Friday, November 21, 2008

After Party!

*This post was inspired by CyberPete! Thanks*

Well, I finally got around to developing those pictures from the Lemonade Awards. The After Party was rockin! Let's take a look at our winners and see how they partied the night away.

Here's our security! The hardest working team ever! They kept the peace and kept out the riff raff and trash from getting in the party. Excellent work, fellas!

We. Are. SECURITY!!!

And here are our stars arriving on the red carpet.

Why it's Beast and the lovely Sandra Bullock! Hollywood's golden couple of the moment!

No doubt Beast has taken some time off from the famous Cafe C where his work is best done behind the scenes! With his award, he'll no doubt have dishes with his name on it! *The cafe doesn't have an automatic dishwasher, so Beast has a pile or two waiting for him.*

Oh, my, look at who else has arrived! Why it's CyberPete and Dr Who's David Tennant! CyberPete is wearing an original Cinderella gown and tiara by Fairy Godmother! Dr Who seems to be more casual. Still, the paparazzi are fighting amongst themselves to get closer shots of the two.

And here they are again, after changing clothes for the party. Rumor has it, David Tennant is leaving Dr Who to spend more time with CyberPete.

Back on the red carpet another hot Hollywood power couple has arrived! It's Canadian ice meets Italian spice! It's the talented HE and the gorgeous Monica Bellucci. The cameras flash and news reporters yell out to try to get their attention. They've been dubbed in the press as Honica, the biggest thing since Christmas!

And the Canadian phenomenon continues as another Canadian star makes an appearance! Snooze strikes a pose with Ewan McGregor. Why is she holding a bottle you ask? Simple. Being the Scottish lass that she is, it's only natural for her to check under her date's kilt to make sure everything is just as it should be. The bottle is apparently similar to the size of what she found. And what she found made her very happy! Quite possibly, she has found the Loch Ness monster.

The next couple to enter the party sent the crowd into further excitement! It's the beautiful, fiesty Maidink and the classically handsome George Clooney. To attend tonight's party, they've taken time off their busy schedule of raising money for charities and adopting foreign highways. The third member of this titillating trio, Gina Gershon, could not make it, as she's busy saving the beavers from extinction.

What is all that ruckus? Good lord, who brought an army? Why, it's MJ and her entourage (of houseboys) making quite the entrance! The paparazzi go crazy for shots of the diva! She had lost her shoes in a temper tantrum earlier in the evening when she learned that other stars were also receiving awards.

And as our stars continue to file in, we spot the famous, brilliant Tickers and his beautiful date, Zhang Ziyi on break from modeling and Asian films. Some people accessorize with designer watches and bags, but not these two. They took it to a whole other level by bringing peacocks to go with their geisha inspired evening wear.

And finally, who can forget the grand entrance of WW, as he brought not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Ms Universe contestants to the party! Notice he brought the Latino delegation. Clearly, we were captivated by their warm personalities!

We all want world peace!

Moving inside, we find some of our stars enjoying a few drinks and mingling with each other. Who's that on the sofa? Why it's the enchanted IDV shamelessly flirting with Jamie Bamber and playing footsie! Will he find out the secret of who is the last cylon?

Oh, President Adama, are you trying to seduce me?

On the other side we see CyberPete cozying up to Jared Padalecki, no doubt discussing important world events.

So, what was it like working on the Gilmore Girls and what's Jensen Ackles number?

And over at the bar, we catch sight of John Barrowman and Snicks exchanging contact information. Most likely setting up a power meeting and other arrangements for a joint venture.

So, Capt Jack, should I show up in a kilt or wear my Martha Jones get up?

Oh look, there's MJ holding court with the other queens; luckily, the alcohol seems to have calmed her down--for now.

Well, as the party continued late into the night, a lot of schmoozing went on.

And there's Ponygirl with Michael Vartan, discussing upcoming projects no doubt.

Oh, look, it's Wentworth Miller and Tara talking about heath care.

Sure, go ahead and show me where they put all those tattoos for the show.

But it wouldn't be a party without a ruckus. As you may recall, some people were very bitter at not winning an award. Luckily for me, Tatas was there to keep Daniel Craig distracted and kept his big gun aimed at another target instead.

Still, things got a little heated up at the party, especially with all the alcohol involved.

There's Mutley, helping Tricia Helfer cool off.

Now, your Cylon character is named Sex, right?

What is Jamie Bamber doing in that corner? Wait a minute! Is that an eye peeking from behind the bushes? Perhaps Jamie lost a contact and needs help finding it.

And there's Snicks, serenading Nathan Fillion.

There's got to be a morning after, If we can hold on through the night.

And then there's MJ, who not only lost her shoes but her houseboys (and it seems her underwear) by the end of the night. But somehow, finding herself on top of George Clooney makes it all better.

All in all, it was a fantastic party! Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was much love to be had at the after party. Everyone left a winner!

But next year, we're including underwear and disinfectants in the gift bags.


  1. I didn’t recognize Beast without the banana up his bottom.

    I BET he has a pile or two!

    Has CyberPoof had breast enlargements?


    IVD and the Pieman make the perfect couple.

    All in all, a grand gala…

    Except there are too many pics of CyberPoof and not enough of me.

