Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Music Albums Top Picks--Honorable Mention: Thriller by Michael Jackson

This is my attempt at making a top ten list of my fave albums. As per Jon and IDV, there can be no greatest hits or compilation albums. That's a bummer, since I have a lot of greatest hits albums, and they are some of my favorites ever. Let's be honest, a lot of albums have one of two good songs, and the rest are meh, forgettable.

I don't have a top ten. But I do have faves on heavy rotation. But there are also some great honorable mentions. These are albums with great songs, but I don't necessarily play a lot. The songs that get played a lot are the upbeat, fast, danceable ones. They pump me up or make it a party when I just wanna dance and have fun.

But some of the albums get played when I am in a certain mood, like wanting to relax, or feeling blue, or just wanting to set the mood. I have lots of albums.

And by albums, I mean CDs, with a few cassette tapes. Most of the songs I get now are in mp3 form. Those I burn to make mix CDs or save on a hard drive to make a playlist on a USB stick. The technology may have changed, but we still love making our own mix tapes of fave tunes.

And in the spirit of Halloween, the first honorable mention is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Yes, it's an iconic album. And yes, it's full of great songs, like Beat It and Billie Jean. And of course, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin, with the famous lines, "Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah". I have no clue what that means, and I doubt anyone else knows what it means. Still a great hook though.

The biggest has to be Thriller, with the fantastic dance beat and those incredible dance moves that set the standard for all music videos.

It is a Halloween and Zombie Festival Classic! But for me, my fave song out of the album is definitely Human Nature. This song was originally written and created by Toto, and they agreed to lend the song and make the music for Michael Jackson.

It is unlike any other song Michael Jackson has ever done. And the wistful and unique sound draws me in and takes me on a journey. It is one of my two favorite Michael Jackson songs.

Michael Jackson: Human Nature

Yesterday, I got up early and made chocolate and pecan candies for my coworkers. It's my delicious way of wishing them a Happy Halloween. Skull and Bones--perfect for Halloween, Zombie Fests, and Pirate Parties!

I'm off today to enjoy Halloween. I have plans. I hope you have a FUNtastic and Happy Halloween! Don't forget to buy all the candy going on sale tomorrow! Be safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. While reading this, I realized that most of my albums are greatest hits, compilations or anthologies. I have one, however that is my favorite of none of the above. My father played this when I was a kid, and we six little girls ran around the house singing "I want to be just like that other trollop, the Lorelei". This album is of course Mack The Knife, the complete Ella in Berlin.
    Not a bad song on it, naturally, it's Ella Fitzgerald!

    1. Deedles, Thanks for that! I love "Mack The Knife", ever since I heard Louis Armstrong sing it, then Bobby Darin. But without a doubt, Ella Fitzgerald's version is the most hilarious and fantastic! It always makes me smile and laugh after a rough day! Talk about Talent and Sense of Humor!

  2. Cool candies! Those must have been a big hit!

    Belated Happy Halloween!

    1. LX, Thanks! My dept loved them. So did the other depts who share my floor. Plus, I made extras for the cleaning crew. They were surprised and happy for the treats. Made my day.

  3. Blimey, I missed Halloween! And it seems Mr Devine has flown off on his broom somewhere and hasn't returned.
    Your choc and pecan treats look yummy... I wish I worked with you!

    1. Scarlet, I wish I worked with you, too! I'm sure we'd have lots of fun and laugh all day!