Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brought to you by the letter S


I loved this song. I didn't see the video til years after I heard it on the AM radio. I can only remember one part of this rap when it first came out in the 80s:

The S is for super and the U is for unique
The P is for perfection and you know that we are freaks

The E is for exotic and the R is for raps

So tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back


A meme from Snooze

Here are the instructions: How this meme works is that you leave a comment on this post, and I'll assign you a letter. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

*(I'm not tagging anyone)

Snooze assigned the letter S. There are a lot of things that start with the letter S that I like. These are a few of my favorite things:

Girls in white dresses with blue Satin Sashes;
nowflakes that Stay on my nose and eyelashes;
ilver-white winters that melt into Springs;
These are a few of my favorite things.

I kid! I kid! Okay, here are my favorite things that begin with the letter S:

1. Snooze

Of course, Snooze comes first! I think I first met Snooze via IDV. I enjoy reading her blog, her thoughts, and her observations. She's smart, funny, passionate, and brave! I suppose you have to be when you live with an evil cat who likes to wake you up in a special way. I admire how she puts herself out there and shares some of the most poignant and entertaining experiences of her life. Whatever life's challenges, she's not afraid to face them head on, and she always manages to pick herself up from hardship and keep moving forward.

2. Science

It was one of my favorite subjects in school. Funnily enough, as much as I loved science, I kind of sucked at math in high school. I was taking physics with no problem, but had to work harder just to pass Pre Calculus! It always seemed that way; I can understand application better than theory! It's like, if I can see it in my head, it makes sense and I understand it. All those Xs and Ys in algebra threw me for a loop. Geometry I liked, because I understood it. I see an algebra equation and I think, 'What's wrong with that sentence? There are words missing!'

I prefer word problems, because they were easier to see in my mind. But in college, I challenged myself to take Pre Calculus, even though it wasn't required of me. I wanted to get over my fear of math. I worked hard at it. When we took our final, I was hoping for a C so that I'd still be able to stay in my degree plan. I was so nervous, waiting in the library to use their computers when the grades were ready. I signed in, checked my report card, hoping desperately for a C. Then I saw it: B! I got a B and I jumped up and screamed out in joy, "Yes!", causing a number of people to look my way. I was ecstatic! It was more than I had hoped for; to this day, it's my favorite accomplishment in college.

I like to learn new things. Knowledge is a good thing, and the more we learn, the more we understand how the universe works and our place in it. When we expand our minds, we free ourselves from ignorance and fear; we can make our world a better place.

3. Stories and Songs

I love to hear stories and songs. Tales teach us about life--the good things, the sad things, and the unknown. I love to hear about personal stories, the struggles, the joy, the life lessons. Everyone has a great story to tell, if we take the time to listen. I also love to hear about imagination! I love great fiction and fantasy and science fiction. I relish stories that take me away with incredible tales of fantastic worlds and amazing beings and creative plots exploring the limitless possibilities.

And songs are just stories set to music. A good song makes you feel--happy, sad, alive, alone, it puts emotions into music. A good song takes you away, to a magic place, for a little while. It makes you want to dance; it makes you want to smile; it makes you want to cry; it makes you want to laugh; it makes you feel so much and so less. It makes you feel like it's about you, your life, your experiences, your hopes, your dreams, your sorrow, your joy, your whole reason for being. A good song helps you remember, helps you mourn, helps you celebrate, helps you hope.

Some of my favorite things combine stories and songs, like movies and plays and musicals. Seriously, who doesn't love The Sound of Music? When I was a small child, my mother loved this movie. So much so that she made us memorize numbers from it for the church talent show. That's right. My brothers and I used to perform Sound of Music show tunes in church during talent shows. We always won first place. The prize included Bibles--like we needed any more of those in my house! Please, I had enough to stock the rooms of a charge by the hour motel!

But every time we performed those songs, people loved it, especially the elderly! Some Sundays, between Sunday school and before church service began, some old ladies would arrive early. These old crones--totally mean, wrinkled, snobbish, haughty bitches--would light up upon seeing my mother. They would often make requests for my brothers and I to sing them a song. And the most popular tunes these mean bitties loved to hear were Do Re Mi and So Long, Farewell. Oh, how they clapped and enjoyed our small performances. They used to offer us money, but my mom refused, saying that wasn't necessary. I didn't mind it so much when I was little. But when I got older, those requests got on my nerves! When you're a preteen, it's a little hard trying to look cool while singing The Lonely Goatherd to entertain some old ladies in church. Totally messed up my game! After a while, I got smart and avoided being in that position in the first place. First I hid from the old vultures; then I just stopped going to church all together.

