Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suck it!

I've got a Dirt Devil light bagless vacuum. It's powerful, reliable, and it does a fairly good job. The only thing that really sucks is emptying the container when I'm done using it. Every time I empty the damn thing, a cloud of dust rises, and I end up cleaning the dust off the trash can and the floor.

I can't decide which is better though, bare floors or carpet. Sure, the vacuum is loud, and sometimes it's hard to maneuver into those tight corners. But the payoff is that the carpet gets cleaned. On the other hand, bare floors need only a sweep and some mopping action to keep them clean. Of course there's the wait time for drying, but there's also a nice buzz if you underdilute the Pine Sol just right.

A clean carpet is soft and warm when you caress them with your fingers. And a clean floor feels so smooth and silky on the skin. Either one feels good on your cheeks.

I've actually been fantasizing about getting a Dyson ball vacuum; it never loses suction and it swivels! But the $500 price tag keeps it a fantasy.

Speaking of fantasy, remember that movie Cruel Intentions,

when Blaine describes Greg to Sebastian as, "The man's got a mouth like a Hoover".

I thought that was a terrible thing to say. How offensive! Hoovers are crappy vacuum cleaners--they break easily, don't last long anymore, and the suction action is weak to nonexistent.

Now if he had said, 'The man's got a mouth like a Dyson,' I'd've been impressed!



  1. "Soft and warm when you caress them with your fingers.
    feels so smooth and silky on the skin. Feels good on your cheeks"

    Hee hee my sort of language ;o)

  2. I get that cloud of dust too when I clean out my vacuum. As Dyson would say, "The filters ah hopelessly clogged!" That's why I take the filter, canister and a garbage bag out onto my balcony. So if dust escapes it either blows away or it blows onto the windows of my neighbors and they think it's just air pollution and pollen.

  3. Oh and amen about the Pine Sol. Love that stuff. Our apartment's maintenance staff mops the floors with that stuff and it smells amazing.

  4. I have hardwood floors and they're the way to go.

    Especially if you have a cat who barfs a lot.

  5. I had carpet in my room when I grew up and remember getting knee burns when crawling on them. Not nice.

    Where I live now I have hardwood floors, linolium and tiles. That's so nice because it's easy and quick to clean and you don't have to worry about dust mites in the carpet and if someone (never me) spills something it's easy to clean up.

    My vacuum cleaner is an insane little yellow spitfire of a vacuum. Had it for 10 years and it's still at it's peak. An Electrolux I think.

    This is becoming almost an essay heh. Well I use Ajax Limon to wash my floors in. Very limony!

  6. CyberPoof STILL gets knee burns.

  7. Tatas, everybody luvs a clean house! Makes it so much easier to run around naked inside ;)

    Tara, that's a great idea emptying the container outside; though, I risk exposure to the talkative, nosey old lady who lives next door...perhaps I can empty it at night when she's asleep....

    Tara, that Pine Sol smells good!

    MJ, the hardwood floors are nice; I don't have a cat, but I do have the occasional friend who barfs after one too many jello shots--lite wt!

    CP, you've got a great vacuum then. Well, rug burns are a good incentive to get off your knees then--well at least off the carpet.

    MJ, perhaps CP can use some knee pads or longer pants when down on his knees doing his chores ;)

  8. Bingowings: I do have a great vacuum. I went to get new bags for it (the original ones, none of that non brand stuff) and the sales person stood in awe when she heard I had that model.

    Apparently it's almost legend.

    MJ: Hush you ;0)

  9. Oooo running around naked. I told the kids to F**k off the other day so I could do some topless sun bathing, the girls said go ahead we've all got the same. So me being me stripped off.
    I must have been a Hoover in a previous life cause I'm great at sucking LMAO.

    *gives kinky grin*

  10. CP, you know you're amazing when sales people think you're tool is legendary ;)

    Tatas, lucky Connie :)

  11. IDV, I'm jealous! You lucky, lucky man...I hope it it lives up to the hype!