Sunday, September 21, 2008


My old laptop finally crashed yesterday, so I've been unable to visit y'all. I'm going to get if fixed by the end of the week or get a new one (like I've been hoping for since last year). Anyway, I refuse to blog from work, because those bastards spy on us! And I hate using public internet cafes because of nosy bastards all up in my business.

*Hey, mind your damn business and drink your overpriced coffee elsewhere you nosy bastard!*

I'll try to get back on line later this week. But I have to go now, as there are too many eyes in this place, and too many pretentious bastards bragging about their non existent talents and self importance. Y'all have a great week! Talk to y'all soon!


  1. Show the nosy bastards the pic of the cock on my page and they'll leave you alone.

    Come back soon!

  2. Hurry Up !
    we cant be waiting around too long.
    Time is money
    Blah blah blah
    I just got a new webbook rather than a laptop , its tiny and the keyboard is a bit of a challenge for Beasts big sausage finger , but its much faster as its not windows .

  3. Beast's big sausage finger?

    Is that what he's calling it these days?

  4. Don't look now..but Jason Bourne is sitting to your immediate right..
    slowly get up and pretend to go to the bathroom, just leave your belongings...
    once inside you'll find a small window..

  5. I hope you have a laptop again soon. Or lap dance. Or both.

    [Okay, everyone's commenting here so I've moved my comment and joined the crowd. I'm a follower not a leader]

  6. Ewww! Stupid freakin computer crashes! I admire you for refusing to play online at work though. Hope you're up and running very soon!

  7. I suspect there was no computer crash . Bingowings is just keeping a low profile until Miss MJ removes the picture of his todger from her post

  8. Hurry back Erows. Missing you already.

  9. MJ, I'm visiting your blog soon after this reply. I'm currently in a library! I've resorted to getting a library card to access the internet (at least my favorite parts of the internet!)

    Beast, that's so cool! I'm actually taking this crash as a sign to try out those Macs! I'm holding off til they get the new ones I keep hearing about that are rumored to be in stores in October!

    MJ, the finger is very adept at exploring spaces!

    Prof. P, welcome! I hope it's not Jason Bourne! I got nothing in my backpack but some old notes and gum; of course, that's a deadly weapon in Bourne's hands (or some creative escape gadget in MacGuyver's)! I went to the bathroom, but there was no window! Whoever did the Intel is so fired once I escape!

    Snooze, cheers to both! I think you're very decisive, quick to take action and adapt as necessary! You should be a spy! I do believe a lap dance would be much more enjoyable and a lot less expensive than fixing my laptop.

    Tara, thanks! I'm just paranoid about separating my professional life and personal life. Also, those weird directors at work spend way too many resources on tracking down what we do online, rather than give us rewards for a job well done!

    Beast, I've not seen the alleged todger pic, but I'm checking out MJ's place right after these replies...

    Tatas, thanks! I'll try to get back online by this weekend...

  10. So you did blog from work afterall huh?

    Get yourself an iPhone mate. I can blog on the train, bus or at the café or wherever there is a signal. It's fab!

  11. My Good Sir,
    please avoid the well intentioned advice of Cyberpete. You must eschew any notions of securing an iPhone lest your thumbs wither and devolve into ghastly, smallish, creatures with a will unto themselves!

    You shall never have a moment's respite from the etherlands once you are connected and thereby sentenced to a life of ubiquitous torment...although you'd never be bored..
    I guess that's something to consider.

  12. Like I said.

    Get an iPhone.

    Don't listen to Lord Tennisanyone or as I call him Donnnnn(g)

  13. CP, I've never blogged from work (and I never will). Instead I've been forced to desperate measures and have sought out the public library for internet access! I'm surrounded by the nerds, the jobless, the retirees, and the entirely too much time on their hands! And I'm at a different library to access their internet!

    Welcome, your Lordship! I don't plan on getting an iPhone or any of those touch screen nightmares! Although, the new google phone just came out today! The only phone I need is the kind that can survive being dropped, dragged, and left in the elements...and a good service plan!

    CP, I can't stand those touch phones (or any type of touch screen)! I either press it too hard or too soft! Also, I'm holding off buying a new laptop til next month when rumors say the new Mac laptops make their debut! I'm going to give that google phone a look, though, I'm sure I'll stick to regular screen phones.

  14. I need a pic of your cock.

    Don't ask questions.

    Just send it.

  15. I didnt get the apple one , Mine is Acer Aspire 1 , with Linpus operating system instead of windows . I will have to wait to get an iphone when my mobile comes up for an upgrade .

  16. The iphone is pure awesomeness though.

    Almost everything at your fingertips.

    Even porn.

  17. MJ, I don't live on a farm; thus, no rooster around to wake me up; I use an alarm clock like civilized people. Besides, I've no way to send you a pic even if I did have a rooster...I'm still blogging from a public library!

    Beast, the nice nerd, um make that tech who did a housevisit on my ailing laptop said he preferred PCs to Macs! And he recommends Dell, which is my current laptop! Still, I'm curious about Macs, and I have a lot more research to do before making an expensive purchase.

    CP, I fear that I lack the genteel fingers required to handle the iPhone. I'm afraid that I may just end up breaking those expensive touch screen phones! Perhaps a blackberry might be better choice. We'll see...