Most of these old ladies have passed on. I can sort of understand now why my mom didn't mind having us sing for the old crones. She wanted to give them something to enjoy. And as much as I hated doing it back then, I have to admit that if any of the old birds would ask me now, I wouldn't mind doing it one bit. I think it'd be fun, or at least be worth a good laugh. In fact, if I ever find myself in Austria, you better believe I'll be running up them hills, twirling and singing, "The hill are alive with sound of music!" No alcohol no drugs no habit needed.

4. Stroll

And when I'm done playing Sound of Music, I would very much like to go for a stroll. I enjoy a nice, leisurely walk, whether by myself or with the company of another, perhaps others. It's a very relaxing and healthy way to pass the time. I like to take in the sights, the sounds, and the very nature of the places I'm exploring. It could be a nice park; a nature hike; or leaving footprints in the sand, feeling the ocean washing over my toes. It's a good way to think, to get lost in your own thoughts, maybe daydream, or just take the time to re evaluate your life, or just appreciate the here and now.

5. Scent

On a good stroll, I can pick up some great smells--a bakery baking bread and pastries, leaves burning, lovely perfumes, and beautiful scented flowers. A good scent can take you back to fond memories. Or it can inspire or arouse the spirit and emotions. One of my favorite scents is the flower gardenia. I much prefer gardenias to roses. I love the sweet scent of gardenias. Such beautiful, fragrant flowers. I used to sleep with my window slightly opened, and the sweet, exotic scent of gardenias my mother had planted would waft into my room. They made me feel so relaxed and lured me to sleep. To this day, I find the alluring scent of gardenias welcoming and pleasing, putting me at ease and in a good mood.

6. Sweet and Savory and Spicy

Scent has a great impact on taste, too. I love the taste of sweet and savory and spicy food. When I was younger, I was a very picky eater. I just wanted plain tasting, very bland food, like regular oatmeal with some milk and a little bit of sugar. Maybe just some chicken tenders or a hard boiled egg yolk--I just ate the yolk part, not the white. But when I grew older, my taste buds craved variety and excitement. One of my guilty pleasures is food--I love sampling different foods from all over the world. My palate has come to appreciate the many tasty, scrumptious offerings from the world. It's funny, because when I was younger, I couldn't use the whole seasoning packet in a bowl of ramen, because I thought it was too spicy. Now, my friends say that some of the food that I eat is too hot and too spicy! When I make meals for them, I have to keep it mild, though they still say that they can taste the heat. As far as sweet things go, I'll always take a cobbler over a pie. I'll always choose carrot cake over chocolate cake. And over the years, I still like vanilla over chocolate. Though, given the choice, I do enjoy the Neapolitan with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry lined up together.

7. Sea Sand Surf Sun

I love the beach. There's just something about walking on the sand, where the sea meets the shore that I find so relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Swimming in the sea feels much different than swimming in a pool or lake. The waves are fun to ride and the sea caresses your feet as they wash over them. Soft warm sand feels so relaxing and welcoming. The right amount of sun feels warm on your skin. A sun setting or rising is a beautiful, mesmerizing sight. And as much as I enjoy playing in the water, I also love to fall asleep on the beach, lulled by soft waves breaking and sea breeze blowing gently. Be it night or day, there's something magical about being on a beautiful beach. Just don't forget the sunscreen. It makes a trip to the beach much more fun and enjoyable.

8. Stars

And the beach is one of the best places to watch stars. I love watching stars. There's something very enchanting and deep about watching stars. It makes one feel very small. It makes me ponder about all the wonders of the universe. It amazes me that some of the stars I'm seeing are no longer there. They're so far away that by the time their light reaches earth, they've all ready flamed out or become something different. It humbles me to realize just how tiny I am in the grand scheme of the universe. It's such a breath taking sight to witness falling stars on a clear night. Such a marvelous sight. I still make wishes when I see those falling stars. It's such a mind boggling thought that the same matter that makes up the stars also make up our bodies. It's a wondrous feeling to know that we're all made of stars.

