Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ladies Night

Under the Boardwalk

These past few days have been busy for me. I've been working hard these last two weeks at work, and playing hard during my time off. I've been feeling very energetic and fired up at work, taking on the more difficult clients and dealing with them quite effectively and satisfactorily. I guess knowing that my time here has come to an end has somehow given me this incredible energy.

I've had to work off some of this energy, and what better way to burn off excess energy than to meet new people. I've got this thing about not dating anyone from work. It can get complicated, and people sometimes can't separate their professional lives from their personal lives. So feeling adventurous, I went to the museums, festivals, and other public gathering places to find new people. And it's been a great adventure so far.

One of my favorite local places to go for a sort-of-date when hooking up with new people is the Kemah Boardwalk.

On the boardwalk, you can stroll along the piers, watching the sun rise or set on Galveston Bay...or enjoy it's fun rides and fine restaurants, day or night. You can work up an appetite on the roller coaster and ferris wheel; or you can walk it off on the leisurely stroll on the pier, or dance it off in the plaza amid the floor fountain spurting water at intervals, in intricate patterns to the delight of all.

On weekends, there is a live band that plays the plaza. There's even a band of NASA astronauts who entertain on some weekends. Then there are monthly festivals that take place on the boardwalk. It's a great place to have fun with someone new (or familiar). I've seen parents sit and drink margaritas after sending the kids off to the for everyone.

It's a great place to get to know someone before finding out if you really want to know them ;)

Miss Saigon

This weekend, the local community college held it's annual International Festival Night. It was a fun way to celebrate diversity in the student body and the community. Some of my friends had a booth and I went to check out the festivities and the international cuisine--tacos, spring rolls, meatballs, and an assortment of meat and veggie dishes. Each booth was set up to highlight a particular region of the world by the students or community members from that region. After a quick tour of the various booths, I started to notice a few things.

For one thing, there were two Chinese booths, and I had this feeling that they were trying to take over the gymnasium where the festival was held. When I asked one of them about which items were from Tibet, the student that started to answer me was quickly pulled aside by the others for an "emergency" and the replacement said something about "unauthorized" comments about the booth. I never the first student again for the rest of the evening...nor were my questions about Tibet answered satisfactorily.

The Japanese booth had an LCD tv with DVD player, a powerpoint presentation, and of course a bonsai tree and tiny little digital equipment. I'm thinking, Wow, these people really are ahead in technology. I kept waiting for the two Japanese men to show up with a Wii and say, "We would like to play". Unfortunately, the only time I heard that phrase was from two drag queens when I was backstage. Of course, they were saying this to anyone within hearing distance, so I politely declined and told them I was interested in a different kind of game.

Over at the Palestinian booth, I noticed right next to the Koran was a big fat bong! Well, they claimed it was for incense...but the twinkle in their eyes and that certain scent emanating from the "incense holder" pretty much convinced me that it was a bong. I suppose that's one way to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The highlight of the night was the performances by the various participants showcasing their cultural arts and music and dances. I took pics of some of my favorites:

From Romania, a gypsy woman dancing:

It would've have been really impressive if she had swallowed that sword...but balancing it on the top of her head was still pretty cool.

In case you didn't know, I luv how the ladies look good in a dirndl.

And these ladies look hot!!! But that's to be expected with menopause.

A pair of red heels can make a woman look fantastic, but a woman who can dance well in red heels is the most captivating:

Who can look away when you hear the thunderous foot stomping and see the fast and furious flapping of her plumage? Such a sight has not been seen since the terror birds of South America hunted down prey in the prehistoric age.

One of the performers was going to sing a Vietnamese song. One of my friends asked if I knew any songs with Vietnamese women, and before I could stop myself, I said the first song that came to mind, "Me so horny" by 2 live crew. I have this twisted sense of humor that can be hard to suppress sometimes. Luckily, my friend and I were out in the corner away from everyone, where we laughed out loud, knowing that we've just gotten closer to Hell.

And while she didn't sing the 2 live crew song, her sensuous jazz made me want to luv her a very good amount of time ;)

So wraps up the last few weeks of my time here. It's been a fun run, but I'm ready to put my boots on and go...where? who knows? anywhere but here, I suppose. Last week of work...and I'm feeling great!


  1. YAY FIRST!!

    *And these ladies look hot!!! But that's to be expected with menopause.* Was that meant for MJ?

    You got some great pictures and I like the way you sat in the corner and laughed. That's teh sort of thing i would do but I'd end up getting caught.

    Good luck.

  2. Just for that comment, Tatas, I'm not posting the pic of me in a dirndl.

    Nor the one of me dancing in red shoes.

  3. Tatas, sometimes, my twisted sense of humor gets me into trouble, especially when I've had a few drinks or hang around certain demented friends ;)

    MJ, go on and share with us the picture of you in a dirndl and the one of you dancing in red shoes--was a stage and pole involved? ;)

    Tatas, I'll say, that MJ...that tease! ;)

  4. She loves it Eros. Winding people up.
    I was called a prick tease for most of my life so I know where she's coming from (coming not cumming)

  5. *turns on red heel and flounces off*

    *ignores 3-foot trail of toilet paper attached to heel*

  6. I wish we had a pier like that.

    It looks fantastic

  7. Tatas, she sure does like to string people along...and like moths to the flame we follow til we get burned ;)

    *Starts banging on bongos to MJ's flamenco TP dance*

    CP, that pier is an awesome place to hang out with friends...especially during happy hour when the drinks are cheap and the appetizers are half priced! :)

  8. it's strange how a capital like Copenhagen doesn't have a pier like that.

    Could have been fabulous but then the weather is not that fabulous here

  9. MJ, would you prefer another body part on your bongos?

    CP, Copenhagen may not have a pier like this, but it sure does have some fun stuff, like the Museum Erotica, the Tivoli Gardens, the Danish Royal Gardens...also, I hear that Legoland in Billund is fun, not to mention the amazing night life...

    For some strange reason, clubs in Texas shut down at 2am! When I lived in Atlanta years ago, I was used to clubs closing at 4am, just in time to get some breakfast and catch the first train home...

  10. Billund is so very far from Copenhagen - it's in redneck country (where I used to live, not in Billund mind)

    True we have lovely things, I've never been to Museum Erotica though.

    How do you know about that anyway?

  11. CP, I'm a big fan of the arts ;)

  12. Ahem, ok....

    I would never go there as I wouldn't know where to look. That's how embarrassed I would be.

    My parents have been though, didn't know it was Erotica until they got in and then it was too late to turn around.

    THAT I would have liked to see

  13. "I was sent here by MJ at Infomaniac."

    Actually, Eroswings, after your visit to my place, I went to MJ's and see now what she's got cookin'.

    Loved the YouTube vid.

  14. WW, welcome! That creative! That was one of my favorite scenes from Full Metal Jacket...

    CP, it's easy...just take a brochure, look at the pics, and when you think you can't stop yourself from giggling, just cover your face with the brochure and pretend you're reading it...

  15. I have a feeling I need a sick bag too

    It'll hardly be an all gay museum

  16. I'm sure some of the exhibits will show people having a good time, probably some happy endings...perhaps your parents could tell you what was interesting ;) Did they buy any souvenirs?