Friday, July 13, 2018

Comment Notification Email Not Working Solution

If you're like me, you use Comment Notification Email to keep track of when someone leaves a comment (or spam) on your blog. And if you share my situation, you've probably noticed that since 26th of May 2018, Comment Notification Email has stopped working.

On the Blogger Help Forum, Blogger has admitted there is a problem and they are working on a solution after numerous bloggers reported the problem. It took a while (over a month) before Blogger reported they had fixed the problem.

Only, they hadn't! And if they did, they didn't do a good job of explaining how to fix the problem! In fact, I still can't find a post from Blogger telling us how to fix the problem.

Thankfully, bloggers are an intrepid and helpful bunch--a skill essential given how unhelpful and useless Blogger is at solving the problems that arise. I followed a thread where on 3 July 2018, P-town Tom shared a fix.

It worked for me. Thank you, P-town Tom. And in the spirit of bloggers looking out for each other and helping our own little communities, I will share that solution:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard (Click on the orange square with white letter B icon in the left upper corner of your blog. Or go to Google classic homepage and sign into Blogger).

2. Click on Settings in the left hand side menu of the Blogger Dashboard.

3. Under Settings, Click on Email.

4. In the Comment Notification Email box, delete all email addresses. The box should be empty. Click on blue Save Settings box in the upper right side.

5. Now enter/type your email address in the Comment Notification Email box. Click on Save Settings box.

6. Check your email. There should be an email from Blogger titled "Comment subscription request from...[Your Blog Name]". Open email and Click on Subscribe. That should now fix Comment Notification Email.

If the fix works for you, then please share it with others. We have to help each other to keep our blogging communities alive and thriving. We need to take care of ourselves, because it's the only way we can keep going, blogging, and sharing ideas and making our blogging villages better and stronger and wiser.

I'm going to add this post to the side bar, under Helpful Hints, at least for the rest of the month.

Let me know if the fix worked for you. And please share it with others. Thank you.


  1. Replies
    1. How about that? You found the fix working two weeks before I did! Thanks for sharing the info on Savannah's site, LX.

      I had tried the fix just about three weeks ago, but it didn't take. So when I had time yesterday, I followed up on the Help Forum, and I was happy to see the fix was working for some. I tried it again, and it worked this time for me.

      I just wish Blogger did a better job of announcing the fix and disseminating the info better. They can at least put out a notice on all our Blogger Dashboards, like when they're pushing their other products on us!

  2. The fuckwits at Blogger are always screwing around with the code and introducing new problems for its users. In this particular case, they failed in the simple task of importing the e-mail preference setting for all users. Blogger's priority is to skim as much info as it can from its users, not in fixing the problems they created.

    1. LX, And it's that terrible service that makes me hold back from buying Google products. If they can't get it together to solve problems they caused on a free platform like Blogger, then why would I risk purchasing a Google product, when their service record/reputation is questionable. I have no guarantee that they'll be able to solve any problems that may arise with their products. And the evidence of their performance on Blogger issues makes me doubt that I'll get excellent service.

  3. Came over here from Savannah's blog. I use a 3rd party comment service, DISQUS so I have not noticed any problems. However, it is great to see the blogger community help each other. I believe products are not tested well enough these days. Management rushes software out and is willing to let the users test it for problems. Maybe their attitude is, why not we are letting them use it for free???

    1. Bill, Welcome! Savannah's place is a great place to visit!

      I totally agree with you. If does seem like quality and integrity has gone down. And with that, there goes the reputation of these companies. It's terrible to think that most products being pushed out today are substandard and such failures. Service and excellence matters. And I stick with companies that provide excellent service and remain loyal to them.

      Kind of like bloggers. I like to stand with the ones who are excellent and look out for each other. We have a nice internet community. It only gets better and stays wonderful when we take care of it and each other. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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