9. Smile

I love to see smiles. I also like smiling when I feel good. Isn't a baby's smile one of the most beautiful things to behold, such pure and simple joy? A smile makes anyone look good. I like that it represents happiness. A true smile is very beautiful, uplifting, and wonderful. It's also cheerfully contagious.

10. Sex

You knew this was coming! Sex is definitely one of those things that bring a smile. Sure, it can be awkward; sure it can be confusing and confounding and conflicting. But it's an undeniable force of nature. It's an integral part of the human condition. When done right, it's the most incredible, fun, and amazing experience. Without it, we wouldn't be here.

And nobody sings about it better than my favorite hip hop group of all time, Salt N Pepa! So many great songs! When they said, Let's Talk about Sex, I listened. When they said Push It Real Good, I did. I wanted to hear them say, Whatta Man! Shoop Baby Shoop!

There you have it. Ten things I love that start with the letter S.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to do it; but if you do, I'm assigning you the letter T, as in Titillating. I'll be looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.

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  1. Ah, Eros, I see no one has taken the bait. I will do the letter T, but I won't pass the meme on. It just tends to get silly after a while, I think.

    Hope all is well down in your neck of the woods, my friend!

  2. My brothers and I used to perform Sound of Music show tunes in church during talent shows. We always won first place.

    I always suspected you were ghey.

  3. Ponita, This seemed a fun one to do; it was a great idea for a post. I kept changing my list because so many fun ideas popped in my head! I'm looking forward to reading your list!

    MJ, Ha! We were lucky Titanic wasn't out, my mother's other favorite movie! She could've had us singing Celine Dion!

    All that stage mothering, it's a wonder none of us went into burlesque!

    Let me entertain you
    Let me make you smile

  4. Great insight into erosmind by erosmith. We are so much alike it's scary..the biggest difference is that I can't smell much anymore..which is good for the most part and I wan't to see the Nazis (bastards!)get their asses kicked in the TSOM...all the singin' drove me craaaazy. We all knew from the getgo how Maria was gonna solve her problem..
    she just needed to get laid!

    I would have loved to have seen the Dirty Dozen take over the second half of the movie.

    I will do the T tonight...
    so ttfn.

  5. You are the best! You didn't have to do my forced listing of Snooze, but thanks anyhow. It made my day.

    The best is that you took Calculus even when you didn't have to. That is wonderful. Math is fantastic and so often avoided. Good for you for conquering it!!!

  6. Beast, Terrific! I look forward to reading it!

    Donn, That Maria was crafty one, singing and dancing to keep the unruly children under control (I don't see Supernanny or Nanny911 doing that), then stealing a man from his rich, glamorous fiancee (that baroness got smoked!), all while battling Nazis with her vandalizing, sabotaging *superfluity! That nun got some!

    I'm trying to imagine the nuns as a secret assassination unit--they're still scary even without the guns!

    *Superfluity: 1. overabundance; excess. 2. a group of nuns
    (because apparently, more than one nun is one too many! Ha!)

    Snooze, I'd've listed you first even if you hadn't joked about it. I enjoy your sense of humor and wit and your passion comes through your writings, which makes it a very interesting and fun read. This was a great idea for a post, so thanks!

    That math class made other college courses pale in comparison. It motivated me to keep doing my best and keep working towards my goal. I was surprised at how well I actually did in college!

  7. Mr E , I seem to have lost my original comment (Before the T one) , probably due to crass spupidity . In the original comment I rambled on about being horrified by The Sound of Music , as I felt that the 'using curtains' to make clothes could lead Ma Beasty to create unimagined horrors that I would then have to wear to school.
    This means I probably posted it on someone elses blog , and they are trying to work out what the hell I am talking about.

  8. Beast, Parents do have the most questionable fashion sense at times--make that lack of fashion sense.

    The curtain clothes were for playing, which made wonder, who the hell wears "play clothes"? And did Maria continue to make more curtain clothes once they made it to Switzerland? Now that's extreme redecorating recycling!

  9. I am absolutely doing this! (at some point)

    Your answers are really great.

    *spritzes self with Gardenia by Chanel and waits*

  10. *Sniffs air*

    Ahhh, what is that scent? Smells like jasmine and vanilla...

    CP, Thanks. This was a fun one to do. I had a list that started small but then kept getting bigger! I look forward to reading your fantastic answers.

    I don't know why Chanel calls it Gardenia, when it smells nothing like gardenias! But it's a very nice scent though.

