Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was driving in a neighborhood when I saw this sign:

I didn't see any slow children playing; but I got to thinking, where do the fast children play? And isn't it dangerous to let slow children play in the streets?


  1. How fast are those fast children at play? Will you see a flash or something? We get signs saying "Caution: Deaf Children at Play".

  2. I was thinking that was politically incorrect.

    Shouldn't it be "mentally challenged children at play"?

  3. Tara, I wonder if the blind kids get a sign, and if it would be in braille, like at the drive thru ATMs, because apparently, blind people like the drive thru banking.

    CP, unfortunately, mentally challenged describes most drivers in Texas as well.

  4. It's good to see children playing at all.

    They've all got fat playing video games indoors.

  5. MJ, perhaps a compromise between the safety of indoors while keeping children active; instead of video games, they could, I don't know, perhaps do some work in a factory somewhere; nothing too strenuous; maybe shoe manufacturing or sewing sweaters; perhaps even getting into those small tunnels in coal mines. They'd learn skills and earn some spending money!

    Snooze, I'm wondering if Children Protective Services has been notified of this hazard.

  6. Slow Children = Marijuana.

    Fast Children = Speed.

    Love the sign Eros.

  7. MJ You know, the Nintendo WEEE has all kinds of attachments to it so now they don't just sit. Now they stand and walk left to right, right to left.

  8. Tatas, that explains why I didn't see any kids; they were too wasted in their rooms...

    CP, they can also play guitar/drums or shake it! Still, they'll be fat for not getting outside and working off the snacks...