Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving friendship

It's been said that a good friend will bail you out of jail,
while a best friend would be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, that was fun!"

To this I'd like to add:

A true friend helps you move.

Curse my friendliness...I've too many friends! Damn you, U Haul and your do it yourself moving shtick!

*Inspired by MJ's comment, this has been edited at 11:13 p.m. to add:

I had dinner over at a friend's tonight. I always try to attend her dinners because she's a great cook (and I'm never one to turn down a free meal). I should've realized something was up when she didn't try to set me up with one of her friends like she usually does when we have dinner together. The last one was a newly divorced teacher who needed to ease back into the dating scene. She was fun, and she's moved on, more confident and happier (we parted on very good terms).

Full of delicious steaks and delirious from sweet, sweet wine, my friend asked me if I would help her move. She was holding a bowl of warm peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream in front of my face, my favorite dessert. And before my brain could react, my mouth said yes.

She lives on the third floor...and there are NO ELEVATORS in her building! I guess there's no such thing as a free meal.


  1. Are you moving to Canuckistan?

  2. MJ, not with Harper at the wheel!

    I was lured into a trap and agreed to help a friend move. She lives on the third floor, in a building with NO ELEVATOR!!!

    I must learn to say NO!

  3. I have been both the receiver and receivee (is that a real word???) of that type of help.

    I hear ya, Eros, I hear ya. Once did a fourth floor with no elevator move. And big, heavy furniture to boot.

    Ah well. What else are friends for, eh?!

  4. Ponygirl, holy crap! A fourth floor move does suck! But you're right; that's what friends are for--the good times, the bad times, and the moving times.

  5. Friends don't make friends help with moves. My last move I had friends help with packing and with moving small things over. That was hell enough for them. I also majorly inconvenienced my parents in helping me. But at least I hired movers for the heavy stuff. I hope your friend doesn't have a lot of furniture!

  6. I hope you at least got a blowjob out of it.

    Hello Ponygirl!

  7. I've always paid my way out of moving. There is no way I'd lift a finger during a move. I'll be the one ogling the hunky moving men.

    Once I was asked by the guy at work I used to have a massive crush on, but I said and I quote "I wish I could, but I don't want to". A direct quote from Phoebe on Friends.

    He thought it was funny and he has tons of strong handball playing pals who'd help. Anyway I missed the opportunity, not only with him but with all his hot friends too.

    Still, if he'd asked again tomorrow the answer would still be no. I don't do manual labour.

  8. Coppens has helped me move about 32.5 times in the last 10 years. I finally stopped asking him to help.

    On the other hand, I probably helped my dad move about 132.5 times for a time many moons ago.

    And I second MJ's second comment/question. Did you or didn't you?

  9. Snooze, I usually move as much of the fragile, small, important stuff myself. Then I hire movers for the rest of the stuff! Saves me gas money and from sore aches.

    MJ, I'm expecting a full course meal! I've always enjoyed her treats and feasting on her titillating offerings. A good woman knows how to satisfy an appetite and keep a man hungering for more.

    CP, that's funny! I remember when I could fit everything I own in the car. Now, I just hire movers, too.
    How unfortunate that you missed out on some group handball action ;)

    WW, the move is scheduled for next week. I've helped out a lot of friends move over the years, but I've never asked them to help me move. If I have the time, then I don't mind. I actually helped one move across 3 states in two days!

    One of the funniest moves I helped was with a friend who packed 7 boxes of crucifixes, religious art, and statues of saints. I had to ask, "Are you planning on opening your own church or are there a lot of vampires in the new neighborhood?"

    Usually I start moving my stuff when everyone else is either at work or sleeping. Plus, I keep the movers employed.

  10. A real friend helps you bury the body.

  11. Tick, Ha! Ha! Ha!...after they help you move it first!

  12. True Tickers, they don't help you move.

    True friends don't try to make you help them move - no?

  13. I've helped friends move before, and been helped by them to move, too. However, I'm never using levitation spells again to try and make the job easier.
    Have you ever tried retrieving a sofa from orbit?

  14. CP, friends lend a helping hand--or two ;O

    And they're willing to bend over backwards in your time of need--whether it's easing a load or working on the hard stuff ;)

    IDV, that's why I hire movers. They can deal with the errant furniture! I don't mind helping friends move when I can, but I like moving my stuff myself.

    I suppose because it reminds me of being independent for the first time, moving towards a new place all by myself, with everything I own in a suitcase and a backpack! That was an exciting and scary feeling. I felt so alive and optimistic!

  15. I suppose true friends offer to help you move.

    You don't need a true friend to bend over though. Backwards or forwards.

  16. ((Hi MJ!))

    I once got my brother to help me move from San Diego back to Winnipeg - can't remember how many thousands of miles that is, but it's a lot.

    He was single, a teacher with the summer off, game for anything and I paid his airfare down. I had a UHaul truck full to the rafters plus we pulled my horse trailer with one horse, two dogs and three cats in it. It was July - every tried driving though Nevada and Utah in July? Holy crap, is that hot! We drove at night through those states.

    Fours days of driving. We were both really glad when THAT move was over.

    I think I must have gypsy blood mixed in with the Viking.... I have spent a good part of my life moving from one place to another - and it always seems to be BIG moves - like many provinces or states to traverse. Enough of that already! I am staying in oneplace from now on. Gettin' too old for all that.

  17. CP, true; some people will bend over because it's what they like to do for others; others will do it for the right incentive ;)

    Ponygirl, that's quite the journey. That was great you had your brother with you moving all that! I bet you made a lot of rest stops for the pets and drivers. I don't mind the long hauls; it's the short drives in the cities that test my patience sometimes!

  18. I am always helping friends move , but holy crap , all those stair and no elevator :-( . Couldn't Miss MJ loan you her army of saggy nekkid old men to help ?

  19. Beast, I'm afraid I'd go blind and fall down the stairs if I saw an army of nekkid, saggy old men. Gawd only knows what kind of stains they'd leave all over the place!

  20. Gak! That would be a fearsome sight indeed! Some of them would probably keel over dead from the exertion, too.

    Be pretty gross having nekkid, saggy DEAD old men all over the place....

  21. Ponygirl, such a frightful sight may be appropriate for a haunted house on Halloween. On second thought, we don't want to traumatize the children...and their parents.

    Luv the new avatar pic!

  22. ((blushes sweetly)) Why thank you, Eros....

  23. You're welcome. Your pictures are fantastic.

  24. Oh, Eros, flattery will get you everywhere!

    So why don't YOU have an avatar? Would be nice to have something to associate your name with... like a face!

  25. I'm not much of a Gamer..I'd never get on the puter anyway with my boys playin.

    I love to clean, never undo my laces, love movies, loved 3rd Rock, but most of all I appreciate your sentience and sense of humour.

    I for one am thoroughly pleased that we met out here.

  26. Donn, Ditto! I'm so glad I got a blog, because I've met so many interesting, funny, and smart people like you! It's been an awesome experience to learn new things and laugh along the way.

    I'm really glad that I met you out here, too!