Friday, October 3, 2008

Grass Movement

I like to keep up with current events and have a very healthy interest in politics. It's very important to stay informed and be involved with the changes that affect government and its citizens. A few of my friends have expressed surprise at my knowledge of policies and views on issues. Bastards! As if I'm nothing more than a pretty face!

During dinner with some friends, we watched the Vice Presidential debate and had a lively discussion on a variety of issues afterwards. Somehow, the topic of health care led to marijuana. I got a few raised eyebrows when I spoke up in support of medical marijuana. Of course, this led to a heated exchange with a few others. The most vocal opponent was the spouse of an acquaintance. I've met him before a few times at various gatherings. I call him Bullhorn, because he always seems to be yelling. I've asked others before if Bullhorn has a hearing problem, but I've been told he just likes the sound of his own voice. He struck me as someone who liked the attention, thinking that by being loud, he would appear more intelligent.

And of course, Bullhorn went on about how marijuana was illegal and how it's a gateway drug, etc. The more he talked, the louder he got, and the more people gravitated towards our exchange. I tried to be calm and responded that I was referring to medical marijuana and it's use in treating glaucoma, but more importantly, it's role in treating pain for cancer and dying patients.

Bullhorn countered that the federal gov't outlawed medical marijuana, and I had to politely point out that the Appeals Court have ruled that the federal gov't cannot prevent doctors from prescribing medical marijuana to dying patients who only get pain relief from marijuana, because they are unable to swallow pills and other medications have failed to relieve their pain. I also argued that these patients aren't out driving cars or operating heavy machinery. They were dying and suffering in pain, and for them, marijuana is more effective than morphine. I also made a point that regardless of the varying laws regarding euthanasia, the most important issue is that the gov't cannot force dying patients to endure unbearable pain for the remainder of their lives.

By now, a sizeable crowd had formed around us and Bullhorn saw it as a plus. He argued, "Well, the gov't only passes laws that protect us. The gov't only legalizes drugs that are beneficial to the public's health." He seemed so smug and puffed up with confidence.

So I asked, "Really? Remind me again about the health benefits of smoking?"

That got a few a laughs and shut Bullhorn up. I could see the look of frustration on his face when he realized he just got smoked! It was my cue to exit. The stupefied look on his face was my reward for the night.


  1. Good point about smoking! I love it when hot-heads are put in their place. I also like that you were able to exit after the last word. Good freakin times. :)

  2. I can vouch that it's not just your face that's pretty.

  3. I trust MJ's talking about those 'cooling off' pictures you posted not long ago, and not something a little more... personal?

    I hope you didn't look *too* smug after you gave Bullhorn his comeuppance?

  4. Well in their defense you have a very pretty face I'm sure.

    The issues you brought up are very controversial and have been a hot topic here as well.

  5. Good One!
    We have Medical Marihoochie up here and our Government grows it in an abandoned Mine right in my Province.

    Unfortunately the GI Grass is so frickin' weak that the recipient patients trade it right outside of the hospital to get some of the good stuff..
    and their sh*t gets sold to dazzling little Sururbanites who don't know good sh*t from shinola!

    Foghorn Leghorn wouldn't happen to be a Republican by any chance? How about Alcohol?
    It's negative effect on society would be impossible to calculate.

  6. Tara, it did feel good ending the debate on a high note and making an exit. That dude was getting really aggressive and starting to sound ridiculous! I wanted to leave before the discussion deteriorated into insults.

    MJ, thanks. I do have a perrty lookin pair of boots and a nice hoodie! Perhaps I'll do a post on my boots and 3 hoodies!

    IDV, he.he.he. I thought MJ was referring to my apparel. But no, I didn't act all smug; I just politely excused myself and left the blow hard stewing, trying to climb out of the hole he dug himself. :) The rest of the evening, he avoided me, though he did give me some pissed of stares when he thought I wasn't looking.

    CP, thanks. I suppose it's because some of my friends only see a joking, fun side of me; it surprises them that I have a completely different, somewhat more thoughtful side.

    I think it's a good thing to have healthy, open discussion about issues; it helps to explore the different sides and find good solutions to challenging problems.

  7. Donn Coppens, how perceptive of you! He was a Republican! Though, to be fair, he had a few Democrats on his side. Luckily, I'm an independent and don't rely on a political party to tell me what to think.

    That's hilarious about patients selling weak weed and buying stronger ones! Now that's capitalism and ingenuity! Who says weed makes you stupid?

  8. I only discuss politics when I'm pressured into it.

    I've got some really strong opinions on our Television Licenses, Christiania and loads of other stuff. I try not to air them much because I don't make many friends when I discuss that.

  9. Awesome , I bet he was festering for the rest of the evening :-)
    I see Miss MJ is perving from her sickbed :-)

  10. CP, I'm like you; I usually don't express my opinions unless I'm in a discussion or asked. I find that people who refuse to hear the other sides of an issue are not worth having as friends.

    Beast, he seemed to be brooding the rest of the evening, but I tried to be civil. Hopefully, I've left him with some new points to ponder; or at the very least, he'll learn to deal with people much more tact!

  11. One of my friends and I don't agree on anything politics. We rarely discuss it but when we do, sparks fly and we end up not speaking for sometimes weeks

  12. I know the feeling! I have a few friends like that, who get mad when my views don't agree with theirs on politics. Usually, we've managed to agree to disagree and just leave things be...

    Some of my best friends have different views, but we enjoy exchanging our ideas and opinions, because we agree that it makes for stimulating and lively discussions.

  13. How can MJ vouch for anything?

    Blowhards blow up when they're confronted by and outlasted by the truth. Good on you, man.

    As DC said, we actually have a health system up here that guarantees people, well, good health...and that includes the use of marijauna for medicinal purposes.

    Or our health system is supposed to guarantee public health for everyone. There are some warts, no doubt, and the marijauna issue isn't entirely popular, but it's law.

    The sad irony I see with your doofus Reflublican loudmouth who believes in everything the government does is this:

    Your government takes no responsibility for peoples' health (not like ours, anyway, with a public health system) and then feels it has the right to poo-poo any treatment at all that people might use with their own money or their own private health insurance.

    And, as others have pointed out, that it makes those judgments while at the same time allowing tobacco use and alcohol use to flourish.


    Thank god for people like you.

  14. To disagree politically is one thing, but he wasn't having any sort of debate. I love the fact you showed him for the ass he is.

  15. WW, thanks. It is amazing how some people just repeat slogans rather than think about issues. Luckily, there seems to be a growing number of independents these days. My generation seem not as steeped in party lines like that of the older generations. I think it's a good thing. Hopefully, we'll come up with a health care plan that provides quality care to everyone.

    Snooze, it was a little fun putting that loudmouth in his place, esp. when he started to get out of hand!

  16. At least that dude isn't typical of all Republicans. Schwarzenegger, although he isn't as supportive of medical marijuana as I would like to see, has allowed it in California, and also didn't try to block same sex marriage after the Supreme court decision. it's a shame that the most extreme wing of the GOP is now definining the party.

  17. Snooze, it is surprising how the most vocal and visible part of the Republican party is composed of right wing nutjobs!