they siphon while athletes scrimp???

    Okay. I will go back and soak up the good stuff that you outline. Maybe my bad attitude will be corrected. In any event you are a great writer and I respect your viewpoint. This is an amazing should be getting paid by Sports Illustrated!!

  14. Donn, Thank you so much for the great compliment!

    I do enjoy the Olympics, because you're right. It is so moving to see someone triumph after years of hard work and dedication. And I like how we're continuing ancient history, trying to put aside war and coming together to compete peacefully and to celebrate the potential and the feats of humanity's mind, body, and spirit. The ancient Greeks did it and put aside their own wars to ensure that all athletes can compete in peace and are protected throughout the games. Every athlete who works hard and makes it to the Olympics is a champion for giving it their all.

    I hate that the IOC is full of corrupt, snobby, biased bastards. And it's sad when scandals overshadow the games. But I am humbled and moved too by the efforts of so many athletes, the people who helped them, and the many volunteers who work hard to make the Olympics such a wonderful and memorable experience. To me, it's more than just a sporting event. It's the story of the human struggle to overcome adversity, to rise above the challenges, and triumph against all odds! It inspires me to believe that we can do better, that if we try, we can be better. And if we fall, we only need to get back up and finish what we started. Sometimes, it's not the destination, but the journey that makes us stronger, wiser, and happier.

  15. Not all the members of the IOC are kings. Granted, our representative is going to be king someday but for now he is only a prince.

    Loved all the dancing at the closing ceremony. Even the hip hop stylee. Didn't care for any of the music though.

  16. CP, Ha! It's usually the non royals on the IOC who are crooked!

    I rather liked the rock acts who were part of the closing ceremony party that took place after all the floats and dancers were gone. But the acts before them were okay; not my fave, but they were all right...except for the opera singers!

  17. I am glad that you had a great time watching. All of us really that live here had such a wonderful time...even those who said they didn't ! I still miss it. But they lit the torch again on Canada Day and it was so touching to see it burn bright.
    Thank you for writing such a great blog about us.

  18. Trish, It was a great Winter Olympics--full of drama and heartbreak and triumph and hope. Canada did an absolutely fantastic job of hosting a spectacular Winter Olympics.

    I'm glad they lit the torch again to celebrate Canada Day. That is such an inspiring sight.