Friday, January 23, 2009


We have several major undertakings going on at work. Naturally, there's a lot of stress going on at the workplace. The building has recently gone through some rewiring and renovations. There are still a few kinks to be worked out.

Working late last night, I was in one of the smaller meeting rooms working with a client on a project. I heard the static buzz of the intercom. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but it sounded like they were looking for someone. I've all ready missed two calls last week because I didn't realize that they were calling for me on the intercom. So, just to be safe, I excused myself from the client, then I pressed the reply button and asked, "Hi! Were you looking for me?"

And it was a particularly high strung, usually cranky, older coworker who answered quite angrily. "No! I wasn't calling for you!," she huffed, " I was calling for Jen! Are you Jen!?!"

Clearly, she was stressed out and upset. My client raised an eyebrow, but I smiled and replied cheerily, "No," I paused, "not today...but maybe tomorrow."

Silence. Then laughter on the other end of the line. Even the client chuckled. Stress level diminished. My work was done for the evening.

And if it gets hectic today, I must remember that for today, I am Jen. I may not have her fabulous rack and her ability to strut in high heeled shoes, but I'm just as nice looking.


  1. Laughter is one of the best cures for stress, that is for sure.

    I've never met you face-to-face, but I'm assuming you don't look like a Jen. :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. CyberPoof can teach you to strut.

  3. Hi Jen, where did you get your handbag?

  4. Tara, Thanks. Yes, I look nothing like Jen, which is a good thing. Otherwise, I'd have to get a whole new wardrobe.

    Have a great weekend to you, too!

    MJ, I'd've more fun working on a fabulous rack, preferably hands on.

    Scarlet B, The same place where I bought my shoes!

  5. No, Eros, you don't look a Jen at all! But from what I have seen of you, you are equally as good looking in your own way!


    You just have to strut in those cowboy boots and hat.... and perhaps some ice cream?

  6. Ponita, Thanks. And as good as I look in ice cream, I don't want to give the clients the wrong impression...

    $ome $ervice$ co$t extra! ;)

  7. That's great how you completely diffused the situation - and that stressed out coworker had the good grace to laugh.

  8. Snooze, Thanks. I'd rather laugh it off than let it get to me :)

    I think the high strung coworker is usually cranky as a self defense mechanism--most of the other women don't like her. I think it's just personality clashes. At work, I try to be like Switzerland--neutral, on time, and full of chocolatey goodness.

  9. You do have a fabulous rack - in your own way...

  10. In the steelworks, a stressed voice on the tanoy would instantly attract preditors. They can smell fear. Consequently, people quickly learn to chill out even in the face of the most cutting banter.

  11. Mutley, Ha! Ha! Thanks! I do try to keep the rack clean and well maintained.

    Tickers, Survival of the Fittest! I bet you have to be calm to work in steelworks--that's a lot of hot metal to go around! No need for hotheads!

    When the coworkers start snapping, I try to stay out of the fray.

  12. Its that age old excuse
    Tranvestism as stress release
    If its god enough for Edgar J Hoover , who are we to criticise

  13. Beast, I, for one, am not going to criticize.

    *Searches phone line and lamps for hidden surveillance equipment*

  14. How did your day being Jen work out?

    Or more importantly how many times did you trip in those pumps and where did you get them?

  15. CP, It was a noticeably less stressful day--luckily, I didn't dress up like Jen, but that's because I didn't want people to confuse us, esp if I had decided to stuff two cantaloupes in front of my shirt ;)

  16. So it was just just the banana down your pants then? You must still have looked the spitting image of Jen, yeah?

  17. CP, Bananas are for eating, not stuffing--well, some people stuff 'em...

    At this point, the only thing Jen and I share is looking good in clean, pressed, professional attire!