  2. Lol..Yeah me and Wentworth go way back. Health care is a touchy subject for us, we always get into a heated, steamy argument. ;)

  3. Great after party, Eros! Nice to see such a good crowd - everyone seems to have a 'someone' - or two or three (that MJ sure gets around, doesn't she?)

  4. Pea-cock?....That's only because of the shear volume of Chanpers I consumed....Oh, you mean the birds...

    I have to say Zhang Ziyi is the hottest oriental girl I know that doesn't have a penis.

  5. Oh that gave me such a good laugh! Thank you for pairing me with Ewan. Indeed I would love to look under his kilt. Hopefully I will be over in Scotland in spring '09 so I will be sure to follow him around brandishing this photo.

    MJ looked absolutely stunning with her houseboys.

  6. MJ, The lemon was the fruit of the evening, so Beast left the banana at home, by the pile of dishes.

    CP swears he hadn't any work done--recently. Honica is all the rage this holiday seaon. IDV and Pieman are spending their days kneading their doughs and filling each other's pies when they're not dealing with the undead.

    I was going to post more pics of you, but powerful Hollywood lawyers have threatened to sue me if I posted those X rated pics of you and the other guests.

    Tara, I'm so glad you and Wentworth are able to discuss such pertinent issues and are willing to work close to resolve such matters! Let's see what you both have to say regarding prison reform and prison break!

    Ponygirl, MJ puts the work in working girl, and when it comes to working the room, she's a pro!

    Tickers, She's going to Wang Chung you tonight!

    Snooze, Maybe you'll spot him on a train; he might show you his light saber or let you play on his bagpipes!

    MJ is currently looking for new houseboys, as the ones she had left with CyberPete.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, though it was a mistake to have drunk quite so much absinthe, and eventually I woke up stark naked under a collapsed chandelier, with a shower head in my...

  8. Wang Chung? A little philosophy with my hot lemom sauce.

  9. I have my lemons award up on me blog!

  10. Mutley x2, We quite like you drunk. You were the life of the party! He.he.he...As for the shower head, well, those Canadians are kinky!


    Tickers, It's something to think about while you're dipping your egg roll.

  11. Ew, Jared Padalecki is so clingy *shudders*

    David Tennant is lovely but I am slightly concerned with MJ going out with my George.

    Great post.

  12. CP, you'd be clingy, too if your Gilmore girlfriend turned out to be a slut for some short lowlife with a wonky mouth!

    MJ is getting back at you for stealing her houseboys. Perhaps you could use the Tardis to travel back in time to make sure she doesn't get her hands on George in the first place. Or it's time for a Dynasty style smackdown!

  13. A thousand apologies for being so late in thanking you for getting me together with Ned. We've been... Otherwise engaged!

    Fabulous party and post, Eros!

  14. I'd be a slut for Wonky mouth too.

    Besides he was also whiney, annoying and clingy on Gilmore Girls.

    Ok David.... To the TARDIS!

  15. IDV, I'm glad you enjoyed stuffing yourself with the Pieman's goodies and feasting on his mouth watering sweets.

    CP, Put on a cheerleading outfit and Wonky mouth will be on his way to save you!

  16. What a fabulous party.....apart from the other riff raff you allowed in , all that 'Z' list shag a celebrity sort of behaviour...terrible

  17. Old Sandra Bollocks was a bit of a dissapiontment , she came out wearing the shower curtain :-(

  18. Beast, Sandra Bullock was dropping hints about where she wanted to end up after the party...and I'm sure you picked up on it, especially after being exposed to the filth that ensued at the party.

  19. Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    What a brilliant post and I appreciate all of the effort that went into this labour of lurve.

    Thank you so much for my new screen saver I love my pic with Monica.

    To borrow from Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song..Happy Honica!

    I really, really, wanna-kah,
    spend the holidays with Moni-ca,
    we'll drink some gin-and-tonic-ah,
    and smoke some mara-juanic-ah,
    play Barry White on harmoni-ca,
    explore her from Antarcti-ca
    to deepest darkest Afri-ca
    to spend twelve days in Moni-ca,
    would be my Christmas mira-ca.

    Why is Ponita on her knees?

  20. Well he can make my heartbeat rock anytime.

    I hope that wouldn't make him my uncle then because that's only allowed in Kentucky and Utah.

  21. Common Tater, Happy Honica! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Ponita is looking for the contact she his lap.

    CP, Never mind the laws! I'd be worried about hooking up with wonky mouth. Peter Petrelli's girlfriends end up in really bad places--one got killed; the other got left in the crappy future!

  22. Oh don't say that. I didn't make it that far.

    Besides I'll be his boyfriend. Big difference, I'm sure you'll agree.

  23. Are you Stuffing something for Thanksgiving Mr E ???
    Have a good one :-)

  24. CP, I'm sure you two'll be happy, but mind you, he's got a screwed up family, so beware the in laws!

    Beast, Just my appetite for sinfully delicious treats!

  25. But I adore Petrolium Jelly. She is fabulous.

    I'm sure we'd get along famously.

  26. Well, you would be getting in bed with a filthy rich family, so I guess it's not so bad.