Saturday, January 9, 2010

When cougars attack!

Recently, there has been an increase in a number of cougar attacks. Thankfully, the victims survived. But it's a frightening reminder of just how dangerous and frequent cougar attacks are becoming. The old barriers that've kept the cougars away are gone with the changing times and the changing environment. Cougar attacks are becoming all too common.

The cougar often stalks and attacks the young.

Dude! Where's my carseat?

The few who survive the attack are often scarred and traumatized from the experience.

Help me, Jesus!!! Me ajude por favor!!!

Yet, there is no consensus on how to deal with cougar attacks. Some dangerous cougars have been shot and killed. But we cannot just eliminate a creature that is acting out of instinct and natural impulse.

The cougar has a role in the ecosystem, but its usual hunting grounds have been reduced, and the number of its usual prey has been shrinking. So it's only natural that it adapts and stalks newer prey species that encroach into its territory.

Yeah! I knew I'd get one at a children's tv award show!!!

Still, we cannot let cougars keep attacking unsuspecting victims. A balance must be restored to the natural order. Something must be done to ensure that the cougars have their own space and their own resources to continue living their lives and to eliminate their attacks. It will take a lot of give and take on our part, but it's necessary to ensure the survival of the species and the safety and well being of the community.

The latest cougar attacks occurred around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Hopefully, a solution can be found to deal with the cougar attacks effectively and soon. We certainly do not want an unfortunate cougar incident at the Winter Olympics next month.

I've fallen! And I can't get up!



  1. XL, Ha! I bet that was a fun cruise! I wonder if any cat fights broke out on board.

  2. Poor "Madge" has let herself go!
    Look at those awful trackie dacks!
    But, then again , they proboaly help to conceal her "Continance Pads"!

    And I see that young Dustin has found his own "Stocking Stuffer"!

    And I always thought that "Cougar"
    Was a Brand name for Burbon!

  3. The latest cougar attacks occurred around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Must you report on my every movement?

  4. Princess, Madge's eyesight isn't what it used to be, so she probably had no clue what she was wearing.

    Dustin's about to do some serious stocking stuffing all right.

    MJ, Inquiring minds want to know! Your fans follow every trend you set!

  5. Just what exactly is Demi doing to Ashton in that photo? It looks like she's telling the world, "Back off, he's mine." He's all yours, Demi.

  6. Madge is only a year older than me :-(

  7. Tara, Either Ashton has a tummy ache or Demi's trying to burp him.

    Beast, That only means you're the perfect age to be Susan Boyle's boy toy.

  8. Tsk. Tsk.
    I'm feeling very sensitive about my age this year. I'd probably feel better if I won a few competitions; it would mean that there's life in the old cougar yet.

  9. I don't know anyone over here who knew what a cougar was until Steve Baldwin used the word to describe Ivana Trump during this years final series of 'Celebrity Big Brother'.
    Incidently, if Steve thought BB would provide publicity for himself it seems to be backfiring. He's now regarded as a boring, preaching, pain in the arse who is quite happy to deliberately lie about his failing that we've all seen on BB cameras!

  10. Scarlet, You're a work of art: classic and priceless! And you only get much more valuable and precious with the passing of time. I suspect you'll have life in you for a long, long time to come!

    They say you're only as young as you feel--So start feeling up young people!!!

    Tickers, Cougars are the latest trendy thing in America--there are reality tv shows, sitcoms, and recently, a very popular cruise catered to the population!

    I was actually writing about actual cougar attacks (mountain lions) that occurred within days of each other in the news. But when I googled for cougar pics, I was laughed when pics of Demi Moore and Madonna also showed up. And then there was that news item of that Northern Ireland First Minister's wife's affair with a teen she considered her son!!!

    It was too much fun, like a sign from above! I just couldn't resist using those pics!

  11. Easy! What can we older women do? Our sex drive kicks into overdrive and guys our age often have trouble performing.

  12. Snooze, There's nothing wrong with getting it on with a mature woman!

    I was actually writing an environmental awareness piece regarding the cougar attacks on these young children and how over development and poor planning has taken away much of the cougar's habitat. So it's only natural that conflicts arise between the cougars and the residents who've taken over the cougar's habitat.

    But when I googled for cougar pics, I laughed when I saw pics of Demi and Madonna, not to mention that news story about that Mrs Robinson, the Northern Ireland's minister's wife having a torrid affair with a teen she considered her son! That just changed the tone of my post. I couldn't resist using these 'cougar' pics!