Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holy Smokes

While most Christians spent Sunday worshiping peacefully, a gang war broke out between two rival monk sects in Jerusalem. Apparently, Israeli police responded to a fight between Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the revered site of Jesus' crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. No word on how many falafel carts were destroyed in the melee.

Nice. Because when I think of Jesus, I think of gang violence, him and his posse of 12 Apostles terrorizing the countryside.

Seriously, what's wrong with these people? Where's the love? Whatever happened to "love thy neighbor"? Or for that matter, what about "turn the other cheek"? Two monks were arrested, one from each sect. Punches were thrown and blood was spilled. Is this what they mean by Bible thumping?

And all this time, I thought Shaolin monks were the only fighting monks.


  1. Blimey , whatever next , our local vicar punching some old bag from the Womens Institute in a victoria Sponge related atrecation.

  2. Oh, for cryin' out loud! That is just too much.... monks duking it out - why can't they just be respectful of the other group's feast and not be so freakin' juvenile!?

    One probably said, "If you turn the other cheek, I will have to kick it!"

    Love the Last Supper pic from Battlestar Galactica. I really like that show.

  3. If you turn the other cheek I'll spank it.

  4. Battles Star Gallactica's Tricia (#6) Helfer at the centre of the Last Supper can live in my imaginary world whenever she wants.

    Last night I watched God On Trial

    "The play takes places in Auschwitz during World War II. The Jewish prisoners put God on trial in absentia for abandoning the Jewish people. Specifically whether by allowing the Nazis to commit genocide, has he broken his covenant with the Jewish people?"

    It was an intelligent yet emotional examination about how Humans try to resolve the great chasm between how they want God to act and what happens in Life.

    Separating Spirituality from Religion is not easily done, but I prefer to define Religion as a socio-political system of crowd control wherein the leaders struggle to maintain their authority over the adherents for the purposes of increasing market share & income, while trying to stay outside of the legal auspices of the secular governments with whom they compete for the hearts and minds of the citizens.

    The fact that Jerusalem is such a factious disaster in waiting not only speaks volumes about the message of the Christos being lost, but at the competetive nature of man and his dangerous game of My God Is Bigger Than Your God.

    Jerusalem is a time bomb and the Mosque sitting precariously atop of Solomon's Temple site will come down one day..and when it does, all hell will break loose.

  5. Notice how 99.9% of the troubles and violence in the world today can be attributed to religion?

    Perhaps it is time to outlaw religion... the cost is just way too high.

  6. This is why I only worship the divine Miss K

    No worse than a scratched cheek from a Madonna troll comes of that.

  7. I need to start doing this..
    God On Trial

    hey it worked!

  8. Beast, the vicar was only trying to beat the devil out of the old bag.

    Ponygirl, sad isn't it, when grown religious leaders act like spoiled children? This is exactly why the Cylons want to destroy humanity!

    MJ, that's probably how the fight started after some cat calling and smack talking.

    Donn, I remember the first time I read about that trial during the death camps of WW2, and I was in high school and I was blown away. At the time, I wondered, can we put God on trial? And I couldn't help but remember the God of the Old Testament was a vengeful God.

    Too many people try to use religion to gain power--look at all those nut cases and their cults. Not that mainstream (or more populous) religions are all that sane. But I find it's strange that religions originating (and regions) in the Middle East all claim to worship the same God, yet they try to wipe each other out!

    You're right about that Mosque on the Temple! Everyone knows what's going to happen when the Mosque comes down, but some evangelicals in America want to see it anyway! I'm wondering if they're hoping to bring about the Apocalypse!

    Ponygirl, it's strange how religious people want religious freedom, but then turn around and try to force their beliefs on others! What makes them think God only talks to them?

    Keep church and state separate!

    CP, and what a fabulous icon Kylie makes!

    Donn, great job on the link!

  9. And how do they (or we) know that their god is the only god? If indeed, there is a god at all?

  10. Grasshopper..
    snatch this pebble from my hand..
    no really, take it.

    I need to go kick the crap outta those blaspheming Greek bastards..ptooey

  11. Ponygirl, that's the difference between faith and fanatic. Faith is believing in a higher being. Fanatics believe they speak for a higher being.

    Donn, those idiots are doing a fine job of kicking themselves in the ass!

  12. Has anyone seen my Cilice?

    I think that self-mortificating, albino, freak, Silas stole it again..

  13. She does indeed. Couldn't think of anyone more worthy than her.

  14. Donn, Silas feels repentant about the theft; he's beating himself over it!

    CP, We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

    I'm sure she's brought many down to their knees!

  15. Didn't those factions get into a fight a few years back too? Crazy stuff. They need to go back and review the teachings of JC.

  16. Snooze, apparently, they didn't learn their lesson! I would seriously evict them for raising such a ruckus in such a revered site! They give Christians a bad name, and their pettiness makes me believe they aren't true believers in the teachings of Christ.

    Perhaps some nuns can beat some sense into them!