Saturday, October 6, 2007

Moving On Up

I've only been at work for over a month and so far, things have been going great. Better than great, actually. I've gotten some word from upper management that my clients have been raving about my work, how fully satisfied they've been after I'm through with them. Even the regular staff has been praising me with my efforts to jump right into the thick of things and make people happy. My contract is up for review in two months, and the facility is all ready trying to pressure me to sign on permanently. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment, but I do know that my bargaining power just increased exponentially.

Of course, all this success has not gone unnoticed. While most of my coworkers have appreciated my efforts and assistance in taking on one or more of the particular clients, there is one other worker who somehow felt threatened by my presence. In an effort to make me look bad, she tried to pick at my work and question everything I did; unfortunately for her, she came off as a total female dog in front of the clients and upper management. Today, I found out that they had let her go due to poor job performance and client dissatisfaction. Guess who just got a bigger spot at work? Yup, I got her old spot at work in addition to taking on her duties--with increased compensation, of course. See, sometimes, it pays off to play nice with others.

Now, with the new responsibilities, I'm faced with the challenges of pleasing more clients-all with their own particular tastes and needs. I think I'm up for the job. I look forward to trying out new ideas and being flexible to meet the client's needs. I want their satisfaction guaranteed, one by one or in groups of their choosing. I aim to please and ensure that the client is serviced thoroughly and will always come back for more professional, pleasurable experiences.


  1. Wow! So, you've got top spot on one of the best corners, and your pimp's so pleased that he's not beating you so much.
    Well done!

    I notice you've been to MJ's and seen the state of Piggy's legs - Just think of them every time you think "Oh, I just can't be bothered to make the effort today".

    Nearly forgot: Yay! First!

  2. Thanks, IDV! I'm just glad to be able to pay the bills and spend some of that hard earned money from the hard work of filling in some needy, desperate well paying clients.

    Thanks for the tip about Piggy's legs...I shall use it a daily motivator to look my best to impress and attract the clientèle.

  3. IVD, you're only first because I didn't comment hours ago.

    I felt sorry for you and saved it for you.

  4. "attract the clientèle."

    *imagines hordes of wildebeeste*

  5. MJ, how very kind of you to let IDV come're a shining example of what women everywhere should learn to do.

    SID, sometimes, these clients can be real animals.