Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Son of a Preacher Man

I come from Preacher people. Actually, I should say Spiritual people, as my ancient ancestors were servants of the elder gods. But since my great grandfather's time, there have been missionaries and priests in every generation. Being raised in a preacher family meant growing up with certain beliefs and ways of doing things. Of course, it also meant to rebel, I really had to embrace a wicked sense of humor and do some really outrageous things to make a statement. Unfortunately, try as I might, there are still some remnants of my upbringing that I can't seem to overcome, like my sense of helpfulness...

For example, at work, I was asked to precept two new workers. I could've pointed out my contract and say, "Hell No! I am not contracted to teach any newbies!". But before I could, I heard my self say to the big boss lady, "Sure". Curse my inherited sense of courtesy! The boss lady quickly disappeared before I could rectify the situation. She did leave me the new fella to show the ropes and how we do things for the clients. Lucky for me, he was a transfer from a sister facility, and only required 12 hours of orientation. I'm sure with his pasty white complexion and glasses, he'd be a hit with the Harry Potter crowd--if Harry Potter somehow merged with portly Neville and gained Hermione's know it all attitude. Thankfully, I don't have to don't have to worry about him moving in on my territory. I've seen All About Eve, and you can be sure that I won't let some scheming schmuck try to take over my position.

The second new worker requires four weeks of orientation, as she is new to the business. A petite, shy Asian girl. Truthfully, I felt somewhat unqualified to teach her what I do in the business. I even talked to the boss lady about my concerns, but she told me to go ahead and teach the new girl the basics of how to please the clients and make money. So, now I find myself watching what I do, trying to somehow teach this new worker how to navigate in this fickle and at times hazardous business, dealing with all sorts of people. With her demure personality and delicate Asian features, I'm sure she'll be a great hit with some of the clientele. I just have to make sure that underneath this fragile lotus is a crouching tiger.

Speaking of delicate Asians, I recently took the Shorts out to evening in downtown Houston, to see a performance by the New York Chinese ballet company. It's one of the cultural performances and activities so prevalent in Houston. I had to bite my lower lip to keep from giggling as the Shorts said some of the most naughty things at the show. During a solo performance, as the ballerina did acrobatic flips and leaps and twirls, the Shorts dared me to shout at her, "Show us your tiny feet!'' Of course, I wouldn't, as it was wrong; funny, but wrong.

Dusty Springfield: Son of a Preacher Man

Dusty Springfield


  1. Will you be wearing The Shorts out trick-or-treating tonight?

    Have always loved Dusty doing Son of a Preacher Man, by the way.

  2. MJ, I've been tricking out those Shorts for some adult treats for some days now...I haven't had this many people wanting to feel me up since three summers ago when I over tanned, grew a beard, and got pulled aside by every airport screener during a coast to coast trip involving 5 airports.

    Dusty does rock!!!

  3. I hope those dastardly 'Shorts didn't get you in to too much trouble?

    For some technobabble reason. they seem to short out any autopolite circuits that are in operation.

  4. The Shorts have been a delightful distraction so far. I've had to cover any offensive humorous comments with a "low blood sugar" excuse. Now some people think I'm a diabetic. The good news: People are somewhat more forgiving. The bad news: People are offering unsolicited advice and some refuse to give me sweets. The Shorts think it's hilarious.

    I've been a little overwhelmed with life at the moment...but things'll be back on track in a few days...

  5. Please email me. I can't find your email address. You in Galveston or Corpus Christi? Email address is in my Blogger Profile.

  6. MJ: As you wish...I'm inside your inbox ;)