Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five Things

A few weeks ago, I was double tagged by alluring Aussie T-Bird and chic Dane CyberPete to blog about 5 things. Well, I've been a little busy but as fortune would have it, I had some unexpected free time today to get this done.

5 things in my bag:

Well, I don't have a bag per se, but I do have a backpack that I take to work and places sometimes. And in that backpack, I've got my:

1. Gray hoodie--for those cold days and nights, or when trying to go incognito from fans, fanatics, or the fuzz (cops).

2. Pens, tablets, and a planner--to write down important things, like directions to a party, or phone numbers when you want to reach out and touch someone, or if they want to reach out and touch you, and notes, of course.

3. Solar calculator--in case I have to do lots and lots of math.

(Click on pic to enlarge or right click on pic, then open in new tab)

4. My flashlight tool, or should I say weapon, a means of protection.

That tool has a working light at one end and a blade at the other. It was a gift from an outfit I used to work with a long time ago. While most companies gave their employees coffee mugs or pens, my boss gave us weapons. Of course, given the hazardous working environment and some backstabbing coworkers, it was an appropriate holiday gift.

5. Extra protection, Durex Gold,

keeping the world safe from the dangers of STDs or worse, having children! Actually, these are more like collectors items for me. I got them as a gift from a do buddy; I like the shiny packaging; reminds me of chocolate candy. I actually have other brands that I use, as these are just too pretty to use! But, hey, if I needed them and they were the only ones available, then pretty packaging be damned! I ain't planning to pee fire and the only person I want to bottle feed is me, with a beer after a long day at work!

5 favorite things in my room:

I chose the dining room because it's where I like to sit and write letters. In the dining room, the first thing that everyone comments on is my

1. Bruce Lee poster, proudly tacked on the wall

This posters was from a do buddy who had originally purchased it as a gift for another fella. In fact, that fella's name is written on the back in of the poster in one of the corners. Ah yes, Enter the Dragon!

2. The genie bottles or at least that's what I call these 7 red glass bottles I got from another do buddy. She was a glassmaker, and these were left overs from a project she had sold to some clients. She was going to throw these away, but I thought they looked fantastic, so she gave them to me. I keep 3 of these bottles on the dining room table.

3. The genie bottles complement the Old Cartography placemats and coasters that caught my eye when I was in a store years ago. They only cost me a buck.

Truthfully, I rarely use them. When I do have people over, they do use them, but I don't use coasters or placemats when I'm by myself. I just like looking at them.

4. The tea cannisters I received as a gift

I like the canister art; it's reminiscent of Art Nouveau...also, I like, iced, so long as it's sweet, I'll drink it!

5. Finally, on the top of those tea canisters, I keep my Fortunes Xmas Tin; it's actually a small snack tin that came in a Xmas snack gift. I like the tin, and I use it to keep all my favorite fortunes from fortune cookies! And everyone knows just how much more fun fortunes are when you add the words "in bed" at the end.

I like the dining room, because it's quiet. I'm far enough away from the tv that I won't be tempted to turn it on and distract me.

5 things I've always wanted to do:

Well, it could really be summed up in one word: Travel

1. I'd like to see the natural wonders of the world: The Grand Canyon; Niagara Falls; Victoria Falls; The Amazon; Angel Falls; Mauna Loa; Kilauea; Antarctica; etc...

2. I'd like to tour the Pacific Islands; Tahiti during Heiva; check out the Rapa Nui Moai; explore the exotic lands of New Zealand; etc...

3. I'd like to see Europe; check out the different countries that border the Mediterranean and the North Sea; see the castles; try the wines; enjoy the festivals; ride the trains; the Coliseum; the Eiffel Tower; Big Ben; the Greek archipelago; Vikings, biking, hiking, oh, my...maybe see a nun singing and twirling while the hills come alive; etc...

4. I'd like to see Australia; kangaroos; koalas; platypus; Ayers Rock; Sydney Opera House; black opals; blue penguins; the Outback; the Great Barrier Reef; performing drag queens in a crosscountry tour on a colorful bus; etc...

5. I'd like to see Asia; the Great Wall of China; Tibet; the lost cities of Angkor near Thailand and the Seven Pagodas in India; the Shaolin Temple; etc...

5 things I'm currently into:
1. Bob Marley, Legend,

This is the second CD I've had to buy; the first was lent out and never returned--bastards! Although some of my faves are One Love, Buffalo Soldier, No Woman No Cry, the one song that speaks to me has always been Could You Be Loved. The beat always gets to me.

2. I'm hooked on Battlestar Galactica, the current SciFi version. Those writers from Star Trek Deep Space 9 have done a fantastic job of reinventing the original! Even better, Xena returns in the next episodes!

3. Adult Swim; I'm recording episodes of Bleach along with the Saturday Nite lineup, so I can watch them when I'm home. Shin Chan in freakin hilarious!