  11. Scarlet. Tsk. It begins with an 'S'.
    I may set myself the challenge of doing 'X'... makes sense to me.

    P.S I once sang the punk version of The Sound of Music. You'll be pleased to know that there is no recording.

  12. Yikes! I still haven't done S from Snooze's original post. And now your eloquent post will make the v.short article I was planning look very lazy! Ah, well. No change there then.

    If I can banish my laziness, I'll try the T, too!

    Excellent spread of S's, Eros.

  13. Scarlet B, Scarlet is a scintillating S! The X challenge sounds eXciting!

    That's so fun and creative to sing a punk version of The Sound of Music! I'm imagining Maria dressing up the Von Trapp children in leather jackets, torn shirts, and military boots with mohawks and spiky hair! It'd be perfect since they were fighting the gov't in the end!

    IDV, Thanks. I actually started out with a tiny list, but then the Muses visited and the ideas just kept coming! I had to rein in my runaway inspiration to keep from making another long post. And once again, I've failed.

    I look forward to reading your creation!

  14. I've never actually smelled it, but I hear the Chanel fragrance is nice.

    I'll see what I can do with the letter T.

  15. CP, I dated someone who wore it--that's how I remember her, by that light, floral scent. It's probably one of the few perfumes that didn't bother me.

    Most perfumes are either too strong or smell awful to me--probably because some people bath in it! But there are a few fragrances that I like to smell.

  16. Oh no I fear the x challenge is just a weak excuse for Miss Scarlet to entertain us with a medley of tunes on he Xylophone.

  17. I know what you mean. A lot of men do too which is just as bad. These days I smell Jean Paul Gaultiers Le Male everywhere. Horrid scent that one but nice bottle.

    A nice subtle fragrance that doesn't hang around like a cheap coat. That's what everyone needs - and nothing too fruity like the Kenzo ones.

  18. Beast, I wonder if she'll play X rated tunes! That would be eXtraordinary!

    CP, A nice subtle scent is very attractive. Anything strong and I feel like I need a gas mask or I'm surrounded by skunks!

    I used to work with a few people who thought that bathing themselves in perfume or cologne meant they didn't need to use deodorant. They stunk really bad! Gawd what an awful smell! Armpits and bad fragrance! That's a bad smell that lingers. It was like I was working in a dumpster! And I didn't know the proper way to tell them, 'Hey, you stink!'

  19. "T", eh? I can relate to that letter!

    I'm a sucker for memes I think I might just do this one!

    Science was a cool class. I sucked at it too, but not as much as math.

  20. Tara, that would be Totally awesome! You have some great memes, too, that are so fun to do.

    Yes, I sucked at high school math; but I also had some crappy teachers my freshman year. My algebra teacher kept making mistakes--his answer on a board problem was totally different from the book. And when we told him so, he'd reply, "The book is wrong." All semester that book was wrong! I kept thinking, 'Why are we using a textbook that's totally wrong?', when really, it was the teacher who was wrong!

  21. Did you know that BEAST wears a purple lurex posing pouch?

    Miss Scarlet told me so.

  22. Where exactly does Beast work that allows him to wear such a uniform. It can't be as a dishwasher, because of all that scalding water and various health code violations. Which leads me to wonder, what exactly is his other occupation?

  23. There are wild rumours circulating that the Beast is a pole or go go dancer Mr E. All of which are completely untrue . If The Beast owned anything as ridiculous as a Purple Lurex Posing Pouch he would wear it on his head when drunk to amuse his idiot chums.
    I have to say it sounds jolly amusing ***snork***

  24. Beast, I believe you. Clearly people are jealous of your talents and are spreading vicious lies in an attempt to sully your good name! The very statement that you would wear such a thing on your head to amuse your questionable chums is a testament to your charitable nature.

  25. Beast owns matching padded bras - 38DD. He uses them as ear muffs.
    I don't know why he goes to all this trouble when he could just buy a hat.
    Did I say I was going to do 'X'? Tis a challenge isn't it?

  26. Scarlet B, Well Beast certainly has a sense of style--I myself would've worn a hat.

    You certainly don't mess around when you set yourself a challenge. I like it!

  27. It'll probably get done about Wednesday.... Deary me. I am a muppet...

  28. Scarlet B Lucky is the hand who gets to play with that muppet ;)