Saturday, September 29, 2007

Animal Planet

Two more days of work, then I'm off for some much needed rest and relaxation. Among my plans are to visit the zoo (to see the animals). Go to a BBQ (to eat some animals). And check out the local club scene (to party like an animal).

I'd like to think I'm going to hunt, eat, and play like those adventurous meerkats from Meerkat Manor. Except that I don't plan on doing any of that anal marking crap those horny meerkats seem fond of doing. I'd like to think I'm adventurous, but not that adventurous.


  1. First of all. I absolutely love this song. Towa Tei is a genious. He recorded a song with Kylie called GBI. Look that up it's fab! The video is completely out of this world - don't know what they were on when recording that. Priceless.

    Anal marking? Do elaborate..

  2. CP, I love this song, too. It always makes me dance. You're right about Towa Tei being a fantastic!

    I've started watching this show on Animal Planet called Meerkat Manor--on the lives of meerkats in South Africa. It's narrated by Sean Astin in the American version.

    It's like Dynasty...families of meerkats fighting to expand their empires and power. Led by dominant females wearing huge collars, they often identify each other by marking each other with their scents. Sometimes, it's like the Highlander when females fight to be Queen...there can be only one; the loser gets a faceful of anal rubbing on their faces. I wonder if all Queens are chosen this way?

  3. *waits for CyberQueen to answer Eroswings' question*

  4. Ooh, I was dancing like that last night! Deelightful!

    Just kidding, of course. Witches don't dance. But if I did, I would dance like that.

    * also waits for CyberQueen's answer - it's not done that way in the UK, but it's almost certain the Dirty Danes do it *

  5. MJ: How are Queens chosen in Canada? Does it involve some sort of seal hunt?

    IDV: Sounds like a you had a great time. Isn't the Danish Queen the product of a British one?

  6. Oh, I don't know. Hang on, I'll check the barcode...

  7. IDV, any problems with the scanning? Did you have to do a price check? Will I get a refund or store credit if I return the product because I wasn't fully satisfied?

  8. I don't think our Queen has any such relations with the Brit royals

    I couldn't possibly answer your questions though but I'm glad that YNF used terms I can understand. See, Dynasty is very influential

  9. CP, that explains why your Queen looks so lovely and womanly and most likely free of the blue balls that I hear is often associated with the Windsors.

    On the other hand, didn't all European Queens start off from deep within Queen Victoria's Secret?