Friday, June 27, 2008

Blooming Onion

I was hungry today, and imagine my surprise at finding a blooming onion!

No, not that blooming onion, but this blooming onion!

(Click on pic or Right Click then open in new tab to enlarge)

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that there is a blossoming blooming onion! From my fridge! I was putting away some groceries. When I reached down to put the lettuce in the crisper bin, I found a living, blossoming, blooming onion!

I usually put my onions in the door compartments of the fridge. The last time I bought onions was two weeks ago; I had no room in the fridge door, so I put some in the bottom crisper bin. I totally thought the bin was empty, as I thought I had used all my onions last weekend; hence, the grocery shopping trip today. Looks like one escaped and survived! I am stunned to find a plant living and my fridge of all places! How is this even possible?

Well, this little miracle of an onion is going to be planted out front so it'll get some sunlight. It's made it this far in the cold fridge; time to give it a chance to grow in the sun, out in nature, the way onions were meant to live!

I think I'm going to cry...oh, wait, that's just from cutting one the of onions that I bought today.

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  1. Good morning my love.

    WOW!!! That's awesome. here's a little tip I found for you.
    Basically the onion itself is past edible prime. Plant it and it will flower and seed. I have no idea if the seeds will grow, but hey you could try it.

    You may also just be able to cut the onion greens and eat them in a salad and see if more grow.

    Good luck.

  2. Awesome!

    Whenever I forget veggies they turn moldy and may even start liquifying.

    I once forgot a cucumber in the back of my fridge and one day I was reaching in for something and ewwwie! Took a long time cleaning that fridge.

    Why couldn't it just start blooming.

  3. I second Pete's issues here. I had some rhubarb that rudely made rhubarb soup without my permission. If only it had sprouted...

  4. I see you wrapped your blooming onion up warm after its stay in the fridge. How thoughtful of you.

  5. You should keep it as long as possible, preferably till Christmas and put lights on it!

    I have an onion, I wonder what would happen if I put it out in my flower pot?

  6. CyberPoof: I would think you'd be used to holding limp, cylindrical objects.

  7. If you plant it will you get more onions though or just a pretty useless flowering onion?

  8. Tatas, thanks for the info. I think I'm going to spare this onion from ending up in a salad--only because I'm shredding the lettuce for tacos.

    CP, true story: When I was in college, I volunteered for a family support group; I worked with the kids; one of day, our activities included a discussion of healthy foods. We asked the kids stuff like, where do pickles come from? A 6 year old girl said from cucumbers; I smiled, thinking to myself, good try dear, but you're wrong...until the other volunteer said out loud, you're right! And I was like, huh? When I got home, I looked it up online and it was true; pickles come from cucumbers. I had no clue! All this time I thought they came from a pickle plant of some sort!

    T Bird, I've no clue what to do with rhubarb; except I did enjoy it in a pie I was served at a party. Delicious.

    IDV, the blossoming onion was stalk heavy, so it kept rolling on it's side. The paper towels helped anchor it for a stalk on top foto op.

    Tara, I'm terrible with plants; I figure the onion has a better chance on it's own outside rather than die from my absences in the home when I'm often gone for extended periods. I bet you could grow an onion plant in your flower pot!

    MJ, he's also used to holding hard ones...which sometimes turn limp and expel liquids after some serious molding ;)

    CP, I think your "D" key needs replacing as I believe your were telling MJ that it was HARD, HARD, HARD cylindrical objects you're used to holding.

    Emmak, welcome! You know, that is a very good question. If the onion survives the summer, I shall report it's progress via the blog and find out if it bears more onions or just pretty flowers. Which makes me wonder, what the heck do onion flowers smell like?

  9. *blush*

    I could have made the same mistake. Not with the pickles but with something else. Like cocoa and coffee beans for instance. But really I have no idea where a lot of stuff comes from.

  10. CP, I'm just glad I kept my mouth shut during that whole would've been so sad to be corrected by a child!