Monday, April 14, 2008

Idle hands

Today, when I clocked out, I officially became unemployed. No more contract extensions. I can turn off my alarms--yes, plural. Why? Because I want to get to work on time. I've set the two alarm settings on my alarm clock, and plus, I set the alarm on my watch. The stereo is set to play "Wake me up before you go go", and all the alarms go off within 10 minutes of each other. Now, I don't have to worry about getting up at all. I can actually sleep, turn over, look at the time, and then keep on sleeping. Or, I can have a drink or four, and not worry about having to drive to work later.

I was very humbled and genuinely surprised at the farewell party (and gifts) my coworkers had set up for me. Even the boss lady showed up for my farewell party...Of course, I was moved by my coworkers efforts at making my last day awesome. I've really enjoyed working with them and I wish them well, but I need a change, and I want something more.

I've just let the management know that I was checking out tomorrow, so later on, I'll be packing. I'm going to drive home to Corpus Christi tomorrow after brunch. Then return to Houston on Wednesday to hang out with a friend before flying out of Texas for a long visit my brother. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

I'm not even thinking about looking for another job right now. I just want to enjoy having no responsibilities for a short while. Speaking of responsibilities, I've filed for an extension on my taxes. Every year, I wait til the last minute to file my taxes. Tomorrow is April 15, the last day to file taxes or the Federal Government will turn pimp on you and beat you down while screaming, "Bitch! Where's my money!" Now, I've got another 6 months to file my taxes. Unfortunately, the longer I wait to file, the longer it's going to take for me to get that gov't rebate check.

It feels weird but good to know that I've got some free time. Now, just some clean up and loose ends to tie up before I let loose and enjoy the things I can do with these idle hands.


  1. CyberPete, IVD and Tatas will find a use for your idle hands.

    Have a good time!

  2. For baking? gardening? or playing with pets? :)


  3. BITCH!! She got there before me. I have indeed got a use for your idle hands. I have a couple of pets you can play with. The front garden needs some TLC and for baking I have a little lacy piny for you to wear while getting your hands dirty ;0)

    Have a great trip buddy. Look forward to your traveling updates.

  4. Thank you, Tatas...I plan on taking lots of pics that I'll share soon as I get back...(and make sure to post only the non incriminating ones ;)

  5. I'm not surprised Tatas wants you to play with her pets.

    Starting with her pussy, no doubt.

  6. Eros: I'm sure the incriminating ones will be the best so you'll have to put them up for all to see. LOL or you could just email them to me ;o)

    MJ: Only cause you wanna play with my pussy you dirty bitch.

  7. The twisted Mind of MJ extends far and wide, don't it?

    I know the weird feeling of being free of something like that and the satisfied, strange sense of realization that comes with that.

    Have a spectacular trip.

  8. I could use an extra pair of hands to do some cleaning around here but it wasn't really that idle hands I was interested in MJ

    You are so lucky Bingowings, I wish I could sleep in and stay out until 4am. Actually Friday is a holiday here so I could sleep in but I have a feeling I've got something shorts related to do

  9. MJ, I do luv the company of cats and the their soft feel and appreciative noises they make when I caress them.

    Tatas, I'll be sure to post some interesting ones...

    WW, thanks for the well wishes. It does feel amazingly liberating and exciting and relaxing at the same time...

    CP, I am lucky to have this time off. I've worked 8 months non stop, the longest I've ever done on a single assignment...also worked on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (the first time I've ever done this in over 9 years!!!), and I worked Good Friday through Easter!!! I promised myself a couple of weeks off as a reward for all the overtime I've done, and I like to keep my promises ;)

  10. I hope your enjoying your time away.
    Getting loads of pictures and don't forget the naughty ones.

  11. Any time you want your garden seeing to, you know where I am!

    I hope you're having fun wherever you are?!

  12. Tatas, thank you, I did enjoy my time, and I did take lots of fotos...I'm planning to spread them out as I filled up my 1gb memory card!

    IDV, I did have fun! If I ever need a hand to tend to my garden, I'll give you call ;)

    CP, I'm back! and I see you've moved!
    Luv the new look!