Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, semi good news on the laptop front! I was able to pick up my computer from the nerds, um, technicians on Saturday evening. It's working and I'm using it right now! My files were saved! And I'm backing up all my files. Actually, I was going to back up my files the morning my laptop crashed!

The computer techs had some bad news. Unfortunately, my hard drive is failing, because it's old, and I need to replace it soon. So by the end of this week, I'm heading back to the geek shop so that my laptop will get a new, bigger hard drive. But the good news is, I still have my Windows XP cd that came with the laptop, and I can use it with my new hard drive! I don't have to worry about buying Vista and having it eat up a lot of my computer's resources.

So, why haven't I been around this weekend? Well, I've been busy with life and what not. Anyway, I'll be visiting y'all soon at your blog houses. And I'll try to catch up on postings. It feels so good to have my own laptop again, because I'm not at the library where I worried about the germs and filth--on the computers and the people who were in the library. I swear, a few of those people kept hacking all over the computers and book shelves!


  1. Yay for the! I saw an ad for a big screen TV in a magazine and part of the ad read, "Built by the people we used to copy off of in school." Too funny.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your dying hard drive, but it sounds like there's some positives in there as well!

  2. They'll give anyone a library card eh?

    I'm happy for you. Avoiding Vista is a good move. It's not as bad as people say though.

    I'm finally getting used to it. Then it's been what, 6 months? since I got it.

  3. failing HARD drive
    ***sniggers in schoolboy fashion***

  4. ATMs are usually disgusting as well. I like winter so that I have an excuse to wear gloves while using them. I'm glad you are reunited with your laptop.

  5. The public is one stinking huge great vat of a cesspit of germs.

  6. Tara, now that's a funny ad! I'm very satisfied with these smart nerds! I'm glad I can still salvage my laptop and I'm hopeful that I'll have two laptops when I get a new one in the near future--1 for home, and one for travel!

    CP, they'll let anyone in the library these days! Now, even the bums who hassle people on the streets can hassle more people on the internet for liquor money!

    I'm glad Vista is working out for you; with my current, very old laptop, the techs said Vista will eat up a lot of my computer's resources! So, XP it'll be :)

    Beast, the new hard drive will be BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL!

    Snooze, you're right about those filthy ATMs! I read somewhere that money has a lot of germs on it, but that's the kind of filth that I can live with (and gladly spend)!

    MJ, those filthy bastards are most visible during the holiday shopping season!