Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year

Well, it's the new year and I'm looking forward to it. I've always liked this time of year. It's like we get to start over. Hopefully, I've become wiser, having learned from last year's mistakes and memorable moments. I've never been one to set New Year's resolutions. In fact, I had no clue what a New Year's resolution was til my first New Year after leaving my small town to live on my own in the big city far, far away. And while I don't usually have any New Year's resolutions, I do like to think that I have some goals, or at least some thoughts on the things I'd like to do.

Of course, as always, I'd like to do some traveling. What can I say? I like wandering around and exploring new places and meeting new faces. It's fun to visit some fantastic foreign land and experience the culture and landscape. Maybe I'll go see some majestic National Parks. I like do luv nature!

I visited Yellowstone a few years ago, and it was amazing! I only stayed for a day, but I wish I could've stayed for a whole month!

I saw wolves, bears, deer, elks, moose, and even fish and eagles. There were animals everywhere! And some even stopped traffic by just standing in the middle of the road, like some elk did.

But I never got to see any buffaloes. Which was kind of strange considering how everyone who's been to Yellowstone before told me that I'd definitely see some buffaloes. But maybe the buffaloes sought shelter as we encountered some light hail during the drive in Yellowstone. It was the size of M&Ms dropping from the sky for about 20 minutes. Pretty cool.

We got to see hot springs, geysers, and so many other colorful, exotic natural phenomena. We even got to see the famous geyser, Old Faithful. There was a large printed announcement that stated that Old Faithful would erupt at 4:20 pm. And guess what? They were right! At 4:20 pm, Old Faithful started bubbling up water and steam for a few seconds. Then it started shooting up water high in the air! The crowd cheered and clapped and took fotos. It was a pretty awesome sight!

I would definitely like to go see more National Parks, maybe take more time to visit Yellowstone again. Or just book a trip to some other beautiful country.

But I'm also practical, so I need to be a little smarter with money these days. That means I'm going to start taking lunch to work more often. I often waste a lot of money buying blah tasting food during lunch. All the best eateries are either too far or take too long to prepare what I'd like for lunch. So, it's time to fire up the slow cooker again and start making meals to take to work. I usually like what I make anyways...I'm just too lazy to make it. And I can probably put the money that I save towards a better use.

But I think the most important goal I have for this year is the one that I try to achieve every year for a long time now. I want to live each day fully, as if it were my last. If I've learned anything important in the last year, it's this: Life's too short. Enjoy it while you can. I suppose that's why I like this time of year so much. Because it's like a new beginning, a second chance to do what makes you happy.


  1. here's to new beginnings, sugarpie! xoxoxo happy new year!

  2. I hope to go to Yellowstone some day. I did see herds of grazing bison in the Dakotas, truly impressive.

    I hope all of your new year dreams come true.

  3. Dear Mr Eroswings,
    What marvelous sentiment.
    Happy Trails for 2010!
    Luv Princess. XXX

  4. Savannah, Cheers! Here's to hoping for a wonderful year.

    XL, Thanks! I wish I could've seen herds of bison. People kept telling me that I was most likely to see them in Yellowstone, more than any other critters.

    The bisons must've gone on vacation. Yellowstone is awesome. It's a great park! Huge! Majestic!

    Princess, Thank you! Here's to wishing you a fantastic 2010!!! Cheers!

  5. Have a brilliant year, Mr Swings!
    I need to pull my socks up and take a leaf out of your book.

  6. Admirable sentiments , however a word of caution , that the energy required to live each day like its your last....... you probably wont make it to April , so prehaps every other day :-))

  7. I'd love to travel more too, I've never gone to Yellowstone, but that photo of Old Faithful is amazing. My family and I went to a place called Jellystone. Lol. It was a Yogie the Bear campsite in Ohio.

    You should visit the "fantastic foreign" land of Ohio someday! No geysers, but there's the Rock N Roll Museum and...Progressive Field and the Metroparks....fellow bloggers... :D

  8. Have you seen Ken Burns’ National Parks yet?

    There’s a book to accompany it as well.

  9. Scarlet B, Thanks. Have a fantastic new year! Bundle up and stay warm! We're getting the rare chill down in my part of the world, too!

    Beast, Some days, living life to the fullest means sleeping in late and ordering in and watching a good movie :) Some thing fun and enjoyable!

    Tara, Jellystone sounds fun!

    I think Ohio would be nice place to visit...probably between Spring and Summer, as I'd freeze in Winter. There are a number of museums, gardens, and parks and the zoo in Cleveland I'd like to explore. Maybe visit an Amish settlement and buy something!

    MJ, Oh, I caught only part of it! It was fantastic! Thanks for the link!

    I definitely would luv to explore all the national parks! The few that I've been to are just incredible!

  10. Maybe with the money you save by making your own lunch, you can take more/longer vacations to these places of natural beauty?

    Happy new year!

  11. IDV, I just might! At the very least, I'll have gas money to make some weekend trips.

  12. How did I not post to this? What excellent wishes for the New Year. I hope you have a great one.

  13. Thanks, Snooze! I hope you have great one, too!