Friday, July 25, 2008

Mud and Puddles

The aftermath of the hurricane has left a little flooding and a lot of mud and puddles. This morning, I went for a short jog. Mud and puddles plagued my route. And with so much water still covering the roads, it was only a matter of time before some idiot tried to drive into a puddle to splash me.

As I rounded up on a bridge, I could see a little white pickup truck at the intersection up ahead. At the end of the bridge, I saw a large pool of water. It covered most of the lane closest to the sidewalk I was jogging on. The pickup was at the inner lane, the one farthest from me. I got bad vibes warning me to look out for this pickup. For a few seconds, I pondered if it would be wise to just wait on the bridge and let the pickup pass first. But then I decided to just run full steam ahead. And just when I reached the pool of water, I saw that pickup changing lanes to drive right into the water to splash me! Bastard! I could only make out the teeth and evil grin of the demonic driver!

I jumped to the far left and ran off the sidewalk! I ran on the grass to get far away from the oncoming splash of dirty water. The pickup accelerated towards me, the splash getting closer and faster. I was about to run into the tree line, thinking I was going to get drenched for sure! And as I started to feel like I was going to slip on the wet grass and fall, the wave reached me and splashed me...right on the shoes!

Something wasn't right, I turned to see the pickup; it was swerving to the right, but it kept sliding sideways in the pool of water. It was hydroplaning! The bastard had lost control of his truck! And then the driver's side front tire hit the sidewalk and I heard a loud crunch--a satisfying sound to my ears. The truck stopped moving, the headlights still on. I jogged in place, wondering if I should go see if everything was all right. Then the driver's door opened, and out stepped the driver. He leaned down to look at his tire; the wheel was bent out of place. He cursed and kicked his door.

And I laughed heartily and continued my jog, feeling very happy and smug. There was spring in my steps and I had a smile on my face. The road gods had smiled upon me this day. I had an extra bounce in my jumps as I leaped over the puddles in the sidewalks on the way home.

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  1. A while back it had rained a lot here and the bus I was in had no alternative but to drive through a huge puddle of water and the woman biking on the bike track got drenched.

    She looked annoyed but I had to giggle because it looked so funny.

    Glad that the road gods were with you. It doesn't happen a lot.

  2. We'd like to see your wet t-shirt.

  3. CP, I'd've laughed, too. Sometimes, there's no avoiding it. Some days you're the bus driver; other days, you're the drenched biker :)

    MJ, I run topless in the summer...

  4. *mass hysteria fainting spell*

  5. What sweet, sweet poetic justice. I'm glad too that it was his truck that got hurt and not you nor him.

  6. MJ,
    *searches for smelling salt to revive MJ; finds only margarita salts; makes margarita to wake MJ instead*

    Snooze, it sure was sweet! The universe had bitch slapped him with a lesson: What goes around, comes around!

  7. It's called karma, bastard truck driver! Deal with it! Muah ha ha.

  8. Tara, it made my day! I laughed out loud all the way home.

  9. Ha ha. Serves him right!

    I might need some of that margarita, too!

  10. *Mixes more margaritas and hands one to IDV*

    It was too funny!

  11. If only Lennon's INSTANT Karma was in full force 24/7..these sorts of rude impositions by tedious twats would be taken care of immediately and perhaps , just maybe, certified Asshats like that guy would somehow realise that actions have consequences.

    Maybe the aftermath of inclimate weather sort of reboots the space/time continuum and shuffles the deck.

    Whatever happened, I'm all for it!

  12. Don, I'm just happy to know that bastard truck driver's cheap shot cost him a lot more than he bargained for! I bet now he'll think twice before doing the same thing to someone else! :)

    I'm so glad the space/time continuum reshuffled the deck in favor!