Friday, September 26, 2008

Taken to the shop

Unfortunately, the computer geek, um, technician was unable to fix my laptop during his house call. So, he took my computer back to his lair to see if he can restore, or at least recover some of, my files! I'm hoping that all will go well, but he'll let me know in the morning. If this effort fails, he said the last attempt will be running a scan that lasts a few days! But I'm paying a flat fee and he was nice enough to waive the house visit fee. We'll see if my laptop taken to the shop will end up with me taken to the cleaners when I get the bill.

So, now I'm back again in the library, trying to type and surf in the allotted 2 hours I've got access to the computers. It sucks, but it's free. I've been forced to get a library card so I can use the internet on the library computers! At least there's not so many jobless, nosy, and retired bums to bother me here. It's a Friday afternoon, so I suppose the library will be a little bit slow. Anway, I'll try to visit everyone, before my time on the computer runs out. It is the library, and their computers do run very slow compared to mine!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Clean the keyboard and mouse before you use it with a Lysol wet wipe or something and wash your hands after typing.

    Trust me on this.

    I often have to do research there and you don't want to know what I've seen.

    I try to take my laptop there whenever possible but I've had to use their terminals from time to time. Ugh.

  2. I haven't tried the library computers for internet access yet. Two hours seems reasonable, but I haven't timed myself on how long I used the internet. Probably much longer than two hours.

    Glad to see you kind of back! I hope the techy guy resolves your computer problems soon!

  3. Def wipe down the keyboard first , Miss MJ may have been using it before you to compose her filthy friday post

  4. I'm glad you got a library card. Like everywhere else nowadays, libraries need to justify their existence so if you are using the computers there, then they need to have you 'counted'. In fact everyone should go out and get a library card. [okay, sorry for this PSA - my librarian dorkiness takes over sometimes]

  5. I hope your 'puter problems are over quicker than mine were. But then, you're not such a drama queen, are you...?

    This Dell thingummydoodah that I plumped for seems to be pretty good, so perhaps your technerd is on to something?

  6. IVD yours runs one witchcraft tho , the rest of us have to use electricity .My laptop is a Sony Viagra or whatever .....that seems ok to.

  7. You don't backup your files?

    I remember using the computers at school. Ew. Like the others said, anti bacterial wipes! Because ew.

  8. MJ, thanks for the tip! I actually took you advice and took some wipes for the keyboard! They had some pretty filthy, unhygienic people in the library...Geez, they'll give anyone a library card these days!

    Tara, I probably waste at least a good 4 hours on the internet. Before I had my own laptop, I used the campus libraries computers a lot!

    The tech guys were helpful and they charged me a flat (cheap) fee for the excellent the service! And I could understand them very well, as opposed to struggling to make sense of a heavily accented English of a tech on the other side of the world, thru a static prone phone!

    Beast, that explains the old men in the library. Thank goodness it's not a clothing optional library, as I fear I may then have had to set the place on fire to sterilize it.

    IDV, I do like Dell; in fact, my laptop was a top of the line Dell when I bought it years ago! It's just that lately, their customer service has sucked big time, esp. when I can't understand what the tech is saying. Also, it's cheaper to get local help to fix my computer now that my warranty has run out.

    Beast, if your computer ends up with an erection lasting more than 4 hours, it may need to seek medical attention.

    CP, I usually try to back up any files once a week, but the morning I planned to back up my files was the morning my laptop decided to crash!

    In college, I had didn't have a computer, so I used the campus libraries computers a lot! But for some reason, public libraries have ancient computers to go along with an ancient, sickly population and unhygienic masses that use the library a lot!