4. Tropical Fruits: Mangoes, Pineapples, and Coconut. Since my recent trip to Hawaii, I've been enjoying eating these. Strange, as when I was younger, I didn't like pineapples; now, I eat the stuff and incorporate it into a lot of meals that I make.

5. Finally, I'm currently digging Polynesian Music, also a result of my recent vacation. There's a wide variety out there, and part of the fun is just discovering which ones I like, such as this one by Fenua "E Vahine Maohi E"

The fifth part of this exercise is to tag 5 other people to do the same; but I'll let you decide whether or not to let us into a very brief tour of your home (and your mind). Just let me know if you decide to share!



  1. Oh geez, he's got a hoodie.

  2. MJ, I've got 3! The grey one for work; the navy blue one for business casual occasions; and the black one for surreptitious activities--such as getting a picture with a statue of Jesus before church goers arrive for the service.

  3. Great lists! I am very happy to see that you carry condoms. Everyone should,but not many do. And btw, what is a 'do buddy'?

    I love the bottles and the cartography placemats and coasters, but the fortune cookie tin is the best.

  4. Snooze, thanks! The other 4 glass bottles I have lined up against one of the counter walls for a nice balance. I luv the fortune cookie tin as well.

    A "do buddy" is a southern term for "friend with benefits", otherwise known in urban settings as a 4 letter word buddy :o

  5. MJ: I know, it's so sad! I'm truely saddened by the fact.

    I love the bottles and I may have to go hunting for something in that style too.

    Where can you buy those condoms? I only have those plain old boring ones.

    So.... you have foresight and imagination in bed?

  6. CP, don't feel sad; perhaps a hoodie can lighten the mood! :)

    The condoms I got as a gift from a do buddy when she returned from a European cruise. I think they're a brand from England. Perhaps the Brits might know where to get more...well, the whoring Brits, at least.

    The fortune cookie tells only the truth! ;)

  7. I thought that might be the meaning of do buddy, but you mentioned so many I wasn't sure. Most impressive! And they even give you gifts. Mine only give me things that necessitate a quick trip to the clinic.

  8. Imagine that! I've never had a fortune cookie.

    I wonder what mine would say.

    I'm with Snooze on the do buddies. Not that I had multiple.

  9. I would totally love to visit Australia.

    Good work on the meme! I like your tea cannisters.

  10. Snooze, I don't have a lot of do buddies...just a fun few. The gifts are a bonus, like a tip you give a waitperson for great service--and I like to go out of my way to make my customers very happy--repeat business is good business ;)

    CP, fortune cookies are sweet and crunchy; they usually come with any Chinese meal. They taste okay, but most people just want the fortune! Do buddies are like beautiful days...enjoy them when they come; you never know what the weather is going to be like the next day.

    Tara, thanks! Those cannisters are among the very few pretty things I've got. Australia is such a fascinating continent, full of colorful characters! I'd luv to be on the beaches to see if their lifeguards run in slow motion like the Baywatch ones--and if the female lifeguards utilize oversized flotation devices.

  11. Come to think of it, you were tagged twice. you should do another post.

    It facinates me to see what other people have in their homes.

  12. Hey Eros, I hope your well.
    Bruce Lee is a legend.
    Bob Marley is awesome I have the same album.
    I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to glass, I buy some then engrave on them even though I have injured myself a few time with glass.
    I've never seen condoms like that before, but then again I don't go round looking at them as I we don't need to use them.
    F***buddy, awesome.

  13. CP, you're probably enjoying Kylie right now; my place is boring; it's really just a place to store my stuff; but I may just do another...maybe...

    Tatas, thanks. That's pretty cool you engrave on glass...I'm mostly practical when it comes to buying stuff...if I need it buy it; every now and then, something pretty catches my eye...then I start to think, do I need it? It really has to capture my attention before I buy it. Otherwise, I forget about it.

  14. Good morning Eros. I have taken pictures of the engravings that I've done but not very good. As soon as I know how to get a good one that doesn't have every reflection from the house coming out of it I'll put up a post.

    Got your tickets for your next adventure yet?

  15. Tatas, I had the same problem when I took fotos of mine; I had to use the softest lighting available and turn of my camera's flash to get the shots!

    Not sure where I'm going to end up next, but so far, I'm enjoying the ride!

  16. I'm glad Snooze has already asked what a 'do buddy' is - Saves me the bother.

    Those bottles are really cool - They actually look a little like Kanar bottles from the aforementioned DS9 (I know, I'm a geek).

    And much as I'd love to help out with the condom issue - Sadly, it's been so long that I have no idea where to get those 'chocolate money' condoms from.

  17. IDV, I lucked out on getting those bottles! These are a few of my favorite things :)

    I luv DS9; of all the Star Trek series, it is my fave. The characters are fully developed, and the recurring themes are skillfully told in plots of right vs wrong; actions and consequences; and the collision or collaboration of different beliefs or ideas. I also enjoy the fact that it's really dark (and more real) compared to the others--a feat the writers have managed to fully explore in BSG.

    Right now, chocolate coins sound good!