Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justice Friends! Assemble!

Avengers (Marvel Comics) vs Justice Friends (Dexter's Laboratory)


Once again, I've been chosen for jury's like an annual thing now! It's my punishment for voting!

Except this time, I've been selected for federal court. The past few years, I've been selected for the state court, and I was only chosen to be on a jury one time out of four. However, this is the first time I've been selected for the federal court.

The nice thing about it: I can submit my jury summons information on line! How modern and convenient!

The thing that worries me: The dress code stating that I wear a tie and coat.

What am I? The defendant?

Now, I've often worn pressed dress shirts and pants and shined shoes for the other times at state court. But a tie and jacket in this weather? It's getting way too hot to be wearing that! I hope the A/C works well in the courthouse! Otherwise, I cannot be held liable for being cranky if the heat starts to drive me insane and antisocial and leads me to drink a nice cold alcoholic beverage during lunch break!

In the meantime, I have to find something to do while waiting the long hours at the courthouse. I've been told by a friend to bring something to read. Well, I haven't anything in my possession that I'd like to read at the courthouse; except maybe the huge, heavy book on art and architecture that I'm currently enjoying, flipping through it while I lay on the sofa. I need something light and entertaining. Perhaps a comic book! I haven't read those in years.

And if I'm lucky, one look at my reading material and the judge might excuse me from serving on a jury! Well, one can hope.


  1. I like your idea a lot! I would suggest maybe upping the ante a bit. Good luck, Bro!

  2. I was only called to jury duty once, but I used up my one refusal as it was when I was writing my nursing exams at the end of college. No way was I going to let them interfere with my career!

    Good luck. Hope it's nice and cool. Maybe go to a bookstore or the library? Who knows... maybe it will be a juicy murder trial!!!! ;-)

  3. coat & tie required because it's a GRAND jury, sugar! but seriously, it's a small price to pay for living in america...

  4. one look at my reading material and the judge might excuse me from serving on a jury!

    Filthy Friday.

    That should do it.

  5. XL, Ha! Ha! That just might work! Either that or a ginormous law book! I hear that lawyers don't want other lawyers on the jury.

    Ponita, I'd be a nervous wreck if it was a murder trial or any serious trial, because then I'd really have to think about the evidence and wonder if I can send someone to jail for a long time...I can't do death penalty cases, though. It's just very permanent, and there's no coming back from that if there was a mistake!

    Savannah, The truth is, I'm kind of excited to be at the federal court...and it's not just because the pay is better! I've never been on Grand Jury, and if I get on one, it'll be a fascinating learning experience! Who knows? Maybe I will get on a famous case!

    MJ, I want to be excused from jury duty, not arrested and charged with obscenity and causing a riot!

  6. The dress code is probably a way of getting the jury to be so uncomfortably hot that they will come to a decision quickly

  7. If you do get hysterical from the heat, you could probably get out of jury duty for temporary insanity! :)

    One of the instructors at the school I work for has been on jury duty most of the week.

  8. I was going to say Filthy Friday as well...
    I bet you look hot in a suit.

  9. That's actually kind of exciting isn't it? Well, a death penalty case not so much though. Especially since I not a huge supporter of the death penalty.

    Get your copy of The World of Normal Boys by K M Soehnlein. I am sure they won't like this but it's not obscene so they can't charge you.

  10. I think this is where you fork out shit loads of cash for a kindle or other media device that you download books onto.

    It won't matter what you're reading, no one can tell (unless there are pictures).

    Good luck with your duty my dear.

  11. Snooze, There might be some truth in that! Or maybe the judges don't want to see riffraff in the court!

    Tara, Wow! A whole week? It's got to be strange being on jury instead of work for a whole week! I think it'll be quite an interesting experience!

    Scarlet, Thanks. But no Filthy Friday readings at the courthouse for me! I have a semi respectable reputation to uphold!

    CP, It is kind of exciting! Hopefully, no death penalty cases. But I am looking forward to see what happens.

    I did find some coloring books and crayons this weekend while I was cleaning. Perhaps I'll do some coloring when I'm done reading comic books at the courthouse.

    Roses, I was actually looking at some readers/tablets this past weekend. But I'm not sure if I want one of many choices!

    If I'm going to be taking something electronic somewhere to kill time, I'd rather it be a Gameboy or some other video game! Those can keep me entertained for hours!

  12. I liked to be judge. Maybe I'll volunteer again. If they call one in there's no time to sit around and read: You march in, people get up and the show begins ...

  13. Mago, Funnily enough, we have a lot of judges with their own tv shows! People sign up to appear on tv and agree to whatever the judge decides.