Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today is the first day I can do nothing and feel good about it. The past two weeks have been sort of a blur--work, social obligations, commitments took up all my time. I must learn to say no. What little free time I had, I used for sleep. And today, I slept all day, and it feels good. I need groceries, but right now, I'm just going to do nothing, maybe watch some tv and surf the net. I can live off pancakes for one more day.

I can't believe it's September all ready. Where has the time gone? But it feels like September. Gone are the long days of summer, with the scorching heat and long hours of the day. Even the sun seems to rise later and sets much faster, eager to end its day and go home and do whatever it does when it's not working. The rains have finally come. And it's refreshing. It's a small respite, but a welcomed one. I'm trying not to think that the year is more than half over. For now, I'm just enjoying the nice change in weather and the opportunity to do nothing at all.

Tomorrow, I'll buy groceries--or maybe not. I do have a pack of crackers in the cupboards I can eat when I run out of pancakes.


  1. do nothing as long as y'all can, sugar! i promise y'all will be so glad later! ;~D xoxox

  2. How lovely to be able to kick back and relax for a while - revel in the stillness while you can, Eros... life has a habit of getting busy all of a sudden. xoxo

  3. I have some leftover poutine if you don't feel like going out.

  4. Our Summer totally sucked but September has been beautiful? Perfect!

    Care for a little Earth Wind & Fire?
    Our hearts were ringing
    In the key that our souls were singing.
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember how the stars stole the night away

    Ba de ya - say do you remember
    Ba de ya - dancing in september
    Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

  5. Your weekend sounds exactly like mine. Shopping can wait. I only have the inclination to potter about at home.

    Enjoy the rest of yours.

  6. Hey, that's how I plan my menus, too!

    Oh Hai Savannah & Ponita & MJ!

  7. Savannah, You're absolutely right! It does feel good and I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time!

    Ponita, So, true. Life can get really hectic sometimes. I'm relishing this free moment for as long as I can.

    MJ, I'll take the poutine! In fact, I just came across some some packets of ketchup I can use to with poutine and crackers!

    Donn, You got to go see some awesome places this summer, so you've got some nice memories (and fotos you've shared that've kept me laughing). September is like the pause before the cold winds come and the nights become longer. It's like Sunday, the last day to enjoy yourself before it gets hectic again on Monday!

    IDV, Thanks. I hear ya! It's nice to just stay in and do nothing. Lazy days are wonderful days!

    XL, Ha! I usually have to make a shopping list before I go shopping, or else, I end up buying all sorts of stuff and forget what I needed to buy in the first place. But I usually wait till I'm out of food to go shopping, otherwise, a lot of the stuff goes bad in the fridge.

  8. Living on pancakes? Sounds good to me.

    Though when I say pancakes, I'm thinking of pancakes with lemon juice and syrup on Shrove Tuesday.

    BTW, did you know what the day before Shrove Tuesday's called? It's Blue Monday - the day before Lent you get rid of all your drinking it.

    I wonder if Bernard Sumner and New Order know that?

    Anyway, I don't have pancakes. I have...half a tin of beans and half a packet of pasta. So can you guess what the next breakfast's going to be?

  9. Kapi, I think drinking all my alcohol on Monday should be called Happy Monday. We call it Fat Tuesday in America, the last day for Mardis Gras before Lent season starts, so it's basically a weeklong party festival to get drunk and party, possibly flash your chesticles or testicles for beads.

    I luv pancakes and syrup. But I've also used pancakes as a side dish--in the South, there's a dish called friend chicken and waffles; instead of waffles, I use pancakes.

    I'm adding beans to the shopping list of groceries I need to buy...soon as I finish the pancakes and eat up that pack of crackers.

  10. I can get my head round just pottering around at home , thats what I did yesterday , but I made sure I got up and went straight to the supermarket so I was well stocked with food and treats before I vegged out for the day . Quite days are Feast days Chez Beastly

  11. TV, surf net. I love those kinda days once in a while.

  12. Beast, Usually, I have the foresight to buy food and cook a lot so I'll have some left over for my days off; except I haven't really had any free time off with different things I had to do (or was foolish enough to agree to do). And it feels so good to just sleep in and do nothing...and not worry about groceries.

    Tickers, Those lazy days are wonderful, especially after a couple of hectic weeks!

  13. I would be too week from hunger to enjoy doing nothing :-(

  14. dont accept MJ's left over poutine before you check that there is not a 'Poutine Farts ' website out there

  15. Beast x2, I prefer sleep over food, because I can always find time to eat, just never enough time for a good sleep.

    I should think heart attack is the first thing that comes to mind as a hazard when it concerns poutine.

  16. Happy September! It's kind of sad when it rolls around because I know that Winter will be here all too soon. I'd rather have more months of Autumn and just a brief Winter.

  17. Relaxing after a hectic social time is such a luxury. I never get take-out or delivery, but really, in your situation, order in pizza and sit and relax. Also, aren't there some Mormon kids who owe you a meal (minus the killer Kool-Aid)?

  18. Tara, September is like a nice short break to enjoy the sun one more time before it gets cold! The weather is nice enough where you don't need the A/C on.

    Snooze, I haven't ordered pizza or Chinese in a long time! The pancakes were the perfect meal for a rainy day. I doubt those Mormon missionaries are still around--probably done their time.

    But my best friend told me her little brother is being assigned to Texas about four hours away from me. I told her I'd be sure to do my best to swing up there every now and then and expose him to as much sin as possible ;)